Our answers to private challenges

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"Send in the Clones"

Send in the Clones Daniel Redux The Value of Intelligence Send in the Clones
Dangermouse's version Eos' version Catspaw's version Danvers' version


Tied Tongue Tied Tied
Joy's version DM's version Wadjet's version

Trussed Bound
Catspaw's version Eos' version

Holiday Challenge

Unlike the other challenges where only the subject was given, this challenge had to be within the following elements:
Less than 3,000 words. Hammond as either Rudolf/Father Christmas, snow, a rubber duck and vinyl.

Rudolf the Red Holds Raider And a Rubber Ducky in a Pine Tree Dressed in Holiday Style
DM's version Eos' version Teand's version

Santa's Merry Men

Santa Baby

A Sappy Christmas
Joy's version Wadjet's version Catspaw's version

Christmas Challenge 2003

"Force of Habit"
Less than 5000 words
Must contain the following:
1) A bauble - of the Christmas variety 2) A tropical island 3) A habit and 4) The word "zing"

Force of Habit Force of Habit Debriefing: Ho, Ho... huh?
DM's version (R) Joy's version Eos' version

Sharing the Wealth (PG) Twelve Scenes of Christmas
Catspaw's version Teand's version

Valentine's Challenge

"Roses are blue, violets are red...I tried to go for sappy, but got smacked in the head."
Use the last two lines or not. A short to medium fic on the subject of Valentine's Day or with valentine in the heading.

Valentine Roses Are Blue... A Valentine By Any Other Name
Joy's answer DM's answer Teand's answer

2004 Xmas Challenge


This year's theme is, as seen above, "Green". Green what is anyone's guess. It must also include the following: A cream cake (that is a cake with cream in it), grease paint, a stuffed toy, flannel pajamas and - by special request, a proctologist (blame Eos. We all do.).

Warfare Concealed I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas My True Love Gave to Me
Catspaw's answer DM's answer Eos' answer
Snow Angels A Christmas Green Cream Cake Roles Regarding The Peppermint Man
Teand's answer Sideburns' answer Joy's answer

2005 Valentine's Challenge


This year Joy's set the challenge. So we have a shortish fic with red roses with large prickly thorns, a pair of (red) dice, candle(s), chocolate pudding, a broken cell phone, rain and a deck of cards.

Bitch Swap My Runny Vampenstein
Eos' answer DM's answer