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Mission Impossible

maverick incursion

Summary: How on earth do I describe this? Well, this is the 'pilot', the scene setter. It's how they get where they're going to be in episode 2. As usual, it's full of filth and debauchery and lousy language, and I fully intend it to carry on this way. It's not like any other series you've read - but maybe you'll think of some and I'll look like a pillock when you say, 'but I read that elsewhere'. All I can say in my defence is, 'I didn't'.

'Tis set just before 'Menace' in S5 and is a complete and utter AU after that. The plot goes nowhere near what happened in further episodes, canon is blown out of the water and no alien force or history regarding the gate and its merry adventurers (that gets 'exposed' on screen from Menace onwards) is anything to do with Stargate SG-1 after that point. So don't even try to connect the two things, it'll just give you a headache.

Mega thanks to Joy for the beta and encouragement, and to Jo and Nora, the cheerleaders. Couldn't have done it without you guys (see, you have someone else to blame now ;-))

Oh God it's so hot. Having to share this tent with Jack... well, it's driving me insane. Ever since I said goodbye to my beloved Shau're, my mind has drawn my body more and more towards him. I've loved him since before she went, but since she's been gone my hunger for him has grown. I think he wants me, but I can't be sure. I'm going mad with my desire for him and having him lying here next to me at the moment is not helping.

I can't sleep. It's hot and muggy, we're both only in our shorts and I can't keep my eyes off his strong, scarred body. I want that body - I want to be buried inside it, want him buried inside me. I want his lips on mine, on my face, my neck... I want him to take my cock in his mouth and suck while he sticks his fingers inside me, stroking and thrusting till I come hard. When he's swallowed me down I want him to fuck me. And I can't take any more of this need.

"Oh my God Daniel, what are you doing?!"

I'm kissing him, pinning him to the floor of our tent, crawling all over him as I kiss and touch and stroke. He could stop me if he really wanted to, he's much stronger than me. He's kissing me back, his tongue is battling with mine. Our bodies are slick with sweat and the smell of him is getting stronger and stronger, driving me out of my mind. I want him now. NOW dammit.

"Fuck me, Jack, please, now, I need you, need this, don't say no."

I rip his shorts off him, mine too. I have no idea if he has ever done this before... he's probably working on instinct now. I can't take any more of his withdrawal from me. I need this man like I've never needed anyone. I grab the sunblock from my kit.

"Now Jack, please, I want you," I growl, biting his neck, trying not to leave any marks but not really caring at the moment. I want him to take me, mark me, make me his. Because then I'll know he's mine too.

Fingers are entering me, roughly fucking me and making me ready. Oh GOD he's gone down, sucking hard, his tongue working overtime. He's done this before I think. I'm not thinking. I couldn't stop now if a whole battalion of Jaffa came here.

Ohgodohgodohgod he's good at this. I'm coming and coming hard, he's drinking me down, taking everything I can give him. He's pulling away, turning me onto my stomach. Easiest way in such a small space. Love it like this - always have. This is good; no finesse, no words of love. Not wanted, not needed - just his pure possession of my body gives him my soul. As I have his. He's good, slamming into me, taking me hard. I'm trying not to cry out loud, the others are nearby.

"You like this?" he hisses by my ear.

"Love this - God Jack, more, please, I can take it, please, need this, need you."

I can feel him getting close, his fingers are digging into my flesh, tighter and tighter as he rides me closer to his climax.

"God Daniel, gonna come, shit, gonna-a-a-y-y-yes!"

He announces his completion with his final hard thrusts, pushing into me, nailing me to the floor.

I needed that.

He pulls away, kisses rain down on my face, his strong arms pulling me close, his hands slipping over my soaking skin, my chest sliding against his. We catch our breath and hold each other tightly.

"Jack?" I hope to God I haven't fucked everything up between us.

"Daniel," he answers with a smile. "You wanna tell me what that was all about?"

"Needed you, Jack, I needed you. So sorry, shouldn't have, couldn't keep away anymore. So sorry, Jack, so sorry."

"Hey, it's okay. I always need you, Daniel. Always. We'll work this out, okay?" More smiles, he's still holding me close.

"We will, Jack, we will. Shall we hit the pool? I think we need to clean up." I'm beginning to relax.

"Stick your shorts back on, don't want to scare the others."

He's teasing me. We're going to be okay.

18 Months Later

"General Hammond, Sir?"

It's my secretary. The security gate have just called. The darned NID are here.

"Send them down, Eileen," I say with a sigh.

What on earth do they want? It's bound to be bad news.

"Jacob, scoot. Make yourself scarce. Given what we've just been talking about I think it's best we keep your visit as quiet as possible."

"Just here to visit my little girl, George," he says with a wink and leaves the room.

I sit, read some papers and wait for the knock on my door. I detest this organisation. They're always trying to take over the stargate - something that none of us, or our allies, want. It would be far too dangerous.

"General Hammond, Sir? It's Colonel Pettinger from the NID."

"Thank you, Eileen, show him in, please."

I wait till he comes in and offers up a salute before I even acknowledge him. I wave to the chair opposite me and wait for him to speak. He seems smart, well-presented. At least he wears a uniform. I'm just grateful that we got rid of that Simmons. He was despicable.

"General Hammond. I have news for you. Not good news, I'm afraid. It would appear that two men in your command are having a homosexual affair."

Like that's news. I know of at least five couples - long-term, loving, devoted to each other in fact. I don't know officially, of course, but I'm not blind. I've had gay friends throughout my career and always done what I could to protect them. Unfortunately, the NID know about these two so there's little I can do. I wonder what the price of silence is going to be?

How does this happen? I was only off-world for twenty-four hours. The paperwork seems to multiply with the rapidity of bacteria in perfect conditions. Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four fucking hours. I'm gonna need pitons and crampons just to scale this fucking lot. If I never see paperwork again it will be too soon. Maybe Daniel can take my mind off this tonight. We haven't had a chance to be on our own for two weeks, what with lots of short missions, short stays in the infirmary, him being up to his eyeballs in translations and me mountain climbing my paperwork. It doesn't do him any good to go without sex for so long. He's one hot babe.

I'll never forget our first night as long as I live. The chance he took coming onto me like that. He justified it later. He didn't think that I'd want to have a relationship with him, but he also didn't think that I'd turn down the chance to nail him. And he needed the release. Our friendship was on shaky ground at the time - I guess he wasn't risking as much as he could have been. I was so afraid that he wouldn't want me, and afraid that if we got together we'd get caught, that I had to sit on my feelings for him.

I'd wanted him for a long time. Started to realise it when we left him behind on Oannes. But it was seeing him in the gate room the day I thought I'd left him behind on Klorel's ship - that was the day I fell in love. Head over heels, completely and utterly gone on the boy. And it got worse with every day that passed.

Of course, he had Shau're to look for, so I couldn't do a damned thing. I wasn't so na´ve as to think that because he was married he was completely straight. I'm a case in point. I love women. Just like guys too. Had to keep that side of me quiet though or else I'd lose my wings. Never figured I'd meet a guy that was worth giving up my wings for. Not until I met him.

