Love in Plain Sight


It was 5 a.m. on a Tuesday. An ordinary work day for sure, but on this day, Daniel arrived at the base early. He hated mornings, as a rule and on general principles, but a restless night had found him unable to sleep, so he'd figured he may as well come in and get some cataloguing done. Having filled his thermos and ground up more coffee to take with him, he gathered his things and left his house.

Hammond ran into him on his way to SG1's gear up and shower room. He informed Daniel that their downtime was extended into five more days until the renovations for the infirmary were finished. It was going to be a busy time for Janet, the SGC's overworked Medical Chief-of-Staff. Hammond had also added that all teams were to go home or catch up on other work until the following Monday. As Jack would sarcastically say: Swell.

Daniel continued on to SG1's new locker/shower rooms, nicknamed by someone as the 'gear' or 'gear-up' rooms, which they shared only with SG-2. He opened his large locker and started changing for work. He found his thoughts constantly returning to the reasons for his restless night.

The day before had possibly held the longest debriefing on record: two and a half hours, going over the events of that blasted mission on the Goa'uld space station. He'd had to give repeated details about everything, no matter how insignificant, that he had seen and done. Of course, Jacob had also corroborated what he could of said events. Afterwards, Daniel had listened to Jack, Sam, and Teal'c give their versions of that god-awful catastrophe on Revanna. Tired and cranky, Daniel had only half-listened to the debriefing after his teammates had spoken. One of the things he'd been pre-occupied with was the relief that his teammates had come home in one piece.

Daniel had been worried once he knew that damn base was under attack. When he'd had Jacob under one arm and had seen Jack and Teal'c coming to meet them, he was relieved to no end. What he'd wished for at that moment was that Jack could have shown him a little more emotion at seeing him alive and well, but those days were gone, it seemed. Jack still cared, and he knew that. Well, he hoped, anyway. As far as Daniel could tell, though, he was now just another civilian Jack had to look out for; a teammate he was responsible for, nothing else. He sighed heavily as his heart ached for that closer friendship, now gone.

At least he still had Sam and Teal'c's friendship and he'd have to be satisfied with that. They were great friends, anyway. He couldn't help but feel for Jack as he always had, even if those feelings were no longer reciprocated. After the debriefing the night before, Jack had looked so damn tired and strained. He knew Jack had liked Lt. Elliot, and losing him was something that Jack was very unhappy about. He'd run into Jack coming out of Hammond's office, as he'd gone there to hand in his own post-mission report, and as his team leader had left Hammond's office, he'd barely looked at him, acknowledging only with a passing nod. Daniel had wanted to let Jack know that he'd be there for him if he wanted to talk, but he'd sensed an even greater distance from the man, so he'd just let Jack walk away.

Finding himself staring down at his blue fatigue jacket, he tried to shake off those thoughts and finished dressing. As he walked to his office, he found his thoughts returning to Jack once again. Damn, but he was dwelling. Come on, Jackson, find something else to focus on. This depression is going to butt into everything.


Daniel turned, finding Janet coming down the hall.

"Hey, Janet. What's up?" he asked as his key card slipped through the access port of his office door and she followed him inside. Closing the door, he indicated the chair by his desk.

"Aren't you supposed to be gone?" she asked him, sitting.

"Just found out. I'm gonna take some work home with me, after I get some other work done."

"Daniel.." she warned, giving him that 'I'm-your-doctor' look.

"Don't worry," he said smiling a little, holding his hands up comically to ward off her glare. "I swear, no more than six hours and then I'll leave and I won't come back for a week. That okay?"

"Fine," she said, satisfied. "Got anything planned?"

He grimaced. "No. I hadn't had the chance, and besides, I haven't seen anyone to hook up with. The few friends I have here have probably already taken off. I haven't seen many people."

"Daniel, look at your watch."

6:30 am. Breakfast.

"Oh. Cafeteria. Well, not hungry."

"Daniel," she warned again, but changed to a softer tone. "How do you expect to overcome this depression if you don't spend some time with your friends."

"It's hard to get motivated when you're depressed."

She looked at him sympathetically. "I know. Been there, done that..."

"Tie-dyed the freakin' t-shirt," he finished, grinning.

She slapped him in the arm. "If it weren't for the reason for the downtime, I'd invite you to come over to my place for the week."

"Thanks. I do have some things to get caught up at home. Got some planting to do, too."

"You get in touch with that gardener I told you about?"

"Yes, thank you. Karl's a magic man. Cured those trees in no time."

"You're welcome. How's your medication?"

"Nary a sneeze."

"Good. And what about.."

"NO, Janet."


"N. O."

She glared back.

"I'm not taking those damn chemicals. Forget it. They'll screw up my mind. You know what that crap does just as well as I do."

"Not all anti-depressants are like that."

"No, they're not, but as I keep telling you, my depression is environmental, not chemical. No amount of drug therapy will help. What I need..."

And he paused suddenly.

"Come on, confession time."

"Well..I'm not sure if I about this." he mentioned warily.

