A Little Less, A Little More

A Little Less, A Little More Alpha Male, New Ben & Jerry's Flavor
Yo-yos, new planet, a zippy new device and a good time had by almost all. And you just know there has to be a wee bit of h/c. (R) Jack and Daniel decide it's time to explore new frontiers, go where no man has gone before -- wait. That's Star Trek. Right. Takes place at home, ice cream is involved, so is olive oil.


Dreams By Daylight Dreams of a Life Lived Dream no More
Daniel thinks about his daydreams and where they might lead. Pre-slash (R) Jack ponders his dream (PG) Dreams do come true (NC17)

Comedy of Errors

Crossover with The Sentinel

Comedy Of Errors Measure for Measure
A trip to Cascade results in confusion, illumination and smiles all round. This picks up right where CoE leaves off, which means the SGC need Jim and his guide, Blair

Independent Stories

Beer, Lips, Sky Blue Eyes and Sexy Eyebrows Um -- drunk, sexy Daniel? (R)
The Eternal Heart Two men ponder love, eternity and each other.
Flying High, Cruising Low Challenge answer: Too much coffee, not enough sleep, Jack drops by.
Marking Time It's almost Daniel's birthday - but does he have anything to celebrate? (G)
My Country Tis of Thee The NID and Senator Kinsey find out that they can't play with SG-1's archaeologist.
My Danny Jack ponders a cute Daniel (R)
Wait For Me What Daniel really saw in that damned light (Major spoilers for The Light) (R)
A Walk in the Park Just before Christmas, Daniel takes a walk in the part and finds the courage he needs. (R)
Who Wants to Live Forever Daniel ponders many things, a whole lot happens and a new god to battle comes along. (Not a death fic, despite first appearances)
Sand An answer to the 'Dangerous when wet' challenge on the Alpha Gate. Jack really should listen to Daniel once in a while.....
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Jack wants to break up with Danny and finds it harder than expected. Amongst other things.
Looking To Touch Daniel is wooed by one, coveted by another, owned by still another and Sam discovers she's been competing with Daniel. Duh. This story fits both FNF challenge #11 and number 12. Cheaters never prosper, but they do get their challenges posted in a timely manner this way. (R)
Lucky For Some Very slight Noncon (a kiss only) but the threat is there. There be slight Danny whumping ahead, but gosh, I miss him so much that I can't help but concentrate on him in fiction because I can't get him in the show anymore!!!
Milestones New planet, Daniel recognizes the significance of the date, ruminates about the many foster homes, and ultimately, two men come to terms with their feelings. Beware of monkeys.
What Fools We Be Jack and Daniel are captured, are rescued, talk, and come to an equitable agreement regarding sex. It's a toss up as to who was fooled.:)
Reflections of You An AU Jack, a trip to the other side of the mirror and a Daniel with everything. So, what about our guys?
The Rescue Answer to the Alpha Gate's Valentine's Day with a twist challenge. (G)
Guys Just Want To Have Fun Jack thinks that Daniel needs to be silly (R)
Oh, Joy Daniel wakes up and doesn't know where he is, but he isn't alone (PG)
The Rescue That Wasn't A rescue is mounted for a kidnapped member of SG-1, but geeks prove to be pretty resourceful. (R)
A Long Day's Journey In A Line Jack and Daniel are in line for Avalanche tickets and Daniel decides to have some fun, the little spacemonkey.
Fall to Heaven Season seven FDAS style. Daniel's home, but his welcome isn't all it should be.
Includes the second part - Fall From Heaven
The Course of True Love There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio... (R)
Soul Searching A Halloween story with a difference. Opening a door ends up opening the eyes of some of the SGC. (R)
The Meaning of Christmas Daniel reminds his friends just what Christmas is all about (PG)
The Gift A very special gift from a very special person. (PG)
A Lifetime A sort of AU that starts in S4 and goes on to S7, but written as it should have happened and if the writers of the show had any sense, it would have.
Chasing The Years Jack makes choices throughout his life and chases something elusive...
The Long And Winding Yellow Brick Road Season 7 rewritten, FDAS style *g*. An epic tale of adventure, love and Oz.
A Small Flirtation It's all in the eyes for General O'Neill.
A Shot in the Dark Daniel understands more than Jack thinks he does (R)
Sulja General O'Neill's journal entry concerning a mission, an archaeologist and some ladies (R)
Avenging Jaffa Uhm... well, you see, there's an avenging Jaffa, and lots of... you know... what I promised. (R)
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
An epiphany, lightning, and loneliness... all lead to a strange companion and happiness. (R)


Different planets, different cultures: Now to figure out the repercussions. (R)

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