Having to keep us quiet puts a hell of a strain on our relationship. We've split up a couple of times, fought countless times, but we came to the conclusion that we couldn't live without each other. So even when we do split up, we always know we'll get back together again. I can live with that. And when I finally hang up my flying jacket... we are so coming out to the whole fucking world.

Phone - ah, a distraction.

"General Hammond, what can I do for you, Sir?... Gate room?... Of course, Sir, of course... I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

Well, that's odd.

If these idiots don't start to use their brains I'm going to scream. It's mathematics - that's all. All they have to do is solve the darned equations. Once they do that, we can make some progress. Never, ever, thought I'd hear myself wanting out of the lab. Not even to go on a mission. But here I am, desperate for a change. I guess five years without a life is long enough.

Dad popped in earlier. He said he'd had to talk to the General and wanted to see me before he scooted. Aw... so sweet. There was a time that he wouldn't have bothered. I think that Selmac's done him the world of good. I tried calling Mark again this weekend, but he wasn't so interested in talking. I don't know what to do with him. He's my brother and I love him. I just don't like him very much. Still, he's blood - and if Daniel can forgive his grandfather for abandoning him, I can talk to my cranky brother.

"Major Carter, General Hammond would like you to meet him immediately in the gate room, Ma'am."

Thank heaven for small mercies.

"Major Carter, how are we supposed to work this out?" comes yet another whine.

"Use a damned calculator. I've got to see the General."

These translations are a waste of my time. They're inventories. Of dresses for crying out loud. If they were listing weaponry or tech or history or something, I'd be in my element. But no, they're the dresses owned by some fucking minor Goa'uld's even more minor mate. What's the point? I'd throw the whole lot in the bin but the damned Pentagon are insisting that I translate everything. Perhaps someone there has got a fetish for... ooh, lookie here, a blue knee-length dress, breast bared and clasped together with a brooch. I certainly haven't. Dresses are so not my thing.

I'm more into leather. Specifically a particular leather flying jacket usually worn by one USAF Colonel. Haven't persuaded him to wear it to bed yet, but I'm working on it. I've fucked him while he's been wearing it. Grabbed him and pinned him against the door as we got into my loft one night. His pants hit the deck and I turned him against the door and nailed him, holding onto his arms, smelling the leather as I thrust inside him. That was such a turn on.

His dress blues do it for me too. I have no idea why. Never went for guys in uniform before I met him... leather, yes, uniform, absolutely not. But then Jack's special.

I was so relieved to find out that he was bi too. I think I'd guessed, it was what gave me the courage to ambush him that first night. But I didn't really know. I just needed him inside me so much I couldn't think straight. That's fairly obvious, Jackson, you've never been able to think straight.

Women, I like them. They're okay. Loved Shau're with all my heart - I'll never stop loving her as long as I draw breath. Maybe even longer if there really is an afterlife. Doesn't stop me loving Jack even more. Why? I have no idea sometimes. He drives me insane. We squabble, fight, bicker till we want to hit out at each other. But take him away from me and I can't breathe properly.

What's this? A green robe with gold embroidery. Whoop de do. Oh, thank God. The phone.

These marines may be fit humans, but they are no match for me. I watch as three of them pick themselves slowly back up off the floor - again. My life here at the SGC, while good and honourable, is beginning to become stifling. I need to be out there and doing - actively taking the power from the Goa'uld. However, I have sworn to follow O'Neill, so I shall remain here for now. He only has a few years left before he must retire from the field. I shall return to the rebellion when he does.

This is no challenge for me. Is there no one here who can fight me? I haven't even broken into a sweat. They have. Red-faced and soaking with perspiration. I also need a mental challenge. If it was not for Daniel Jackson's need of me I fear my brain would atrophy. I appreciate his coming to me for help and advice.

"Master Teal'c? General Hammond would like you to meet with him in the gate room, Sir."

I do believe that the marines look relieved.

Ah, they're here. Daniel's bringing up the rear, as usual. I don't know why he continues to play the dotty academic role that he seems to have here. He's the sharpest-witted person I have ever met in my life. Jack comes close to him, his street smarts only just outweighing his natural intelligence - which he manages to keep well-hidden from anyone who doesn't know him. It gives him a tactical advantage.

That's something that Major Carter took a long time to realise. She would constantly try to explain things in words of two syllables or less at the beginning. Then he'd floor her with a more complex explanation of what she'd just said in reply. Daniel never underestimated his intelligence. His deadliness, maybe, but never his intelligence. Teal'c is also like Jack. Highly intelligent under his outward appearance of knowing nothing. It never behoved him to show Apophis that he was as innately smart as he is.

I've noticed that Major Carter, Samantha as I should start to think of her, has grown more and more streetwise over the years. Daniel was always savvy - but he hid that for the same reason that Jack hides his intellect. It gives him an advantage over those who don't know him. And those who do, but don't know him as well as they think. This is going to be the perfect team to carry out what I have in mind. The only team, really. Unfortunately, it means we'll lose them.

If the NID carry out their threat, we'll lose them anyway.

"General? Is something wrong?" Jack asks as they come to me en masse.

The gate's open. I'm going to take a little trip.

"SG-1, thank you for coming. Would you please accompany me through the gate?"

"We're not armed, Sir," Samantha cautions.

"No need, not where we're going. We won't be long."

I've got a GDO. The guards on security have got instructions to hold any visitors there until they hear from me. I've kicked the NID off the base. Just hope that no one tells them about this trip. I have to take some risks I guess.

"So, General, are you going to tell us what this is about?" I ask as we step onto a tropical paradise.

SG-5 found this place some months back, but couldn't find any reason for us to ever return - though they tried hard. Pity. It's beautiful. I think I could spend some serious fishing time here.

"Why don't we find somewhere to sit?" he replies.

We all head to the beach. There's some rocks there. George, Teal'c and I sit on them, Daniel and Carter are on the sand.

"We have a problem, people. The NID have been sniffing around. They have evidence that two of our number are having a same-sex relationship."

Daniel and I do not look at each other. They couldn't have found anything out about us, we've been very careful, especially since we took Simmons out.

"Who, Sir?" Daniel asks carefully.

"I shouldn't tell you this, but it's Major Ellis Short and Captain Ross Gregg."

It's as much as I can do to not breathe a sigh of relief. Daniel's spitting feathers.

"What about that stupid don't ask rule!" he shouts, standing up and stamping around. "That should have protected them. Tell me, General, did their relationship ever interfere with their work?"

"Not in the slightest, Daniel," he replies. "Sit down, son. It's not the only relationship going on at the SGC - I know of a few more. And I don't give a damn. As long as people do their work, I honestly have never cared."

George looks at me, looks at Daniel and then grins. He fucking knows!

"What's going to happen to them?" Carter asks.

"I've managed to negotiate a way out for them. Short can retire, Gregg has to resign, but at least they're getting honourable discharges. If it was up to me nothing would be said, but the NID want something."


"More influence at the SGC."

Our blood runs cold.

I won't have anything to do with an SGC in which the NID have influence.

"I'm resigning," I tell them. "I won't work there if they're there. I'm sorry, General, but I can't. I won't. Simmons accused me of being a Goa'uld sympathiser, for crying out loud. Not to mention what they did to Teal'c and Sam. No, Sir, I won't."

"Good," George replies. "That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say."