"Daniel, with me you can say anything. Besides, I know already only because you told me. I wouldn't have known otherwise, because you've stayed celibate ever since Abydos."


She glared again. "You know what I mean."

"Yes, I know."


Daniel took a deep breath, looked down at his hands and blushed a little. "I'm lonely. I believe that's the answer to curing my depression. If I could just find myself a relationship..."

Janet grimaced this time. "A little hard to do in this environment, isn't it?"

"Yeah, and I don't feel like cruising the club scene either. If all I wanted was sex, I could do that anytime, but I need to...know the other person. I don't need to know them well or anything but.."

She nodded. "You need to trust they need to be from here."

He nodded, suddenly finding his fingernails fascinating.

"I could fix you up with.."

He looked at her and fought off an embarrassed blush. She found that so endearing and smiled at him. He cleared his throat. "No, Janet, that's okay. I told you before...."

She got up. "I know, I know. You'll find someone yourself."

"Yes," he said drawing out the word, then smiled adoringly at her. "It's not that I don't appreciate the offer but.."

She sighed. "Ooh-kay. You are so stubborn."

"And bullheaded, yeah, I got it." He saw her to the door, then leaned down and gave her a hug. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," she said as he released her. "I gotta head back and make sure that the construction crew hasn't been killed by my staff."

"Thanks for everything, mother hen. I appreciate it."

"Recalcitrant, resistant, infuriating..."

"But you love me anyway," he grinned with a roguish smile.

"You bet your charming ass."

He opened the door for her.

"Call me if you need to. Anything. 'Kay?"

"I swear," he plead innocently.

She gave him a mock-scowl and left. Janet was a darling friend.

He turned around, started for his desk, then practically fell over when he realized he'd forgotten his coffee. "Jeez, I really am fucked up," he mumbled aloud and went to the coffee machine to fix himself a cup. Minutes later, he sat down inhaling the fragrance of his favorite brew and got down to business, cataloguing recent finds from SG-11.

Finding a picture of a Babylonian statue that instantly reminded him of Baal, he was once again thinking about that space station and all it's associated stress. He'd had horrid nightmares the previous night over that business. Even with the normal high stress of dealing with those wretched Goa'uld, he'd had terrifying dreams about that sickening scene with the symbiotes. Who would have suspected cannibalism? That was so fucking...disgusting. Talk about creepy beyond words. Ohhh, and speaking of creepy...that...that...weird Loh'tar slave of Baal's. He suddenly shivered, remembering that he'd been part of his nightmares. Daniel couldn't find words suitable enough for that evil young man, and he was a linguist for God's sake. He vowed to himself that he'd do his best to steer clear of him, and his Goa'uld master, if at all possible. He couldn't fathom being a slave for 24 years, much less a slave for a Goa'uld. He'd underestimated how much it had corrupted the young man. He shivered again at the thought. It was almost like walking into an alternate version of Shifu's 'teaching' dream: the influence of the Goa'uld without the mind-meld thing.

Clearing through some of the mess on his desk, he found an old picture of himself and Jack, taken at a barbecue. What the hell was that doing there? He felt that deep ache again. Sighing, he put the picture into a desk drawer.

He had to find some release from this stress or he'd end up back in that goddamn rubber room of MacKenzie's. Guess it was up to him to either find it or quit wishing for it.

He shook off the thoughts, drained his coffee mug, and concentrated on work. He wasn't at it for very long before he was interrupted.

"Ah hah! I knew it."

Daniel looked up startled, then relaxed and smiled warmly at the intruder. "Hi, Jace. What's up?"

"Have you had any breakfast, Daniel?" asked Jason, one of Daniel's few close friends. The leader of SG-2 sat down and placed a plate containing a large, buttered croissant on his desk. "You expecting to live on caffeine only? Stop and eat. If I know you, you didn't make breakfast this morning, did you?"

Daniel tried to look annoyed. He failed as Jason smirked at him. Grinning back appreciatively, he put down the items in his hands and reached for the plate.

"If you're going to interrupt me, Jace, the least you could do is grab me a paper towel over there." Daniel did manage to soften the words with a teasing glare.

"You're welcome, you sarcastic bastard," and Jason went over to the coffee machine's table and tore off a section of towel and handed it over. "Could I make you some coffee, sir?" he mocked.

"Yes, and you could make some for yourself while you're at it," he returned, giving his friend as much of it back as he could.

"Oh, you're too kind, too kind." Grinning fiendishly, he stole away Daniel's mug with an exaggerated flourish.

Major Jason Coburn had taken Ferretti's place as team leader when Ferretti had gone on extended medical leave after receiving a debilitating shot in the back by a staff weapon. Coburn had been with Ferretti's team long enough to know about the friendly and gentle teasing that came with a close friendship with Daniel so he'd made it his business to become friends with the archaeologist after Ferretti had left. Daniel didn't seem to mind, though he missed Ferretti a lot.

