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Please feel free to link to us - as long as you say nice things, or we'll cry (or beat you up, whatever's easier at the time ;-) ). Joy's even made you a banner or two - isn't that nice?


Joy's Stargate SG-1 Page Joy's stories and graphics are well worth a good look (a very good look, drool, slobber, pant). She's got everything you could want there - and more!
Dangermouse's SG-1 Fan Fiction Home of the noisiest mouse on the web ;-).
Danvers Danvers home site, with more than just SG-1 fan fiction. You know you're going to enjoy it, don't you?
Xochiquetzl The Aztec Goddess rules and we all bow down before her. Feisty and funny Danny lives here - along with a wonderfully loving and loyal Jack - no sap though, they hate sap ;-)
Remma's Home World A fab new site by a funny new writer. Remma can write conversation pieces like no one else. She's the Snigger Queen of the Alpha Gate!
Teand Our very own Teand along with her pal Ratadder. Go and see what other fandoms come under her spell.
Spring One of the finer writers in all our not so humble opinions. No sign of wimps anywhere. More Jack centred, but he loves his Daniel, so that's why we love him like this. And Spring, should you ever see this - DM (and many others) can't wait for the next installment of Jack's Journal - it's a work up there with Dr Jackson's Diaries in skill and hilarity and the perfect foil for it. No one could do it better.
Area 52 The HKH standard - huge repository of slash fic. (Wimpy Danny occasionally surfaces, as does very dark work.)
The Alpha Gate Fanfiction Archive All the stories that are posted on the Alpha Gate end up there. Het fic warning (and some wimpy Danny too - be warned!)

Ashton Press.

Home of tons and tons of things - SG and other related. Including the home site of the Daniel Friendly Zone and the wonderful Leah Rosenthal's cartoons. Be prepared to spend a long time there.

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