I sit back down - again. He looks at Jack and says carefully, "Jack, this is me, George. What we are talking about here is so off-the-record as to not have happened. You get me?"

We all agree to this, knowing that no matter who he talks to, he's talking to the team.

"Do the others know?"

"No, Sir. It was deemed better, safer for them."

"Understandable. You may wish to rethink this."

"Yes, Sir. Daniel, would you come with me a minute, please?"

We head off down the beach.

"George wants us to tell Teal'c and Sam, doesn't he?" I ask.

"Oh yeah. I don't know how he knew, but he did. I'm not sorry, Daniel. If it had been us who were caught, you know I'd give up my wings in a heartbeat for you, don't you?"

"I knew that the minute you kissed me back, Jack. You wouldn't have done that otherwise. Where do we go?"

"I think that George might already have something in mind."

"So, next question, how do we tell the others? Teal'c's probably guessed, but Sam?"

"We come out and say it. Whatever George has in mind, we'll do it, shall we?"

"I told you a long time ago, I'd follow you across the universe, Jack; wherever you want to go, I'll go with you. Just don't ever think of going there alone."

"I wouldn't. Promise. C'mon, time to face the music."

We sit on the sand together and Jack starts to speak, but I don't think he can find the words. Well, I am the linguist, I guess.

"Sam, Teal'c, I don't know what the General has in mind for us all, but whatever it is, Jack and I are going to go ahead with it. Together."

They look at me carefully, quizzically even. I continue.

"Jack and I have been together for eighteen months - on and off," I add with a grin. "Together, as in a couple, guys. We think you should know this before we learn any more. The NID are obviously threatening the SGC. Jack and I are the most high profile couple there, whether anyone knows about us or not. There are enough rumours going around to make it worth the NID's while to check up on us.

"We've been careful, but we do not want to have to break up just to keep them off our backs. We've done enough of that for other reasons. If you two aren't happy with us being together, then I suggest you leave here now, because it wouldn't be right for you to hear what's planned."

I look to George and he nods. We read him right.

"I have no problem with your relationship, Daniel Jackson, O'Neill. You have never let it interfere with your work. I doubt very much that you would allow it to do that in future. I am happy to walk by your side in whatever we are needed to do."

Jack smiles and says, "Thanks Teal'c. We couldn't ask for more than that. Carter? You haven't said anything."

"Why didn't you tell us?" she whispers. She's hurt. Shit.

"Sam, we couldn't. You know that the NID snoop. If you'd been told you may have had to have lied to protect us. We know you'd never turn us in, but we couldn't ask you to do that. And we didn't tell Teal'c because we couldn't tell you. We fought over this a lot. Broke up over it too."

"On more than one occasion," Jack adds. He reaches out and catches my hand in his and squeezes it. That's not going to be a problem anymore.

"You're the person I have most difficulty in asking this, Samantha," George says. "I'm going to ask you all to leave the SGC, the Air Force. I can't go into specifics unless you say 'yes', as I'm sure you understand. Jack's going to have to retire from the field soon. I knew that Daniel would go with him; at least he would have left fieldwork. Teal'c is primarily loyal to Jack. But you have a career. It's a lot that I ask of you, Samantha."

How could they? How could they not tell me? They say it was to protect me, but surely they could have trusted me. I could have borne the burden. I wouldn't have let them down.

I stand up and walk away. I need to be alone for a moment. I need to think. Give up the Air Force? To do what? I can't even know unless I quit! But to leave the team - that's unthinkable. They've never let me down, not once. I know they love me, they wouldn't have kept their relationship a secret if they didn't. Oh God! This is so difficult. I need more information.

"General, Sir, has this got something to do with my dad's visit to the SGC earlier?"

"Yes. I can't tell you any more than that at the moment."

"This project, scheme, whatever it is. It's important isn't it?"

"Do you really think I'd ask you to leave the SGC if it wasn't, Samantha?"

"No, no, of course not. Um, guys? Are you sure you'll still want me around?" I'd better know for sure, I guess.

Aw, my baby's cuddling me.

"Sam, we always want you around. We need you. The team isn't whole without you. But you have to think of yourself here, and not us. You have a glittering career - maybe even as far up as general. We can't expect this of you."

"Hey, career isn't everything," I tell him. "Team is. I'll do it. And then you and I, my dear little brother, are going to have a long, long chat."

"Oh crap, I'm in trouble," he giggles. But he does kiss my hair. I'll go easy on him. Maybe.

"So, George, are you going to tell us what we're getting involved in?" the Colonel - um, Jack, asks.

And he does. Boy, does he ever.

I am clearing out my personal effects from my room at the SGC. I shall take my robes, my Jaffa's uniform and my staff weapon. I am being given a few kitbags as well. In this I shall carry extra clothing, of the Tauri type. This may be of use at a later date. We will not be wearing uniforms as such anymore, though we will take our various BDUs. We will need them for camouflage. Desert, jungle, ice and normal kit. The boots are most comfortable, I shall take them as well.

Our plan is going well. Daniel Jackson and O'Neill resigned in disgust at the thought of the NID having anything to do with the SGC. They are currently packing up their accommodations. Daniel Jackson has moved all of his most personal effects over to General Hammond's house. His books may be required at a later date. He has sold or given away everything else. Even though he had many things in his apartment, it is only the books and photograph albums, along with a very few artefacts that mean anything to him.

O'Neill is doing the same thing. Perhaps, one day, we shall be able to return and they will be able to claim their things again. Perhaps not. But, they know that they shall be looked after. Major Carter is still at the SGC. It is necessary for the moment. I believe that Dr. Frasier is in on the subterfuge and that she will take care of her house and effects.

A new SG-1 has been formed at our request. Those that we trusted the most. Lieutenant-Colonel Ferretti (he has just been promoted, it is about time) will lead them. This was at O'Neill's personal recommendation. There is no one he trusts more to lead the team that will be needed to back us up. We all agreed to this. Ferretti has always been there for us.

I chose Major Coburn as his second. He is a good friend and sparring partner of mine. He is conscientious and respectful - a fine warrior. Most patient and intelligent. Lieutenant Daisy Grant is their linguist. Daniel Jackson chose her. He has worked with her for three years and she has backed him up on many occasions. She also has a small crush on him, but this should work to our advantage. Sergeant Philip Merrit is an engineer and worked closely with Major Carter.

Each member of this new team was chosen for their loyalty to the old SG-1, its individual members, Hammond and the project's original principles. We should be able to trust them implicitly.

I must remember to call Major Carter 'Samantha' now, and Daniel Jackson has also requested that I stop using his surname. It will not be easy, but I shall try.

It is time for me to leave. I am going to find Bratac and then I will rendezvous with our team when the time comes. We have to 'put on a show', as O'Neill says.

I have arrived in the gate room. The gate is opening. The SFs are raising their weapons. Hammond is in the gate room and the message comes that it is SG-1's code. He looks sadly at me, and at Samantha who is also in here. He calls out to open the iris. The team is coming through. Ferretti looks at me and almost imperceptibly winks. Their first part of the plan has gone well then.

"Colonel, where is your FRED?" Hammond asks.

"Sorry, Sir, it was lost, um, long story Sir." Mission accomplished.