Jason's friendship had quickly developed into a deep bond and that was rare for Daniel. He didn't make close friendships that easily, though casual friendships were never hard for him. Daniel found Jason's friendship comforting in a way he'd only ever associated with Jack. With Jack's friendship all but gone now, Daniel felt the need to hang on tightly to those that remained, like Jason, Sam, Teal'c, and Janet. Jason was someone he'd come to depend on when he really needed someone to talk to, although he didn't avail himself to that opportunity very often. He didn't like to be a burden. However, Jason had told him once that if he ever needed to just call him up and bitch, that it was something he should do. Daniel had only done that a few times and only within the past year. Before that, there'd been Jack. He could never go to Teal'c or Sam because his most frequent grievance was about their Commander and he knew it wasn't good protocol. He had a feeling that though they were his close friends, too, they wouldn't understand. But Jason would...and had. Jason made him feel at ease. Jason sometimes affected a stone-faced expression that reminded Daniel of Teal'c, but with a little more lip twitching animation. The expression always made Daniel laugh, and making him laugh was something that Jason did now in place of Jack.

What was interesting to Daniel was that his friendship with Jason seemed to have become even closer only after Jack had distanced himself. Daniel didn't know if it had been on purpose, but it didn't matter really. Something lost, something gained. Not the same, but the symmetry was still there. Jason was now his best friend and though Daniel had never really had what he thought could be classified as a best friend, he supposed that Jason was it.

"Aren't you supposed to be on stand-down?" Jason asked him as he made the coffee.

"Oh, and you're not?"

"I am, I am, once I get done with weapons' inventory."

"Lucky you. Who stuck you with that?"

"Me. SG-2 was the last to return from the field and I said I'd do it. Gives me something to do before I go home. Besides, I don't mind doing it."

"Such a nice guy," Daniel drawled.

"Hey, now, watch it. You'll ruin my carefully contrived sour reputation."

Daniel snorted. Jason brought their coffees over and sat down.

"Planning anything special during down time?" Jason asked him.

Taking a small bite from his croissant, Daniel shook his head. He took a tiny sip of hot-as-hell coffee.

"You?" and he offered Jason some of the pastry. Jason declined.

"Nope. Didn't make plans 'cause I didn't expect it."

"Me either. Are there many people here?"

"There were," Jason grinned rakishly. "But not anymore. Once they found out they could leave," and he made a whistling sound through his teeth.

Daniel laughed at that, nodding with partial understanding. Jason then regaled him with comical tidbits of his last mission as Daniel made short work of his croissant. He took a long swallow of coffee and Jason studied him carefully.

"You look tired, Daniel."

Daniel nodded. "Nightmares about that goddamn mission again."

"Listen, if you wanna do something, get together, get drunk...whatever...think of something and let me know."

"Okay. Thanks, Jace," Daniel said, intimating the pastry and the coffee.

Jason stroked his arm, comforting him, then sighed worriedly and stood up. "Guess I'd best get to it. It'll take a while. You need me, you know where to find me."

"Vice versa."

The two exchanged grins and Jason left. Daniel finished his food and went back to work.

Six hours later, he found himself getting restless. He realized he was out of coffee again so he got up to get some water for the coffee pot. He didn't need it though. He was wired enough to power the gate, for chrissakes.

He looked around as he stood at the water fountain, waiting for his carafe to fill. The SGC wasn't exactly empty but it wasn't bustling with the usual flow of people, either. Daniel decided that he'd take his next project, the archiving work, home with him. He could do that anywhere.

Back in his office, he set up the transfer of files to CD, then went to get some books from the shelves. He grabbed his step ladder and rooted around on the top shelves, searching for the right ones. He began to get frustrated when the ones he found weren't what he really needed, and ended up getting dirty from the dust collecting on top of the least-used books. He really needed to get this place dusted, and right now was as good a time as any while he waited for the computer to finish writing the CD's.

A beep from his computer told him it was time to change CD's. He wiped himself off, grabbed a pair of latex gloves and went to the computer. Starting up another recording, he moved back to the shelves. Grabbing some rags he had in the utility closet, he was finally able to get the books dusted off and clean. Pausing to make another CD transfer, he moved himself to the next set of bookshelves and dusted them as well. Wiping himself down a bit, he got back on the step ladder and retrieved a few large tomes. He looked down at himself and realized he was filthy with dust. He also had that fact pointed out by someone else.

"Hey you. Why are you still here?" The voice from his office doorway startled him. The heavy books he held fell from his grasp and hit the floor with a loud 'whump', unfortunately by way of his right foot.

"OW! Shit!" Daniel swore softly, gritting his teeth as he hopped down off the step ladder on one foot. Despite the fact that he also wore combat boots, the books were heavy. He looked up and saw Jason standing there, leaning against the door with his arms folded, grinning at him.

"Jace, scare the crap out of me why don't you?" He hobbled over and picked up the books and placed them on the couch, then tried to walk on his foot and couldn't just yet.

"I'm sorry, Daniel," Jason said, trying to contain his laughter. "You okay?"

