Or what happens when some of us get together.....

Some fics are now off-site links

By Catspaw and Sharon

Thinking Out Loud One of the best clichés in the book bites the boys in the ass

By Joy and Dangermouse

Trespass - US spelling

UK spelling
Why did the boys fight in Menace and how come they were friends in the Sentinel? This is our take on it. And before you ask why there's two versions, we couldn't agree on the spelling. ;-)

By Sideburns and Gershwhen

Paternal Instincts The pain of losing children brings Daniel and Jack together.

By Danvers and Gene Este

Wormhole X-Treme SGC personnel suddenly discover slash written about the characters from the show Wormhole X-treme. So how do the guys react to this? (R)

By Wadjet and Obydos

Jack and Daniel in Egypt The Morning After Jack and Daniel Visit the Temple of Dakka Jack and Daniel on a Camel

The wonderful series that takes Daniel home, and Jack gets lessons in more than archaeology ;-)

By Catspaw, Joolz and Babs

A Taste of Your Own Medicine Sam's only thought is for the guys' well being. Really. (A special birthday fic for Sharon)

Special Fics

Here you'll find a bunch of fics written especially for Wadjet's *cough*..ieth birthday. Not really collaborations, but we all got together to make her an ebook and these tales are from it.

The Seduction of Jack O'Neill By Catspaw. Does exactly what it says in the title.
Party Poppers By Dangermouse. Jack's birthday goes off with a bang.
Death of a Symbiote By Danvers. Ever wondered what it's like from a snake's perspective?
Older and Wiser By Eos. It's the night before Jack's birthday. What does he want?
Going Down By Joy. The ultimate in elevator fics.
Tool Belts By Sideburns. And by special request. Not Jack/Daniel, but Jim/Blair - and a spot of renovation is planned in the loft.
It's How You Use It. By Teand. It's not what you've got, is it?