Hammond grunts and dismisses them to the infirmary. Then the gate dials up again.

"Teal'c. Know you are always welcome here. It's been an honour and a privilege serving with you."

"Thank you General. I feel the same way about you. May we remain good friends."

Samantha hugs me and kisses my cheek. I do believe that when we are all together, she and I will spend more time on our own. I look forward to this. Dr. Frasier is also here. She is sniffing back tears, though her eyes are twinkling. We also hug and she kisses my cheek also.

"Be careful," she whispers. "Please, Teal'c, come home to us."

"I shall, I promise," I whisper back and she smiles at me.

It is time for me to find Bratac. I look back, they are all standing to attention and saluting. I place my fist on my heart and bow. When I look up, I see the man from the NID watching. He has a smile on his face.

"Shower?" Jack asks. This is wonderful, even if it is chaotic. We have boxes everywhere. We've told everyone that we're going to move to the cabin in Minnesota for now. We're not even talking about the SGC, apart from things like 'I wonder if David finished that translation I started?' and the sort of thing that we'd be expected to talk about.

We head into the shower together. We think we're being spied on (we can't look to see if we are as it'll give the game away. We have to act 'innocently', if I can use that turn of phrase), so we're giving them something to get off with. The water's hot, and so are we. Officially resigned/retired, we're making the most of being 'out'. We're kissing, touching, making out at every opportunity. I don't know if the guys listening in are into gay porno action, but they're getting it in spades.

My turn tonight, I think. Jack goes crazy when I go down on him in the shower, he gets absolutely uncontrollable and then always demands that I fuck him hard when I'm done. I am so going to do that to him. He turns the water down, watches me transfixed as I suck and lick, good, love this, so good. I love to taste him, taste his skin, his sweat, his come... everything about him turns me on so much. He's moaning and groaning and now yelling as I finger him too.

There's nothing like this for me. Finger fucking him, my other hand strokes his perineum and plays with his balls while my tongue pushes him against the roof of my mouth. Time to apply some pressure now. Fingers hit the sweet spot time and again, I suck hard and he comes and comes, spilling out of my mouth as I don't swallow quickly enough. I keep sucking and fucking till he begs me to stop. His legs are like jello so I'm going to lift him up. He had some hand rails installed in here just for this. It was so he could lift me - but I've been working out.

"Hold onto the rails, babe," I order. He grins a feral grin and takes a good hold of them. He lifts one leg around my waist and I pick his other one up. I've already slicked myself with conditioner so here goes. He howls as I push into him; well, conditioner isn't a particularly good lube.

"Oh GOD DANNY. So good, so fucking good," he yells as I pull back and push in further.

"Good fucking eh? Just wait, babe, just wait. Gonna make you come again." I hit the spot time and time again. His back arches and he calls out with every thrust. For a forty-six year-old he doesn't half recover quickly. Hmm here he goes again.

"You know what we can do now, Jack? We can make out in the backyard and nobody can say a fucking thing. We can go out together. Me and you, babe, me and you all the fucking way. Together, always together now, you got that? No more stupid fights. Oh GOD you are so good, so hot, babe, so fucking HOT. No more splitting up, babe, you and me all the way, all the way. Oh Christ I'm gonna come soon. Can't go on, can't, you're so good, so good."

"Come on, Daniel, come for me."


"OH yeah. Do it! Come in me."

I'm a'comin'. And coming. He's so shit hot, this flyboy. Love him so fucking much. He's still hard though. Drop him to the floor and grab his dick, working him hard till he spills over me again.

"Jesus, Daniel, you're on fire tonight. Whatcha been takin'?"

"Hmm, coupl'a doses of Jack O'Neill a day. Works wonders, you know."

He showers me with kisses before he turns up the water and showers me properly. I think we need to have a nap now.

A quick towelling and we head for the bedroom. Our bedroom. For now. I still don't know if we're going to pull this off, or even how, but I have faith in Jack and his tactics, so I'm going with the flow.

He had something organised before we left the SGC. We can't talk about a thing to do with the plan. We don't know for certain whether we're being watched - so we're going about as innocently as possible, pretending that we don't think they're bugging us. Assuming they are, we're hoping to draw any attention away from Sam. She has organising of her own to do. When we get the message, it's going to be time to leave. George will take care of things here for us.

That day we left - it was hysterical. We stayed one more day after our trip off-world with George and then blew a gasket in public. George announced to us, officially, in front of the airman who takes notes in our meetings and with the cameras on, that he had had to agree to the NID having a greater influence in the choice of missions at the SGC, that the scientific base would be played down and so on.

Sam sat quietly, her face white and angry. Teal'c got up and raged about them having no honour and refusing to work for such an organisation. I did pretty much the same thing. The airman was certainly getting a lesson in cursing. Both Teal'c and I were ranting, I was yelling at George, who played his part beautifully.

Finally it was Jack's turn. He just stood up and said,

I'm off. I'm retiring. I won't work for the corrupt, George and you know it. Daniel? Coming with?

I told him that I was quitting too. Teal'c insisted that he would return to Chulak and the rebellion on the grounds that it was a more honourable thing to do. And Sam still said nothing, but looked shocked and quietly shed a couple of tears. That was probably a little over-the-top, but I know it was 'that' time of the month again for her, so she can be forgiven.

Jack and I headed for our offices, grabbed our personal effects, found some boxes and put them in. George was trailing us, trying to convince us to stay. So, we had a huge row in public.

Dammit, General. How could you let them do this?

I had to protect the people here, Doctor. The NID, they're snooping. I've already had to cover for one gay couple here, I didn't want to have to do that for any others.

That was said so that the word would get around. NID are poking their noses where they're not wanted, be very careful. Scuttlebutt travels faster than the speed of light at the SGC. It's one of the constants of the universe. Jack got an evil look on his face when George said that.

THEY'RE DOING WHAT?! For fuck's sake, George, how fucking low can they go? I'm so out of here it's unbelievable. DANIEL! C'mere!

I went over to him and he grabbed me and kissed the shit out of me. Then he held me close for a minute and then gazed into my eyes, stroking my face as he said,

Let's get out of here. We're not going to give them any more fucking ammunition to use. You and me are leaving this joint.

So we went. To cheers, actually. That kiss had been very public.

I never thought that I would do this. Subterfuge, what is tantamount to theft too - it's so not what I do. And it's FUN! When Jack and Daniel finally 'came out' I hooted. I'd known from the beginning - those boys are, eh hem, active. They've been known to leave a few bruises on each other, though in a private chat with Daniel, he admitted it's just because they're so passionate about each other they just get carried away. It's not through deliberate violence. I'm glad - that sort of relationship just wouldn't sit right with either of their characters.

Though I was worried once. Daniel had to have a proper check-up before a mission... can't remember why, but he had to drop his pants for me. He was covered in bruises all over his butt. I made him tell me how he'd got them. He went bright red. Turned out they'd been messing about in the shower and he'd slipped on some soap and landed on his backside. This in turn caused hilarity on Jack's part, so much so that when he tried to help Daniel up, he dropped him back on his ass. Poor Daniel. He found sitting very painful for days.

