Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Little Things Can Mean A Lot Resolutions Pressures
First times, recalled under pressure Follows on from Little Things A difficult mission has a knock on effect on the fledgeling relationship

The Value of Intelligence

The Value of Intelligence Applied Intelligence
Answer to the Send in the Clones challenge. It's not what you know, it's the way that you know it.

Life and Life Only

Life and Life Only Accentuate the Positive
Life has its ups and downs Double entendre is followed by doubling up - with laughter and something else.

Independent Stories


Insomnia Bites Jack's awake and pondering
Longing Daniel's awake and pondering
Carpe Diem Jack and Daniel finally get on the same page
Waiting For Daniel Title says it all, really
When PWP - but maybe just a soupcon of plot, if you look hard enough
The Morning After the Weekend Before Some Monday morning conversation - a post mortem of sorts.
Look, Don't Touch A tale with a sting... in the tail.
Reflections Daniel reflects.
Conversation Piece Exactly what it says in the title :-)
Past Imperfect A holiday in the sun brings up memories for Jack that he'd rather forget.
One Door Closes As one door closes, another opens (Het sex).
J/J; D/J
Show and Tell PWP. Read the title, take your best guess - it probably won't be too far wrong
Privates on Parade A tag for 'Smooth', by Wadjet. It had to happen! (PG13)
Sleepless in the Springs Unable to sleep, Jack mulls over the personal impact of a mission.
Morning Glory Drunken night, early morning... Jack thinks too much.
Horizontal Hold The TV's on the fritz, Daniel's busy - just what is a colonel supposed to do?
Ever Decreasing Circles To get what you want, sometimes you need to go around the block a bit.
(Het and slash) J/J; D/OMC
Trial Balance Jack has to explain to Hammond why he let Harry go. [Post Paradise Lost]
And They Say Romance Is Dead... Aka 'Cliché Heaven'. A romantic Jack=A scared Daniel. (PG-13)
Burning Love
Daniel's love sets Jack on fire. Almost literally! (R)
Bodies At Rest And In Motion
It's not the fish, it's the fishing.
Hiding In Plain Sight Cats' Moonridge fic. Jack considers sex, Daniel, and bending the rules - not necessarily in that order.

Mr. Motivator

Jack *can* be motivated to keep quiet - amongst other things...

The Perfect Opportunity

Tag for WoO. Just how naughty did Jack get?