A Reason To Smile

A Reason To Smile One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-six
A Meridian fix-it that begins right after the end of S5 ep 22 Revelations. (R) A direct sequel to A Reason To Smile (R)

That Big Band Sound

That Big Band Sound Road Trip
An old friend is keeping tabs on Jack and Daniel. An indirect follow on to That Big Band Sound.
Jack/Daniel, Jack/Other

Captured Cliché

Same Old, Same Old Come on guys, it's only 3K long -- it's short and funny. What's to lose? (R)
One More, With Groping You seriously don't need a summary with that title. Oh, and it's only a (PG-13)
J/D; D/T; D/S; J/S; T/S; J/T
(Have I forgotten anyone?)
Been There, Done That The continuing saga of fanfic clichés (PG)
S.W.A.K It's another one - does it need a summary? Short, daft and very funny (PG)

Independent Stories

Commentary Daniel has a bit of a think about the current situation -- which then changes
Home Again Daniel returns from a trip to Washington, but his welcome home isn't all he might have hoped for.
Seven Times and Counting It takes four to make a team. (PG-13)
A Thousand Words for Oops Daniel makes a small mistranslation and Jack finds out a few things about himself, their relationship, and pixie sticks.
Time Enough Jack and Daniel are given the opportunity to talk about a few things. Eventually, they get to the point. (R)
T-Minus Ten and Counting When a botanical quarantine traps pretty much the entire SGC inside the mountain, boredom levels begin to rise.
With Flying Colours The team shape up for some testing.
That Keeps on Giving A birthday fic - with a difference. Just what should Jack get Daniel? (R)
A Christmas Carter
Sleepy Sam on Christmas Eve is in for some visitors.
Teand would like to apologize to the estate of Charles Dickens and the members of ABBA. (PG-13)
Boxing Distraction Brass bands, a box and a very close team. (R)
What A Man Does For His Country In celebration of Masturbation Month. Permission granted, but conditioning might overrule the orders. What's a guy to do?
Instead Of Waking Up, I Wish... T's answer to Joy's Oral Fixation challenge. Sweet dreams - or nightmares? Read on and find out *g*
Dr. Jackson's Uniquely Flavoured Jelly Bellies Three short, themed ficlets. Tasty!

What Goes Around

Heartburn leads to a separation between Daniel and his greatest love - of sorts *g*.

General Fiction

Infirmary After The reality of being a woman on the front line hits Sam. (R)

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