I'm fiddling the books, believe it or not. There's ways and means of doing it. They're going to need medical supplies. We have a code for when they need me, and I'll get to them as soon as I can, but for minor injuries and the like, they can treat themselves. They've all had basic training, I made sure of it over the last couple of years. So, hopefully they'll be okay.

Not to mention extra stuff for Sam, extra vitamins, and, um, lube. Well, I know the guys nail each other on a regular basis - as often as they can get away with it. Don't think that sunblock will cut the mustard if they need to use it often. It's gonna have to be KY though, it's all I've got in the stores. We're going to have a little accident and a computer crash soon, so we won't know what stock's gone missing. I never knew the General could be so damned devious.

He cornered me in the shopping mall in town. I sent Cassie off to get something while he and I sat near the fountain. I guess he didn't want to be overheard. In very careful terms he told me that he was going to send SG-1 underground. To anyone listening in, they could never have worked out what we were talking about. I managed to convey that whatever he had in mind, I knew it was for the best.

He now knows for certain that he and the team come first with me. I know he'd never have asked me to do anything that wasn't above board unless he had a very good ulterior motive.

I was surprised to know that he'd been covering for Ellis and Ross. We're not letting those two know what price he paid though, the poor guys have just had to leave the life they love. There's no need to make them feel guilty. It was either court-martial, dishonourable discharge to boot, or what they got. Hammond was livid. He knew that they'd have both gone through the hell of court-martial rather than allow him to let the NID in.

I should have known he would have known - so to speak. He doesn't miss much at all. He told me he knew about Jack and Daniel too.

So, I think it's time for my computer to crash. I open up the file that Sam installed from a floppy disk (which then got zatted three times to hide its origin) and I release the virus that she wrote. My computer is connected to all of the infirmary records. All the personal stuff is on paper, but all of my stock is purely on the hard drive. Or rather it was. I think I need to start to panic... right about now.

"Hello? IT Support? Come to the infirmary quickly!"

I knew the guys trusted me, but I don't think I realised just how much. They're doing the public thing, keeping the NID off my back. I haven't left the mountain in days. I have to be very circumspect in how I go about my business though. I'm looking like I'm permanently upset - only allowing Janet anywhere near me. We whisper together, share chocolate cake in the commissary. It's covering for my odd behaviour. Even the lab techs are keeping out of my way.

I haven't had a chance to speak to the new SG-1 much. Louis came to see me when he heard the news that he'd been promoted and asked if I was okay with it. He was always Jack and Daniel's friend, but nice to me too, so I told him I was more than okay with it. If we ever get back here, it will probably be too late for Jack to retake his place anyway.

I have had so much organising to do. As much of the logistical support and supplies as possible is already at our destination. I have just got to set up a couple of computer viruses before I go home. Then it's give the guys a call, pack the clothes I want to take, and then head back up to the mountain to allow them in. If anything goes wrong, I'll get a court-martial. Jack and Daniel will likely be shot on sight.

There. It's done. Time to go home. A quick phone call.

"Jan? Hey hon, I'm off. What about you?"

"Uh huh, got a complete new inventory to make, damned computer crashed and we lost the lot. Then a couple of the chemicals in the stores got together and we had a small fire. I have no idea what we've lost."

Good, the medical supplies are ready and through and Jan's covering for herself.

"Okay, don't work too late. I'll see you soon. Give my love to Cassie."

Cassie. She's the hardest one to leave in a way. We don't know when or if we'll ever see her again. Not to mention the fact that we can't even say goodbye. The guys told her they were going to Minnesota - they bought her presents to say goodbye. Promised that they'd see her again.

We've all written letters to her. We can't tell her where we're going, or even why. We've just told her that we love her, that we'll miss her, and that one day we'll see her again. And that her mom would try to keep in touch with us. Even Teal'c wrote her a letter saying the same thing. I'm glad I won't be there when Jan gives them to her. She's going to wait until she thinks it's safe.

Home. I pick up the phone and dial Daniel's cellphone. This is the code. I let it ring six times and then curse out loud and put my own phone down.

"Dammit, I'll have to go and see them then. Typical men, they said they'd stay in touch. I'm tired. I want my baby brother. Huh." I stomp around. "Got a couple of days off, so I'm gonna camp out with them I think. Yeah, we can party. Haven't partied in ages. Gotta say goodbye before they go. Right, clothes, I'll need clothes."

I don't know if I'm being watched, so I need to put on a show. We've been sneaking clothes off-world for the last couple of days. Grab my last few things and throw them in my overnight bag. Couple of toothbrushes, razors (I am so not waxing), my fave soap, hairbrush, scissors (we're going to have to cut each other's hair, God help us). A few other bits and pieces and I get ready to go. I can't look back. This is my life that I'm saying goodbye to. Guess I've got an uncertain future to look forward to. All I know is I have no choice. One last thing.

"DAMMIT. Left my laptop back at the mountain. Can't have days off without it. Guess I'll have to go and get it before I descend on the boys."

This is it. We got the code so it's time to go. Daniel and I have dressed up as if we're going out. Head to toe in black. That puts Daniel in his skintight 501s, skinny black T and black leather jacket. Woof. I'm wearing something similar - we're so taking our leathers, not gonna leave those behind. A quick look around, grab our bags and we head out. The truck's in the garage - we have kitbags with some clothes and things in - and we head towards the mountain via a circumspect route. George says he'll take care of shutting up my house. I own it outright, so it's always going to be here (I hope). He'll take care of it, I know he will.

We're almost certain we're being followed. I try to lose the car that I think is following me. Daniel said that he'd noticed that whenever we got intimate in public, just walking arm-in-arm or whatever, our shadow would back off. Either he's really turned off by us or he thinks that when we're like that we're not doing anything else. It's given us a great cover to do loads of organising.

So, as far as he's concerned, we're going to the forest on the mountain to make out. We think that the truck is bugged, so...

"I can't wait to get there, Jack, it seems so... naughty, for want of a better term."

"We're gonna make out outdoors, Daniel, of course it is."

"Yeah, but there... I guess it's more exciting, ya know?"

"Oh yes. What are you going to do to me?"

I watch the car behind as he tells me. It's about a hundred yards behind us, driving carefully so as to not attract our attention. For now.

"Oh, I'm going to do everything, Jack, just the way you like it. I thought that first of all, I'd strip, nice and slow, the way that turns you on so much. Then I thought I'd get some rope, put your hands behind a tree, tie you to it and next I'd undo your shirt, bite your neck, lick your chest, suck on your nipples till you cry out.

"I'll undo your belt, brushing my fingers over your rock hard dick, knowing that you want me so much it hurts. I'll drop your pants, you've gone commando so no need to worry about underwear. Then I'll drop to my knees and take you whole. I'm gonna suck you so hard, babe, I'm gonna finger fuck you till you come hard in my mouth. I'm gonna stand up while you're gasping for breath and I'll touch myself. You love it when I do that, don't you?

"You'll have to watch as I jerk myself off for you, harder and harder till I can't go on. You'll watch me come so hard for you that you're gonna get hard again. I'll release you from your bonds and then I'll get on my knees and you'll get to fuck me so hard, Jack, that I'm gonna be seeing stars."

Mission accomplished. The car behind us just went off the road. Just as well I'm used to him and his dirty talk now.