"Oh, as soon as my foot falls off, I'll be just fine."

Jason snorted then.

"What are you up to besides sneaking up on me?" Daniel asked, rubbing his foot through his boot.

"I've finished the inventory and I thought I'd see if you'd left yet before I went to shower and change." Jason walked over and took a long look as Daniel sat down on the edge of his desk to massage his booted foot. "Speaking of showers. You need one. You're a mess." He reached out and took a long strand of grey dust from Daniel's hair with the tip of his pinkie finger and waved the revolting thing in front of him.

"Yech!" Daniel exclaimed, looking at the dust string, then he took a more thorough look at himself, sighed, then noticed the flecks of dust on his glasses. He made a good cross-eyed impersonation of a Siamese cat and Jason snorted with amusement. Daniel ran his fingers gingerly over his hair and brought back more dust strings.

"I suppose I'm totally covered with dust?"

Jason nodded silently, still trying to keep from laughing at his best friend.

"Keep laughing it up, flyboy, and you'll wear some of this dust."

"Pffft!! Don't take it personally, Daniel. You can't help being you."

Daniel mock-glared at him, a tiny curve of a smile hinting at the corner of his mouth as he placed his foot on the floor. He limped a bit around the desk to the CD Rom, placing new gloves on his hands first, and changing CD's for one more recording. He looked back over at Jason, who'd started for the door.

"So, you're going home then?"

"After I shower and change, yeah. Gun grease won't go too well with the interior of my car," and held out his hands, streaked with black grease.

Daniel grimaced. "Ewww, no, I don't suppose it would."

"You need a shower, too," Jason reminded him in a teasing tone.

"So you already said, mother hen," Daniel served back and got the obligatory growl from Jason.

Daniel took off his glasses and put them on the desk. He bent over the trash can and brushed his hands through his hair. He gasped with surprise as he watched a lot of dust particles waft down into the trash can.

"Holy shit..."

Jason sniggered. "Told ya. You'll get that all over your brand new car's upholstery, Daniel." Daniel looked up through his eyelashes and glared at Jason, squinting to focus the effect. It only made Jason snigger more. Making a frustrated sigh at him, Daniel gave up.

"Fuck. Well, since I have to change anyway, I may as well wash up."

"I should see you down there, but if I don't, gimme a call and we'll do something."

"Okay, thanks Jason," Daniel said, now grimly distracted with pulling larger dust bunny clumps out of his hair. He didn't notice how Jason took another long look at him before leaving his office.

Daniel waited for the CD writer to finish its work. When it did, he packed the CDs, shut off his computer, gathered up his things to take home with him, and locked his office.

Reaching his locker, he noticed that Jason's locker was open and heard water running from SG-2's showers, telling him that Jason hadn't left yet. He placed his things on the bench in front of his locker and started to undress. He was grateful for the new showers. Though regular communal bathing didn't bother him much, the military ones did. It wasn't the men. He didn't mind that at all. He could also protect himself as he had learned how to do when he was young.

No, the problem was the blatant hypocrisy. Friendly 'roughhousing' mixed with various stages of arousal were then combined with the homophobic sneering. It pissed him off something fierce and if a lot of them hadn't been bigger than him, he would have made an issue out of it. He didn't have to, either. His nickname wasn't 'trouble' for nothing. If it bothered him, he put a foot in it. That attitude constantly earned him a harsh word or seven from Jack.

The other reason he hated the showers was more personal. He had to try and avoid anyone noticing that he'd unerringly developed a partial erection every time Jack showered with him. He'd learned to cover it up well enough, but it had become a little more difficult to do. Daniel had noticed a periodic state of arousal in Jack, sometimes when they had showered together, but when Jack never showed other signs of interest, Daniel had forced himself to let it pass.

Sighing over the thoughts that seemed to plague him every time he entered the locker room, he dumped his dirty uniform in his laundry bag and placed it in his locker. Taking off his boxers, he put on his robe and took his shower bag and towel with him to the cubicles sectioned off for SG1. He hung his robe on the hook outside of the cubicle door, then stepped inside and placed his things on the corner shelf. Closing the semi-opaque door, he turned on the water and adjusted the shower head to give him a powerful spray of hot water. Daniel waited a few minutes, wetting himself down, relishing the hot water as it ran over him. Taking a bit of the liquid soap, he lathered it over his skin, rinsed, lathered up his hair to clean out the dirt, then rinsed again. Finally, he applied his shampoo and conditioner. Waiting for the conditioner to work into his hair, he rewashed his skin, then rinsed out his hair for the last time.

Daniel loved the feel of hot water running over him and he concentrated on relaxing the muscles in his neck and back as the water beat down upon him. The thoughts of Jack, and the memories of his partial arousals, got Daniel going again.

No, he cursed at himself. No more thoughts of Jack. Think of someone, anyone, else.

