Works In Progress

The End Of The Line

Crossover with The Sentinel

Up to Part 12
A major WIP. Jack has enough and retires so they can be together. But there's a matter of Daniel's past.
D/J; Daniel/Blair; Blair/Jim

The Puck Stops Here

Up to Part 13
An AU like you've never seen before. Daniel, Jack, and ice hockey.



Shaving Daniel Smooth
A smooth fic ;-) The ultimate follow up.

Three's Not Always A Crowd


Three's Not Always A Crowd Back To Reality A Valentine's Surprise
Hot stuff. Sam walks in on the boys. Major spoilers for The Light. Back home, and it's time to face the facts. Daniel and Jack have a surprise for Sam

Independent Stories

Mine A story of dominance and the need to submit.
You Call That Coffee?? Never feed an archaeologist decaff.
A Matter of Trust Fun and games with some tying up - the title says it all.
Beautiful Day Daniel's asleep and Jack watches him.
I Can Be Your Hero Meridian fix - Jack loves Danny too much to stay.
Kilts Men in kilts - nothing more needs be said.
A Chanukah Miracle Daniel remembers a wonderful time in his life. (PG-13)
The Letter Daniel finds a letter addressed to him. Spoilers for Season One - revised edition(PG-13)
The Mood I'm In A little fantasy acted on
Words Unspoken To ascend or not to ascend, that is the question
Dress Whites All men look good in dress whites.
Mirror, Mirror On the Wall... It's Jack's turn to play.
Welcome Back It's Daniel's turn to wait for Jack. (R)
Fatboy Slim and the Softail Custom AU fic. Heaven is a Harley and a leather clad ass
Unquenchable Fire Jack has strong feelings to deal with as he returns to Abydos after the events of Pretense.
Jack/Skaara; D/J
Just a Jealous Guy Past and Present gets a new twist. Remember that look?
Written for Chairchick who bought it especially via the Moonridge Auction.
No More Words When it's time to stop talking, it's time to start acting. D/Janet

The Edge

Keeping secrets isn't always a good idea. But finding them out can have surprising consequences

Wadget's Little Gem

A vignette: Jack comes visiting from Washington. Daniel need a change.

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