We're near the base. There's a small forestry road which I turn up. George knows where my truck will be. I park it up in the prearranged spot and place my keys where I know he'll find them. Then Daniel and I grab our rucksacks, stick them on our backs and head up to the escape hatch. If all has gone well, we should be able to get in without anyone noticing. As we get close to it, I call George on my cellphone. He needs to phone the mountain (he's at home). All I do is what Sam did earlier. Let it ring six times and then hang up. Now we wait.

The phone's ringing. I leave it. Six rings and then it stops. It's time. I phone the mountain.

"Dr. Frasier's office, this is General Hammond."

"Code, Sir?"


"Very good, Sir."

I wait for her to pick up. Please God, let this go well.


"Ah, Doctor. How is the inventory going?"

"We'll be done soon, Sir. Having the fire in the stockroom didn't help matters."

"Well, I'm sure you're doing your best. Don't work too hard, I'll need you fresh in the morning. Goodnight Doctor."

"Thank you, Sir, goodnight."

I saw Sam back at the mountain earlier. This is it. We have plans to meet up as soon as we can, if we can, so we're not going to say goodbye. The General just phoned. My code to get things moving. Back on the phone.

"Sam? I thought you'd gone home."

"Um, yeah, forgot my laptop. Never know when I'll need it."

"You work too hard. Just had the General telling me to take it easy - you do the same, ya hear?"

"I hear you. I'm going. Night, honey."

"Yeah, night, sugar."

This is it.

Time to do it. First thing - trigger the virus on the security cameras. Everything here is computer controlled. I've had to adjust a couple of general viruses to do this - I don't want the whole system to crash. Now, time to pop the hatch. There's a keypad on the inside so we can get out but others can't get in without C4. Until now. That's it. The code is sent. Next stop, armoury.

I sign out a zat, saying I've got an experiment to run on it. It doesn't matter now whether things are traced to me, this should be over in minutes. I zat the armoury sergeant once, apologising as I do. Then I get three more. We'll all need one.

I'm glad he's out cold, I didn't want to have to kill him. Couldn't do that. And it would take too damned long to tie him up and hide him. Right - to the meeting place. The control room. It's late now, not many people around. Just as well. I've got everything in my kitbag and I'm walking quietly down the corridor, trying not to look like I'm in a hurry. Finally there - I have to wait. Come on, guys, come on. The armoury sergeant will wake up soon. And when he does... the alarms won't go off. That was part of the virus. Still, he can yell.

At last. Woof! They both look hot.

We sneak into the room, zat everyone except Sergeant Davis. We are about to when he drops the blast doors and looks sideways at the computer. I get up to him, Daniel's holding him with the zat - for show I think. He whispers something to him and Daniel gives him a small smile. I dial up the destination. As we leave Davis whispers, "The General wanted you to know, Siler and me, we know, we'll help."

We all nod, I apologise and zat him to cover for him, then we head quickly to the gate room. Here's the difficult bit. The gate's engaged, and so are the SFs. We go in, zats blazing, knocking them out as we run up the ramp and dive through the gate.

"Well done, Sam," Jack praises. "Amazing work. Knew you could do it."

She smiles, looks very pleased with herself. I dial up our final destination and we step through onto the tropical planet that we spoke to George on. We're going to live here.

"The co-ordinates for this planet have been wiped from the base computer," Sam says as we emerge. "Only Hammond knows them - though I'm guessing Sergeant Davis does too."

We find some things ready and waiting for us. A FRED, boxes and kitbags. SG-1 mark II have come through for us. First thing we do is send a message through to Chulak. It's one of those strange coded messages. It's just a branch from one of the trees here. They're a sort of palm tree, except they have big branches with huge leaves and they don't have coconuts or dates - they have some squashy fruit which tastes uncannily like cinnamon. So, cinnamon trees they are. And one is sacrificing a branch. It's being thrown through the wormhole. We'll do that again tomorrow if he hasn't turned up, and again until he gets the message. It's not safe for us to go after him, so this is what he said to do.

Next job - let's get the tents up. This is only going to be temporary, but we'll need somewhere to sleep.

Jack and I have a large one, Sam and Teal'c have their own, just as on a mission. One thing I can do in my sleep is stick up a tent. Next thing, latrine digging. Great fun - not. Still, it has to be done. We have a fresh water supply. There's a small river that runs to the sea. The gate is near the edge of the land, just before it becomes the beach. The river is about ten minutes from the gate. That's where we're setting up camp. When Jacob comes to meet up with us, we'll have words about other, more permanent plans.

Jack starts a fire. We've got MREs in one of the boxes, somewhere, we just have to find them.

"Um, guys? You two going to be busy?"

Sam's opened a box. It's a big box. Full of KY. Fucking hell - I don't know whether to kill or kiss Jan. Jack's blushing, so it's worth it for that.

"It should last us a couple of weeks," I tell her.

She sniggers and then goes a little quiet. I think that 'that' talk is going to happen now. I look over at Jack and he nods. Whether they're still in the Air Force or not, they'll always have the command structure hanging over them. So, while he finds the MREs, I take Sam's hand in mine and we walk along the beach. We don't say anything until we come to a rock, where we sit. I put my arm around her and hug her hard.

"You know that we both love you, don't you?" I start.

"Oh, I know. I guess I'm just a bit hurt about you not telling me. I understand why, and I appreciate your reasons and all, but..."

"You still wish we'd told you and you're wondering about us and our history?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"I'm bi, so is Jack. I'm more gay than he is, but neither of us was innocent when we got together, Sam. Jack hadn't had a relationship with a guy since the Academy, it wasn't safe. Me though, most of my relationships have been with men. I like women okay, but she has to be special to make an impression on me. Kinda like you."

She looks up confused.

"If I hadn't been so wrapped up in Shau're, Sam, I think I'd have gone for you, really made a go of pursuing you right at the beginning. I do love you, I do find you very attractive and I have immense respect for your mind. Trouble is, I think of you as my sister now. That makes you among the most precious people that I have ever had in my life. You have to know that."

She sniffs a little and snuggles closer under my arm.

"Love you too, you bastard," she mutters.

"You okay about Jack and me?"

"Yeah, a bit jealous I guess. I've got no one and sometimes..."

"You just want to wake up with someone holding you close?"

"Yes, just that."

"Sleep with me tonight?"


"Jack won't mind. Tough if he does. If you want me, Sam, you've got me. If you want Jack, you've got him. I know what it's like to crave company, I won't get jealous. I'm sure that Teal'c will understand too."

"Daniel? Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

I plant a kiss on her lips; just a chaste, closed-mouth kiss.

"Whatever you want, from whomever you want it. No judgement, no embarrassment, no recriminations. Nobody should be without."

"Not even Teal'c?"

"No, not even Teal'c. Though he has different needs from us, and he deals with them in his own way."

She squeezes me hard.

"I think I'll be okay tonight, but I'll keep that in mind, Daniel. Thanks. We'd better get back."

As we walk back along the beach, hand-in-hand, she says, "You two, you're really in love, aren't you?"

"Crazy about each other. This last week or so of being able to be together... it's been a revelation, you know? We were able to go out, hold hands just like this. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders. I love him more than life itself, Sam. You know when he said he'd rather die than lose you?"