He tried but ended up just blanking his mind as he reached down and curled his fingers around his dick, stroking himself with no real intention of masturbating, but simply as a comforting measure, allowing himself to wallow in the relaxing massage of the shower spray, and in memories of pleasures long past. As his thoughts wandered, the idle stroking of his dick became purposeful. He felt the aching stirrings in his body and leaned back against the wall. It wasn't a good idea to do this here. He had a tendency to moan...loudly. The base shower was not a good place to do that, especially since he knew that Jason might hear him. He then wondered if Jason was still in his section of the locker room.

He reluctantly stopped stroking himself, but rubbed his palm softly against his sac, trying to calm his aching testes. His anal muscles flexed with the memory of desires unfulfilled and he willed his body to calm down.

Just when he'd gotten himself sufficiently under control, his surroundings were suddenly thrown into darkness as the lights were turned off.

"Hey! Using the shower here!" he called out rather harshly, startled and annoyed.

No answer. He sighed. Maybe Jason was having one on him.

"Dammit, Jason, turn the lights back on."

Silence. Goddamn it. Jason had probably left and he was stuck in the middle of some stupid black out.

The door to his cubicle opened, startling him again. He could make out the silhouette of a very nude man as the man stepped over the threshold. It looked like the familiar shape of Jason, judging by the thick hair and the familiar body shape, and as Daniel's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see that the man's hair was also wet. Jason had probably just finished his own shower...if this was Jason, that is. The thought that it could actually be Jason suddenly had his heart racing and to his surprise, his dick began to harden in earnest.

"Jason? You playing a joke on me? Why did you turn the lights out?" he asked, not really caring about the answer and hoping like crazy that it was Jason he was asking. The man closed the door behind him and stood there for a moment, hesitant. Daniel's breath quickened and he found himself wishing that the man was indeed Jason because a stranger would not be good.

"Come on, dammit, answer me," Daniel asked, getting mad. "Jason, it is you, isn't it?"

As the man started to move closer, and his face got to within a foot away from his own, Daniel's adjusting eyesight saw that it was indeed Jason. Jason seemed cautious but purposeful, a definite look of care in his eyes. He raised his right hand, startling Daniel as he brought it up to Daniel's face and stroked his cheek with the back of his fingers. The touch was very caring, very loving.

"Jason?" Daniel asked as his hand came up to cover Jason's. "You offering?" He didn't move or take his eyes away from Jason's and placed his hand at Jason's waist.

"More than offering, Daniel," Jason whispered huskily. He slid his fingers to the back of Daniel's head, carding his thumb through his hair as his fingers gently massaged his muscles. The effect was soothing, but at the same time, extremely erotic and it brought more blood down into Daniel's groin and his breathing increased.

Jason then slid his left hand around Daniel's waist and continued downward to cup a wet buttock. Daniel inhaled deeply, finding himself more than willing to take what Jason offered him. He realized that he wanted Jason just as much as it appeared that Jason wanted him. His friend suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips to Daniel's open mouth. He kissed once, soft and gentle, making sure that Daniel accepted him, then kissed again, more fully this time, sliding his tongue into Daniel's mouth to curl around his tongue and taste him.

Their kiss intensified and Daniel moved his hands over Jason's back, caressing the warm, wet skin. Jason's erection pressed against his own and he moaned through the deep kiss as he pushed his hips forward, sending shocks of pleasure through his own body. At the obvious shudder from Daniel, Jason reached between them and cautiously took Daniel's dick in his hand, stroking immediately. Daniel tried desperately not to moan louder as he clamped down on Jason's buttocks, massaging, then moved one hand to take a firm hold of Jason's dick to mirror the stroking he was receiving.

Jason gasped, breaking their kiss, and Daniel smiled and nipped playfully at Jason's chin and jaw. Jason groaned in response and began to nip along his throat, making Daniel moan louder when he reached the spot just under and in front of his ear. Jason rocked his hips in suggestive thrusting as Daniel increased the attention on his cock.

"Do you want to fuck me, Jace?" Daniel asked, realizing he wanted Jason even more than he had two minutes before.

Jason pressed his lips against Daniel's ear and spoke very softly. "Yes, Daniel. Do you want me to?"

Flushes of pleasure washed through him as Jason's deep tones vibrated in his ear. Daniel closed his eyes and moaned again, arching his neck. "Yes," he responded in a low, needy tone.

"Tell me, Daniel," Jason asked, licking behind his ear, but removing his hand from Daniel's dick.

"I want you, Jason. All of you," Daniel panted. "I want all of you," and he pulled back, stilling his hand and looking into Jason's face. At the look of need, Jason kissed him fiercely, plunging his tongue down in search of his tonsils. Daniel's response was to return the favor and to grind his erection urgently into Jason's, his basic need soaring. Jason thrust his tongue in and out of Daniel's mouth, mimicking the motion of their hands and the two of them moaned as one.

Jason abruptly quit their kiss and began to slide his body down Daniel's, hungrily kissing his skin along the way; nipping and suckling his nipples, biting and laving at his soft abdominal hairs.

