The following wallpapers were made by Joy.
All walls are either sized at 800x600 or 1024x768

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Seventh Heaven

Daniel Jackson - Abyss (1024 x 768) Daniel Jackson - Abyss (1024 x 768)
"Daniel Jackson - Abyss" "Daniel Jackson - Abyss"
Version 2

Daniel Jackson - Abyss (800 x 600) Daniel Jackson - Abyss (800 x 600)
Different Version for 800x600 Different Version 2 for 800x600

Dr. Daniel Jackson - SG1 Daniel Jackson on DVD
"Dr. Daniel Jackson - SG1" "Daniel Jackson on DVD"


Eternal Spring Light A Symmetry of Worlds Are His Behind Blue Eyes Under Daniel's Skin
"Eternal Spring Light"


"Behind Blue Eyes"

"Under Daniel's Skin"

just a rough wall, nothing fancy
but Daniel's skin had to be
shown sometime, somewhere

Close Your Eyes, Dr. J Close Your Eyes
"Close Your Eyes, Dr. J" "Close Your Eyes"


DJ - S1 DJ - S2 DJ - S3 DJ - S4 DJ - S5 DJ - S5 alternate version
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 5 alt



there but for the grace of god the torment of tantalus
"there but for the grace of god" "the torment of tantalus"

beast of burden the fifth man the tomb the first ones forever in a day
"beast of burden" "the fifth man" "the tomb" "the first ones" "forever in a day"

crystal skull the curse fire and water hathor holiday
"crystal skull" "the curse" "fire and water" "hathor" "holiday"

legacy maternal instinct need past and present secrets
"legacy" "maternal instinct" "need" "past and present" "secrets"

Danny and Jack

Jack and Daniel - Moments Jack and Daniel - Recent Moments
"moments" "recent moments"

Colonel Jack O'Neill - SG1
Col. Jack O'Neill - SG1

themed and season

Alpha Jack Jack - S1 Jack - S2 Jack - S3 Jack - S4
"Alpha Jack" Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

Just For Fun

Ship? I see no ship!

Season Seven

Seventh Heaven Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven Who need the Army with arms like this?