"Yes," her voice is curious, knowing exactly what I'm talking about, I wasn't supposed to know.

"He told me when we got home, Sam. He meant every word. So would I. I'd rather die than lose you. Or Teal'c. But if we lost each other, we'd kill ourselves. We both know this."

I think she understands us now - a lot better than before. Another squeeze, of my hand this time, and we're nearly back.

"Found the MREs," Jack says. "I'd have asked what flavour you wanted but..." Our minds fill in the chicken joke. "I, um, also found stuff for you, Car, er Sam."

She heads over to another box. It's full of cartons of tampons and... batteries?


She's blushing so much it's bottoming out around her toes. Not for her electric toothbrush I'm guessing.

"I'm gonna kill Jan," she hisses and I crack up.

"You won't be needing me then, huh?"

She smacks my arm and we head back to eat. Jack's trying to look innocent and failing. I go up to him and grab him, kissing him soundly.

"Remember what we were talking about on the way to the mountain, babe?"

"Yes," he hisses, his eyes wide open.

"We have a jungle over there. I'm sure I can find some rope."

That should stop him teasing Sam at least.

Daniel's a rat bastard. I just had to eat MRE stew while combating a hard-on that wouldn't go away.

"I think we should ask Jacob for some crystals," he says.

"What for?" I ask.

"Underground tunnels. If nothing else we could use them for storage. Sam and I will likely want somewhere quiet to study at some point as well."

"I'm not sleeping underground. I think we've done enough of that."

"True," says Carter, "but what Daniel says makes sense. How about we build a permanent shelter up here, but have tunnels too? That way we have somewhere to hide out if the weather turns bad. We have no idea what this place is going to get like at a later date. It could be like the tropics on Earth with hurricanes and the like."

She's got a point. Okay - we'll talk to Jake. First thing though, I want Teal'c here.

George told us we'd have to lie low for a couple of weeks, so we're treating this as a vacation. Sun's going down, we should get some sleep. I tell them that and Sam heads off to the river to wash.

"I told Sam that whatever she needs of us she can have."

"Um, Daniel?"

"She's a grown woman, Jack, with a grown woman's, um, needs."

"Like a multipack of batteries for her, er, electric toothbrush?"

He shoots me a filthy look and then sniggers, then giggles and now he's laughing hard.

"Yes," he finally gets out.

I love it when Daniel gets like this. All silly and helpless. I grab him and we end up on the sand, wrapped up in each other's arms. We're laughing our asses off now - I guess the whole thing has finally hit home. He and I are free - free to be together, to tell the whole fucking universe.

"I'm the luckiest man in creation, Daniel. I've got you."

"Uh huh, I'm the luckiest man - I get you, Jack. Love you so much."

"What are you after?" I tease.

"Duh?" Stupid fucking question, O'Neill.

I lean closer and we start to kiss, our hands having a mind of their own, move up and down each other's bodies. Our kisses are getting frantic, my lips find 'that' spot on his neck, just underneath his ear. It's the one that drives him insane. I'm on my back now, having the shit kissed out of me. And I love it. I think we should take this somewhere else though - we've got company.

"Eh hem, guys? Keep that for your tent, why don't you?"

We both sit up. Daniel's eyes are black. Oh crap. He's unstoppable when he gets like this.

"Carter, do yourself a favour and head off to your tent. Take that portable CD player you brought and stick some music on - loud music."


I can't answer that. Daniel's tongue is currently taking up residence in my throat.

"Ooh, you two are on fire."

I break off long enough to say, "If you don't want to become part of the fire, Sam, get the hell out of here now. Daniel doesn't come with an off-switch, unfortunately."

"You love it," he growls.

Okay - I admit it. I do. Carter scoots. Just as well.

"Tent, now," I tell him.

We gather up enough brain cells between us to snatch some lube from the open box. Clothes are off by the time we hit the deck in the tent. It's like the first night all over again.

"Fuck me," he says against my mouth.

I'm going to give him the time of his life. His favourite - me sucking him hard, finger fucking him until he's cleaned out and then him on his hands and knees. This larger tent gives us the room for that. I love doing this for him, he goes completely wild when my fingers enter him. I rarely bother with just one these days, he prefers it rough, wants two, three, four even sometimes. Not fisting, just fingers. He's jerking up and down into my mouth, fucking me as I'm fucking him. It says everything about us - that nothing happens to one without it happening to the other. Equals or nothing.

"GOD JACK, love you so much!"

He really is on fire, coming hard into me, spilling out of me as I can't swallow him fast enough. He gathers enough energy to turn over and I slip into him straight away - one swift movement. I ride him as hard and as fast as I can, I know him well enough to know that he wants that tonight and not one of the marathon love-making sessions we sometimes have. The sheer animalism takes me over and I come fast while pounding into him.

"Oh God Daniel, love you." I'm exhausted.

Strains of I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again come from Carter's tent. Crap. I think we've hurt her.

Daniel turns over, finds my arms and clings to me hard.

"This is it, isn't it, Jack? This could be what the rest of our lives is like."

"Yeah - scary isn't it?"

"Fucking terrifying. Get your shorts on, pass me mine. Sam should be with us tonight."

I'm not sure what he's talking about but he's rarely wrong, so I do as he says. He grabs his and leaves the tent. I hear the music go off and then the tent flap opens. It's a hot and sticky night, just like our first one together, so we won't be sleeping in the bags, just on them. Daniel lays Sam down in-between us. We reach out for each other and she's completely enclosed in our arms. Her tense body suddenly relaxes. He was right. She needs the contact.

This isn't the first time I've woken up with a guy's dick pointing in my ass, but it is the first time I've had one sticking in my front at the same time. I appreciate what Daniel did last night. Even above the music I could hear them. Hope they're not always that noisy. Guess it had something to do with the fact that it's allowed for them now and that they have their freedom.

I'm happy for them, but I so wish that I had someone too. I want to get out of here, but their arms are holding me tightly in-between them. I should be feeling nervous, given their morning states, but conversely, I've never felt safer in my life. Even if they were both to start something in their sleep, I know I'm safe. It's a weird state of affairs.

I mean, I'm a woman, I've been told I'm attractive. I'm lying in-between two gorgeous guys who both love me enough to die for me and who both like women. Okay - they're crazy in love with each other. I guess that could put a damper on things, but still... Maybe they will try something one day? Maybe I'll get desperate enough to let them? Who knows? Maybe Teal'c will want to start something? He's a gorgeous specimen of manhood, that's for sure. But then he may not want to try anything because he is so respectful of me. Perhaps I should tell Daniel to tell Teal'c that I may not turn him down if he was interested.

Oh, oh, Daniel's waking.


"Hey Daniel."

"Oh, um, sorry."

"It's okay. You're not the first guy I've woken up next to."

"No, of course. It's been a while since I've woken up next to a woman though. It's nice."

"Yeah, I understand. Let me go, Daniel, I don't think that Jack will feel so relaxed about waking up next to me as you are."

He nods, unwraps his arms and I head out of the tent. I don't think I have ever felt more loved in my whole life as I did last night.

