Two Guys, A Gate and the Galaxy

Part 1 - Vacation Jack has more than sightseeing in mind when he takes Daniel on vacation.
Part 2 - Hi Ho, Hi Ho Jack and Daniel go back to work still adjusting to their new relationship. Watch out for the ducks.
Part 3- It's Always Something The Lone Ranger, digital demons, and another snake with eyes for Daniel.
Part 4 -Oops, I Did it Again Jack and Daniel get back to business as usual.
Part 5 - And So It Goes Hammond's thinking of retiring. Jack's thinking about retiring. Maybourne's thinking about retiring. Daniel's thinking about bananas.

What Now?

What Now? What If? If Only
Daniel's birthday brings about a confrontation with Jack. (R) After his confrontation with Daniel, Jack's been doing a little thinking.
Daniel needs some answers only Jack can give him. (PG-13)

Corny Love Songs

That's Amore You're the Top Under My Skin
Jack and alien hooch is never a good mix. Not where Daniel's concerned. Daniel has his unintentional revenge.
Will sobriety be a pothole on the road to love?

Necessary Boundaries

Necessary Boundaries Testing the Limits Comfort Zone
Jack and Daniel have to adjust the parameters of their relationship after Daniel inadvertently reveals his feelings Jack changes the boundaries surrounding his relationship with Daniel. Jack and Daniel have made a place for their relationship within both their personal and professional lives.


Debriefing: The aliens made me do it
Some debriefings are more interesting than others. (R)
Debriefing: Love among the stars Just another debriefing we'll never see. Featuring Virgin Daniel and Slut Jack. (PG-13)
Debriefing: Curse of the Black Widow It's hell being a woman in this man's SGC (R)
Debriefing: I'm a Jaffa...and You're Not It's Teal'c's turn on the hot seat. (PG-13)
Debriefing: Inquiring Minds Want to Know The SGC is called on to account for their actions. Sergeant Davis has a better idea. (PG-13)

By Path of Night

By Path Of Night Reach The Dawn
Jack sees the return of Daniel's memories as a positive development, until he realizes how much those memories could cost both of them. Once again without his ascended memories, Daniel and SG-1 continue to look for the means to defeat Anubis.

Independent Stories

Show and Tell Jack's diplomatic skills are getting him nowhere. Daniel saves the day. Sort of. (PG-13)
Bait Daniel uses a charity auction to set himself up as bait for a certain reluctant Colonel. (PG-13)
The Best Gift Another birthday fic - but Daniel gets what he wants. (R)
Cosmo Quiz Jack and Daniel have a meeting of minds in Dr. MacKenzie's waiting room. (R)
Fevered Expressions Answer to an AG challenge. Jack's fevered brain causes him to think about raising the temperature with Daniel. (R)
Out of Order Jack's favorite part is out of order...much to Daniel's dismay
Home Again Jack has everything Daniel wants (Post season 6)
Truth and Consequences Jack and Daniel come out...and not everyone takes the news well.
Spring Cleaning Daniel's a slob, Jack's a neat freak. No wonder they drive each other crazy
Here and Now Jack brings Daniel home. (Season 7)
Last Chance Saying hello and good-bye in one night. (Missing scene from 2010)
Pain and Angst Pain and angst inevitably lead to sex for Jack and Daniel.
So Far, Surreal Dr. MacKenzie diagnoses Jack with sexual frustration. Gee--what was his first clue. (PG-13)
Full Disclosure Daniel's new path takes him to the one who's been with him from the very beginning of the journey.
Divergence Jack and Daniel's relationship is torn apart when Jack starts looking for love in the wrong place.
Upside Down Sam sees something that turns her perception of Jack and Daniel upside down.
Between the Lines To understand Jack's behavior in Menace you have to read between the lines. (R)
Just One Word What if Jack asked Daniel to stay? What if Daniel said yes? What if they both had to live with the consequences? Meridian fix fic, Pre-slash (PG-13)
Loved Not Wisely... Some sacrifices are made for duty, some are made for love.
Unbalanced The clone isn't content to live with just the scraps of Jack's life.
Just Like Old Times A past mission gone bad tore the team apart. Now they've reunited for what may be their last stand against the Goa'uld.
Love is a Many Splintered Thing Fun with clichés: clueless Jack, clueless Daniel, conniving friends and hapless Major Davis (R)
The A.S.S. Daniel Jackson Jack and an Asgard spaceship--it's slash of a different kind (S8)
Love Hurts
Daniel and Pete drowning their woes. (Tag for 'Threads') (PG-13)
The Devil His Due The laws of physics say that for every action there is a reaction. Sam should've figured that out by now.

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Daniel takes one last shot at restoring the original timeline (PG-13)

General Fiction


Through the Eyes of a Serpent

Through the Eyes of a Serpent Daniel gets a rather unique perspective. (PG-13)
Legacy Of The Serpent Daniel is haunted by the images of his tormentor (R)

Another Fine Mess

The Maybourne Identity Part one. An old friend comes calling
A Friend in Need Harry's in trouble--again--so naturally he calls on SG-1 to bail him out. (PG-13)
Fool Me Once
Jack's beginning to wonder if he'll ever see the end of Maybourne (PG-13)

Independent General Fiction

SG-1 is trapped by an ancient myth (PG-13)
Free Fall - NEW!
Daniel never dies on Thursday. (PG-13)

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