"Oh, God yes," Daniel gasped as he felt Jason's mouth engulf his twitching organ. Jason's eyes watched Daniel's face as he sucked, enjoying the sensation of Daniel's fingers carding through his hair, encouraging him to thrust into his wet mouth. Daniel looked down and locked eyes with Jason as Jason's hand reached for the tube of conditioner. He opened it and coated his fingers as Daniel moaned with expectation and lifted his right leg, opening himself for access. Jason pushed two fingers slowly inside and worked at opening Daniel's body up for him. He pulled his mouth off of his dick and watched Daniel's expression intensify with need.

"'s been a'll make me come..." Daniel whispered, thrusting his hips back to meet Jason's fingers. Jason immediately brought his other hand up to hold off his orgasm by pulling down on his balls slightly, making Daniel groan at him as his erection deflated slightly. When he felt Daniel was opened enough, he removed his fingers and rose, his tongue making a sensuous path up Daniel's belly to his chest. When he reached eye-level, Daniel plunged his tongue down Jason's throat as Jason grabbed his ass in return.

Suddenly Jason broke off, causing Daniel to stare at him in confused protest. "Not yet, Daniel." Jason reached out with his right hand and roughly caressed Daniel's nipples, twisting and rubbing with his fingertips. Daniel kept his eyes locked on him, loving the erotic tension that Jason was obviously building. Jason slipped his free hand around Daniel's dick and stroked him rapidly, pulling hard, making Daniel bite at his lip and groan with lustful appreciation and return the same hard caresses on Jason.

"Yes, Daniel...draw it out..." he said with a deep seductive tone. His strokes became rougher, bringing Daniel close to orgasm. Abruptly, he stopped, squeezing his dick softly, then more gently, then barely caressing the head with his finger tips.

"Jason, stop...teasing...and fuck me," Daniel pleaded, shaking. Daniel was immediately met with one deep kiss after another as Jason's hands were suddenly everywhere, caressing, stroking, probing, building the passion again to excruciating levels in Daniel's body. Daniel moaned ceaselessly now as he changed the angle of his kisses, his lips never leaving his new lover's.

Jason drew away and looked intently at him as he slicked his dick with conditioner. "Grab hold of the base of the shower head, Daniel," he told him. Breathless, Daniel did as he asked as he gripped the short piping. Jason's strength became very apparent as he bent slightly and lifted Daniel, wrapping his legs around his waist, holding them tightly as Daniel leaned against the wall. His eyes widened with excitement as he felt the head of Jason's cock probe at his anal entrance, then push slowly inside.

Jason groaned at how tight Daniel was and had to slow himself and his movements.

"Don't stop. Feels good, Jace."

Jason pushed in a little further, stopped, then pushed again. He pulled out a bit, then pushed back in.

Daniel's breath caught as Jason did this again and again, pushing in, then pulling out, applying small, short strokes to both allow Daniel's body to get used to the fullness and to pleasure him.

"Relax, Daniel," Jason whispered as his lips feathered over his ear.

"I'm fine, Jace. More," Daniel whispered.

Jason smiled and pushed the rest of the way in. Daniel gasped almost soundlessly. "You feel so good, Daniel. I love the feel you around my cock. How do I feel?" he asked seductively as he began to pump his cock into him.

"Good," Daniel gasped, loving the sound of the words as Jason spoke dirty to him. It made him open up and take his thick cock much easier. "More, Jace. Talk to me."

"You're so beautiful. You feel so good, so tight. You want it harder?"

Daniel nodded, unable to speak now as Jason adjusted and thrust harder, hitting his sweet spot. A curious gasping sound erupted from Daniel's lips every time his sweet spot was rubbed and Jason loved hearing it. He increased his movements, continuing to angle his thrusts, keeping them deep and slow, enjoying the reactions he was drawing out of Daniel. As he began to thrust harder, Daniel's breath grew ragged and his throat made curious gasping sounds, then, managing to speak, he said roughly, "Fuck me, Jace. Fuck me very hard."

His words excited Jason. "Yes, Daniel. Oh God yes. Take it, take my dick..." then he thrust in hard, pulled out slow and thrust hard again. Repeatedly. "Feel good, Daniel?"

"Yes...yesss, ohhhh, God, Jace, faster, please..."

Again and again, each time thrusting deeper, faster.

Jason sensed Daniel's orgasm was as close as his own and he slid his arms underneath the front of his legs, clamping his hands down on the back of his thighs and proceeded to fuck him as hard as quickly as he could.

"You feel so good, Daniel. Come for me...let me"

"Make me, Jas'nnnnnnnn!"

Daniel bit back a scream as he tightened his legs and went rigid. Blinding white light took his sight from him momentarily as his orgasm took control of his body, releasing long and hard. His body convulsed and spasmed as the semen spurted out of him over his chest and belly. Jason kept pounding into him until he gasped loudly, biting his bottom lip hard as he came. The hot liquid hit Daniel's prostate and Daniel shuddered violently.

Several long minutes later, Daniel found his legs down and his feet on the floor. His body leaned bonelessly against Jason's as Jason held him while their bodies calmed.

