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NOTE: Following Tiscali's 'losing' Dangermouse's website - may the fleas of a thousand mastadges infest their armpits! - Dangermouse and I (plus Rod, the amazing computer wizard) have undertaken a rescue mission as I - and a lot of you - think they are way too good to lose forever. ::sob:: So, all being well, her link will once again take you to most of her fics. Fingers crossed!

Dangermouse says, "I've left out a lot of the single fics, but to be honest, I doubt anyone's going to notice which ones they are. I've only put up those which got the best response and/or were particular faves of mine. Should, by any stretch of the imagination, someone request a missing fic, mail [Alph] and I'll mail it straight to [her]. Actually, you may well get the odd fic as it's an excellent displacement activity, as you well know. "

So something to look forward to there then - fingers crossed! 8-)

Re: Danvers.
Stephenie LaMaina tells me that her current site is at:

Grateful thanks to her for the update. 8-)

On a happier note, Cats is back with her own brand spanking new website!

Link to Catspaw's new website
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When some of us got together. Our private challenge answers. Some special wallpapers made by Joy

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The site for the Feisty Daniel Appreciation Society and its sister movement, the NeanderJack Lover's Academy was set up on 8th July, 2002, in response to too many jammie-fics.  Quite simply, if we had to read how 'cutesy wootsy lickle Danny' looked once more, we were going to puke.   Now, having said that, whilst we like our Daniel on the feisty side, we don't see him as a psychotic potential mass-murderer either.  As for Jack, we see him as the alpha male of the SGC - only led by the dick by our favourite archaeologist.   He can be a bit of a romantic on the side, though.   All of us have our own interpretations of their characters and our own styles of writing, but all eight of us hold the following overall views.

Our Daniel is strong, so is our Jack. Deal with it.

This is generally a SLASH site, written by adults for adults.  The vast majority of stories on this site are rated NC-17 - in fact, only non-NC17 stories are given a rating.  If you are under the age of majority - leave now, please.  If you do not like stories about two men in a same sex relationship, please leave also.  If you continue to read none of the authors here will be held responsible for your hurt feelings.  If you are easily shocked - go away.   You will NOT find stories of extreme violence, sadism, etc.  However, some of the stories contain consensual bondage (it's all in good fun), light domination and submission (D&S), threesomes and so on.  Warnings are given for those sorts of stories.   Bad language is also rife.  You have been warned.

There is the odd work of general fiction.   There is also the odd bit of het sex, but no shippy nonsense.   Each fic is clearly marked if it deviates from the not-straight-and-narrow of slash.

If anyone has problems with or queries about the site, please contact the site owner and not the other authors.


They are not ours.   Unfortunately.  We want them.   And as sure as hell we'd take a great deal better care of them than some people have.  Failing us having them they should belong to Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich and Jonathan Glassner.  We make no money out of this, we have made no money out of this and should by any stretch of the imagination we ever do make any money out of this, we'll likely collectively die of shock - so suing us is a complete and utter waste of time.   All canon characters belong to MGM, Gekko and goodness knows who else.  All others are copyright of us.

Characters belonging to shows other than Stargate SG-1 are the property of their respective companies.  We make no more of a claim to them than to the guys of the SGC.  Which is a pain, as we'd really like to keep them.

FDAS Membership Rules

As we do ;-)

  Feisty Daniel for President. Not really a rule but we so want to see his bunker.

  You must say three times a day that a hot, snarky, sweaty Daniel is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold (and no, Joy, that doesn't mean you get to behold him, you have to share.)

  It is fine to love Jack. In fact we encourage the love of Jack. But ONLY smart Jack. Dumb Jack is anathema. Sweet, loving, funny, bitchy, bickering NeanderJack is encouraged because Daniel loves him like that. And Jack must love Daniel with all his heart. A romantic, besotted Jack is also a thing of beauty and Joy gets to behold this Jack so long as she shares with Catspaw.

  It is not necessary to write our beloved characters in this way to be a member, you must just appreciate them, but for non-pissy writers, membership is restricted to associate status (this does, however mean you can put the letters AFDAS after your name. Full members can write FFDAS - Fellow of the FDAS).

  Coffee must be drunk and chocolate walnut cookies must be eaten during any local meetings of the FDAS.

  Coffee must be drunk by the gallon or the sharp edge of being totally wired will be lost and Daniel will revert to being soppy again.

  And finally - Daniel must be loved and worshipped and no mention of TPTB must be made or else he will become enraged. The wonderful Stargate SG-1 ended with The Sentinel. (That's the episode, Wadj, not the show ;-))

  Addendum: An AU of SG-1 starts on the TV in Season 7. The previous rule may be amended if it proves worthy.

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