It seems that my own site has died, probably from lack of input over the last couple of years. Anyway, the amazing Alphekka has offered to host my stories for those of you that still want to read them from time-to-time (and she made my banner - I love it!!). I have gone through the many fics and picked out the ones that seemed to go down best with you in the past; and it was done with exteme gratitude and grovelling thanks, firstly to Alph, both for continuing to look after my baby (FDAS) now that I am unable to, and for hosting me here; and of course, to those who have requested this. Just click on the links and enjoy!
DM xxx

ps: each link has its own info. Hover your mouse over the title for a summary. Unless otherwise stated, all stories are adults only. Be warned. I don't do soft and squidgy. Much ;-)

pps: Alph very kindly said I could post my old Sentinel fics, so I picked out my faves and here they are!
(ft = first time for main characters; usually D/J. BS = Blair Sandburg, JE = Jim Ellison (The Sentinel), DR = Derek Rayne (Poltergeist, the Legacy)
Quick links; Jack/Daniel Stories; Coming Out; Mission Impossible; Quiet Strength; The Sentinel

ppps: If you find reading light text on dark hard, then click on the cream-coloured square in the top left of each story and see the background and text change! If you get the cream one when you open up and prefer the original, then click on the coloured square.
I haven't given absolute sizes in the style sheets, just relative ones, so you can zoom in or out to suit your own needs. Hope this helps.
[By the way, for some reason the font comes out significantly smaller on my lappy in the most up-to-date Firefox than in IE6. I've played with the stylesheets as best I can to accomodate this but find that at least on my screen, I have to 'zoom in' to get a readable size. Similarly I tried it on Opera and Netscape and while the font size was okay, they are not particularly friendly towards some elements of stylesheets. I was going to recommend IE (something I never thought I'd do) but then I came across a small, free browser called 'The World' - it's a cross between IE6 in simplicity and display and the later browsers with tags and plugins, etc. It's clean and clear and basically the same set up as IE so it's very intuitive. It's definitely worth a try.]


Daniel/Other Stories

A Blow By Blow Account D/P ft

A Square Peg in a Round Pentagon D/P

Give Me A Break D/O; D/J ft

Holiday Home D/P ft

Poker-Faced D/O; D/J ft

Situationally Flexible D/O; D/J ft

Time D/P

Undercover D/P; D/J ft

Waiting D/P

Daniel/Paul series


  1. Quietude
  2. Loud and Proud
  3. Secrets and Spies
  4. Keep it in the Family


  1. Quarantine
  2. Concatenation
  3. Freedom

Revisionist History

Sabbatical D/O

The Spy Who Loves Me D/J ft (AU)



Back-Up Plan D/B; D/J; JE/BS ft

Cascading Events

  1. Cascading Events D/B; D/J; JE/BS ft
  2. Allegory D/J; JE/BS

I'll Catch You...

  1. I'll Catch You When You Fall D/B; D/J; JE/BS ft
  2. Sentinel 2: Or 'How the Duck Got its Waddle'D/J; JE/BS
  3. Sentinel 3: Or 'I Spy With My Glass Eye...'D/J; JE/BS

Cross Purposes D/DR

Jack/Daniel Stories



Bear Necessities (R)

Cabin Fever

Covert Ops ft

Curiosity Killed the Cat ft


Deoch an Doris ft

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Down and Dirty ft (R)


  1. Finding Myself ft
  2. Finding Daniel ft

Flashbacks ft

Force of Habit ft (R)

Getting Back in Touch ft?

Horror Story (R)

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas (R)

If Only He... If Only I ft?/pwp/pre (just read the blurb)

My Runny Vampenstein (PG13)

Oral Fixation ft (R)

Partners in Grime ft

Party Poppers

Past Prologue ft


Ping ft (PG13)

Roses are Blue (R)

Rudolf the Red Holds Raider (PG13)

Sacrifice (R)

Seduction Technique ft (R for one word)

Send in the Clones ft

Team Night

  1. Team Night ft
  2. Danny's Jammies

Thinking Hard ft (R)

Tongue Tied

Um? ft

We're Off To See The Wizard pre-slash (R)

Coming Out

Set after Menace in season 5... nothing like canon after that.

Out and About; Settled Down; Alpha Males

Coming Out

  1. Coming Out
  2. OUCH!
  3. MOM!
  5. Revenge of the Geek
  6. The End

Out and About

  1. Out and About
  2. Kidnapped!
  3. Say 'Cheese'
  4. Invasion!
  5. Divine Retribution
  6. Sun, Sea, Sand and Something or Other

Settled Down

  1. Forget Me Not
  2. Remember Me
  3. A Day in the Life
  4. Dream a Little Dream
  5. Flying High
  6. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
  7. Wormhole X-tempore
  8. Young at Heart

Alpha Males

  1. Alpha Males
  2. Desert Rats
  3. Jack and Daniel's Day Off
  4. Still, Small Voice - Not
  5. Family Matters
  6. Hanging Out
  7. Out of Phase
  8. Future Perfect

Mission Impossible

Again starting at the end of Season 5 (before Menace), and continuing along their own merry way. So if you've seen Season 6 and think "that didn't happen", I know! It didn't. And I don't care. This is my warped imagination.

Free Spirits; Loose Ends

Mission Impossible

  1. Maverick Incursion
  2. Mysterious Invitation
  3. Midnight Intoxication
  4. Medical Intermission
  5. Maiden Insurgence
  6. Mayan Influences
  7. Mistaken Identity
  8. Masculus Iuventus
  9. Meteoric Impulse
  10. Mythical Inheritance
  11. Mechanical Interference
  12. Minnesotan Interlude
  13. Maximum Impact
  14. Making Inroads
  15. Mischievous Illusion
  16. Magical Inscription
  17. Machiavellian Ignominy
  18. Maybourne's Independence

Free Spirits

  1. Free Spirits
  2. Fossilised Salvation
  3. Frightful Serpent
  4. Furious Supposition
  5. Furiae Sanguineae
  6. Facing Solitude
  7. Finding Solutions
  8. Fighting Shadows
  9. Fortean Slime
  10. Flying Solo
  11. Fifteen Ships
  12. Fair Swap
  13. Founding Strategy
  14. Familiar Setting
  15. Frontier State
  16. Fatal Subtraction
  17. First Strike
  18. Final Stand

Loose Ends (New Series)

  1. Loose Ends
  2. Listed Enquiries
  3. Life-saving Energy
  4. Liquid Evolution
  5. Locating Evil
  6. Luminous Entity
  7. Lacunal Epiphany
  8. Leaving Exile
  9. Limitless Elements
  10. Linguistic Extraction
  11. Legendary Epistemology
Quiet Strength

NB: Entire series contains BDSM

Quiet Strength D/J/P

  1. Quiet Strength
  2. Velvet Claws
  3. Back To Front
  4. The Last Straw

Bonds of Friendship

  1. Bonds of Friendship
  2. The Ties That Bind
  3. Cutting Deep
  4. Jericho

In All But Name

  1. In All But Name
  2. Prodigal Son
  3. Taboo
  4. Taboo (ii)
  5. Taboo (iii)
  6. Brothers in Arms (i)
  7. Brothers in Arms (ii)


   Birthday Surprise

    Letting Off Steam


The Sentinel

Spirit World

  1. Between Two Worlds
  2. Spirited Away
Long Stories

Honeymoon Suite ft

Father Dear Father ft

To Hold a Wolf by the Ears ft

Short Stories

Cleaning Up ft

Sentinel and Partner ft

High Spirits ft

Seize The Day ft (R for language)

End of Term Report (PG 13)

American Tune ft