"You okay?" Jason whispered as he kissed the side of Daniel's face.

"Fine. You?" Daniel replied in an even softer voice. He turned his head to look back at Jason, who smiled and nodded at him. He had questions for Jason, but needed to leave the shower. "Let's clean up and get out of here," he said quietly.

As they emerged from the shower room, Jason flipped the light switch back on and Daniel got a good look at Jason's muscular body. He gave Jason a very long, appreciative look and Jason smiled back at him. Jason was slightly taller than Daniel, and his chest, hips, legs were just a little bit wider, heavier in muscle. He had the body of a god, Daniel thought, and thought he could eat him whole.

"See anything you like?" he asked as he followed Daniel out of the shower room.

"Oh, yeah," Daniel said, giving Jason a tiny smile as the man smiled wolfishly.

Jason thought it was so endearing that he reached out and ran his fingers caressingly through the side of Daniel's hair. Daniel surprised them both by leaning into the touch.

"I'm going to get dressed. Want to talk?" Jason asked, letting hope show on his face.

"Yes, I think so," Daniel replied, the questions obvious in his expressive eyes.

"Okay, back in a few minutes."

As he dried off and got dressed, Jason felt a little bit of hope flood him. He'd never thought that Daniel would respond so favorably to him sexually. They'd been great friends, best friends, despite their 'apparent' differences, though Daniel still didn't know a lot about his interests, though that was simply because their friendship had been rooted in their work and as such, only trivial things outside of work were ever talked about. What he wanted more than anything was to share his life, and his bed, with Daniel. Now it was up to Daniel to decide if he wanted that, too.

Daniel didn't quite know what to do. Should he get dressed quickly or take his time? He actually felt like doing absolutely nothing but think about what happened. Jason...of all people. The sudden realization of his attraction to his friend hit him like a brick. In the shower and now out of it. He knew it had almost nothing whatsoever to do with sex. What he wanted was someone to hold him, to care for him. It was something he'd had only for a short time with Shau're and he thought he'd gotten it again with Jack, but Jack had cut him off at the knees and damned if Daniel knew why. But now, here was himself, taking a huge risk, considering that asshole military regulation. Whatever Jason wanted from him, he would certainly find out. And maybe it would be more than Daniel dared hope for.

When Jason returned, he found that Daniel hadn't yet gotten dressed and was clad only in his boxers. Instead, he was straddling the bench in front of his locker, absently picking lint off his v-necked pullover. Jason moved over and sat behind him, wrapping his arms around Daniel's waist. Daniel leaned into his hold.

"I've always liked that cream-colored sweater on you," he whispered beside Daniel's ear. "Those v-necks do something for you....and me."

Daniel didn't answer him. He knew Jason liked what he wore. He'd helped him pick out his clothes once during a trip to the mall, for heaven's sake. But now, he desperately needed an answer and his mind wasn't anywhere near the subject of his wardrobe.

"Was this a one time only, Jason?" he asked.

"No..." and Jason took a long breath, "but it can be if you want it to be," he added, snuffling his face against Daniel's neck.

Daniel was quiet for a minute. "I'd like more, to say the least," he finally replied. Jason smiled and tightened his hold around him. "Why me, though?" Daniel continued. "What brought this on?"

It was Jason's turn to think carefully before he spoke. "I love you, Daniel. You're my best friend. When I first met you, Ferretti asked me to keep an eye on you if anything should happen to him. Even though you and I were friends by the time he'd left, I assured him I would."

Daniel's eyes widened and he turned slightly so Jason could see his surprise. "Jace, I don't need looking after."

"No, you don't, but Ferretti was thinking of you as a civilian humanitarian in a sea of military warriors. You know what I mean."

Daniel nodded. "I know. He used to tell me that. I could never figure him out completely. On Abydos, he really wanted to kill me."

"That was before. Ferretti didn't have a lot of use for civilian scientists before you. He especially didn't get the thing about examining the past."

Daniel smiled but said nothing, remembering the many times that Ferretti had kidded him and was, in fact, the one who'd coined the term "rock boy" before Jack had started using it.

Jason went on. "I still feel that need to care, Daniel. But not because of what you are, or because Ferretti asked me to. It's because you're my best friend and I hurt when you hurt." Jason suddenly paused and cleared his throat. "After a while, I started to have feelings for you. I wasn't sure you would be interested, so I just kept it to myself," and he paused again as he noticed the frown of worry mixed with more surprise on Daniel's brow as Daniel turned his head further. "I've started to become concerned...very concerned. I know the tell-tale signs of depression, Daniel. Our work is a pain in the ass most of the time, and in the last few months, we haven't been able to spend as much time together as we did before. Now...we've had the time to spend together, but instead of taking me up on spending time at my place or your place or just running around the mall or the sights downtown, you're spending a lot of time alone, and that's not you. You're not a loner, Daniel. Whatever is going on, though I have a really good idea what that is, it is nowhere near okay. So...I decided you're more important than anything else in my life and I'm willing to take the risk, both in my job and with you possibly rejecting me. I'm offering you more than just my friendship. I'm offering you my bed for as long as you want it. I'm not offering a pity fuck or a buddy fuck, so don't think that."

Daniel tensed a bit. "I know, but...just your bed, Jace?"

"No. I said that just in case the word 'relationship' scared you too much."

Daniel squeezed his arm. "It doesn't."

"Then you have it. I know you need it, Daniel. You need the release, and you need a whole lot more. It's way past time, too, don't you think? I know you've been lonely and I also know you are hurting. It's not apparent to everyone. Only to people who care. I've been waiting for a certain someone to get his head out of his ass, but he hasn't. So, here I am."

Daniel tensed a little, knowing who Jason was talking about. "He's...he was only a friend, Jace. I've no idea if he's gay. He keeps his heart buttoned up pretty good."

Jason could see the pain on his face and held him tighter. "I know you love him, Daniel," Jason continued. "However, he's not getting with the program, even as the friend he once was, so I decided that for the sake of your sanity, and to keep me from killing him, an intervention was called for."

Daniel smiled, and tightened his arms even more around the arms that held him. "Thanks for intervening," he whispered.

Jason kissed his neck. "You're very welcome," he said softly, nuzzling his skin. "Besides, I got tired of pretending I didn't want you all the time."

Daniel felt his groin stirring at the breath against his neck, at Jason's voice in his ear, and he groaned. Jason smiled and slid his left hand down under Daniel's boxers to gently take his dick in his hand.

"Waking up already, are we?"

"I guess so," Daniel said, feeling a little surprised at his quickly rising arousal.

"No one's here to interrupt us," Jason whispered. "Let me take care of you." He firmed his grip and caressed Daniel's nipples with his other hand.

Daniel moaned. "I don't need taking care of, Jason."

"No, and you know that's not what I meant. I meant this, now didn't I?" he asked as his fingers caressed his balls.

Daniel groaned a bit. "I'm not sure it's a good idea out here, Jas...Oh God..." he started as Jason squeezed his balls gently, then gave the shaft of his dick a strong stroke, making Daniel buck. His thumb passed over the glans, rubbing firmly, then suddenly stopped the caressing foreplay and went immediately into jerking Daniel off. His hand increased in speed and strength, and Daniel's breathing increased while he desperately thrust into Jason's very willing hand.

"Oh God, Oh God!"

"That's it, Daniel. Let it go. Let it all go," he whispered seductively, nibbling his ear.

"Jace..." Daniel gasped, reaching his hands back to clutch behind Jason's knees.

"Come in my hand, Daniel," his lover urged, biting his heated skin.

"Jace...Jace...oh God," and his hips thrust faster.

"That's it, Daniel, give in to it," Jason panted, stroking harder.


Daniel came hard into his waiting hand as Jason lifted Daniel's chin with his free hand and kissed him deeply. Daniel was still breathing hard when he recovered sufficiently for his tongue to respond to Jason's kiss. It seemed like hours later when Daniel felt he was finally able to articulate himself. He couldn't think of anything to say though, which he thought to himself that it was likely a first for him.

"Want to take this somewhere private?" Jason asked, nuzzling his temple.

Daniel nodded. "Follow me home?"

Jason smiled. "Up for a visit?"

"Oh, yeah, definitely," Daniel said, turning back to give Jason a leering look. "A long visit. We have five days."

Jason laughed quietly, picked up the wet towel Daniel had dropped on the floor and carefully cleaned him up. "I need to make a stop at my place first."

"You remember where I live?" Daniel asked as he stood up and finished getting dressed.

"Yeah, I remember. It's the little cottage house and not the old loft apartment, right?" Daniel nodded. Jason remembered a small party Daniel had had at his new place where SG1 and SG-2 had gotten together for a post-mission drinking bash. That was almost a year past. "It's been a long time since you've had visitors, hasn't it?"

Daniel tensed a little. "Yeah," he said a bit sadly, remembering that it had been the only time Jack had ever visited without it having to be work-related business, and even then, it was. Daniel suddenly froze, remembering something that had been bugging him. "Wait...Jason, aren't you involved with someone?"

"I was, Daniel, but it's been over for a while. I'm not the cheating kind, you know that. We broke up three months ago." Jason didn't sound emotional but he did sound disappointed.

"I'm sorry you broke up....and I didn't mean to insult you."

Jason put a hand through Daniel's drying hair. "You didn't," he chided. "Besides, it's a fair question. You had no idea. We were together when I visited your house for that party. It didn't work out. No one's fault, but I am sorry it didn't last. I really did love him."

"Don't take this the wrong way but are you sure this isn't a rebound thing?" Daniel asked gently.

"It's okay. Yes, I'm sure. It's not a rebound thing. Promise."

"Good," and he smiled shyly.

Jason leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Let's go, book boy."

Daniel grinned, suddenly feeling downright mischievous. "Bring it on, flyboy."

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