I head out to the fire, the embers are still glowing. I add some kindling to get it working again, find the coffee that we sent out here and start to make a brew. As I could have predicted, Daniel follows the scent of it and emerges.

"Ah, have I told you how much I love you?" he says with a grin.

"Cupboard love," I tease.

He comes over and sits next to me and wraps his arms around me and hugs me close.

"Nuh huh," he counters. "Love you loads, Sam. Never forget that. No matter what Jack means to me, I love you with all my heart. So does he. It's been hard for him. He was not allowed to love either of us - not even as friends, but he did. He did fall a little in love with you, me too. We fought over it, broke up over it too. But we can't live without each other."

I hug him back and kiss his nose, getting me a big smile in return. We'll figure this out. In the meantime, we have to build more permanent shelter, if only to keep the noise levels down.

"When's your dad coming?" he asks.

"Soon, I guess. Knowing the General he'll have some sort of code worked out to notify him. I'd assume that he'll be here today at some point. I hope Teal'c got the message too."

"Yeah, it's not the same without him here."

We hear a noise, Jack's coming out from the tent.

"Is that coffee ready yet, kids?" He doesn't change.

"Just about. Dried milk though, sorry guys. Unless we can get some cows here we're going to be stuck with it."

They mutter but accept it anyway.

"Breakfast?" Jack suggests.

"I'm not eating MREs for breakfast," Daniel complains. "Hang on."

He grabs a T from his pack, shins up one of the cinnamon trees and comes down with a shirt full of the fruit. We tried these when SG-5 brought them back. Tested them out for toxicity and vitamin content, decided they were perfect and then did the taste test. And ate the lot. They're delicious. As SG-5 found this place some time back, it suggests that there's a long growing season too. Good. They make a wonderful alternative to MREs and ration bars.

"I think I'll make a net or rod," Jack says. "There's bound to be fish of some sort. Don't know about you but I'd rather live off fresh food wherever possible."

We agree to this - it will help us keep healthy too.

"How about we build cabins?" Daniel suggests.


"Look, there's a huge jungle to our side. The trees are hardwood. We needn't try to do it quickly, we can take our time. Sam, you got those solar batteries working for the laptops, didn't you?"

"Sure, I needed that months back, so they're both up and running."

"Well, that means we can use them to design the cabins, you know spend some time getting it just right. Jack and I can have one, you and Teal'c can either share one or have one each, depending on what you want. It will give us all some privacy, I think. We're going to be living in each other's pockets... We could be here for the rest of our lives. We should at least have somewhere to retreat to."

He's got a good point.

"We'll need tools," Jack announces, going into 'colonel mode'. "Make a list of what you think we'll need. I'll help. My gramps had me helping out when we extended the cabin by the lake."

"We won't be able to split the logs," Daniel says. "That will be too much. Can't ask George for a sawmill after all."

We see that point too.

"Perhaps the Tok'ra will have some tools that can help," I suggest.

"Okay, wait till your dad comes then, Sam, and we'll ask him. No nails though, they'll rust in this climate. We'll need a water supply too. Can you look at designing something?"

"Sure. Maybe I can get Dad to get the Tok'ra to design us crystals to act as pipes from the river?"

"Sounds good. While you guys think about this, I'm gonna get another branch and throw it through to Chulak. You got the co-ordinates, Daniel? I can never remember them."

Daniel grabs a notepad from his pack and scribbles the co-ordinates down.

"You're going to have to learn, Jack," he warns. "You'll need the ones for this place inscribed in your brain - and you'll need to know how to spot the unique ones on each DHD of the planets we go to. Just in case you're on your own."

"Yeah, I know. I've got most of them in my head. I'll have to work on that. Which is our glyph?"

Daniel points it out. I know Jack now, he's memorised it already. He's a lot smarter than he lets on.

Got the branch and I'm off to the gate. I want Teal'c here now. It's not as if we need him at the moment, we're not under fire, but we're not a team without him. All for one and one for all. Those words may have been used for the Three Musketeers, but they are so appropriate for us. The Four Musketeers.

Our new designation is MIA. Sends a chill down my spine to hear that. But George was right. Talking about those MIA is a way he can pass on information to those in the know without raising suspicions. I know that George is more of a political player than he lets on, but I'm praying that he's read this one right.

Their main reason for sending us underground was not the NID. It was just a convenient excuse. The Pentagon have been pushing for a more military and less scientific trend, surprisingly enough. However, even I recognise the need for scientific advancement. And intelligence. That's the key to the whole thing. Word will get around that SG-1 have stood down.

Without wanting to blow our own trumpets, we scared the System Lords shitless. We're hoping that they will let their guard down now. Then it's up to us, to go where we're sent and find stuff out. Maybe do some sabotage. Orders from the JCS were starting to get us to play down our alliances, especially with races that had no Goa'uld-busting tech. MIA is going to go in and start rebellions.

We're on our own - more or less. The new SG-1 will come to the rescue if they're in a position to, I know. We have faith that they'll back us up to the hilt. Jan, George and Jacob will be there for us too. George dropped some hints that Paul Davis at the Pentagon is 'keeping him informed' of stuff he's not supposed to know about. Paul is a friend of Daniel's. A good friend.

I so hated him at one point. It was when he and I were going through a bad time - broken up, fighting at work, that sort of thing. Found them in bed together at Daniel's place one morning. Shit. That was a bad fight we had. Still, he kicked me up the ass and I made it up to him. I could have lost him forever then and I knew it. I also knew that I had fucked up big time.

It was when I was going after Sam - safe flirting, I thought. I had no idea how much I hurt my team. So fucking unprofessional as to warrant kicking me out of the Air Force. If my team weren't so loyal to me I'd have been gone. As soon as I got my wake-up call I made sure that I never got that bad again.

I love all my kids - Daniel more than the other two, I guess, but that doesn't lessen how I feel for them. Daniel and I have been together since then, no matter how bad things got after that we didn't split. Lots of fights and apologies, but neither of us will let go. Thank God.

I've sent the branch through. It's time to wait now. I'll study the glyphs on the DHD for a bit, see if I can't commit them all to memory. I already know some of them, of course. I know the addresses to Earth and the Alpha site - they're burned into my mind. All you need is the six glyphs and then to know the unique one for the point of origin. I'm not stupid, I can do this. If I can commit long and complex flight plans to memory with one look, I can remember patterns, can't I?

I guess I'd better head back to the camp. I think I've got all the glyphs in my mind. I'll keep testing myself till I know I'm right. Without the real chance of backup, it's going to be up to us to get ourselves out of trouble now. Which means if Daniel and Sam are out of action, Teal'c and I will have to get them home. And those two are the ones most likely to get hurt for some reason.

I know Sam's a warrior in her own right, but that's really Teal'c's role along with mine. They're the brains of the unit. Neither Teal'c nor I are stupid, we're both pretty smart, but nowhere near the brainpower of those two. And when they have a problem they need to solve - well, let's just say they're brilliant apart, but together they're phenomenal. Just as well they didn't get together and have kids. They'd pretty much corner the market in beautiful and brainy. Nobody else's kids would stand a chance against them.

Ah, the gate's dialling. I radio back to the kids and they hide. I dive behind a rock. We don't know who's coming so we have to be careful. I won't take chances with their safety.

It's Teal'c. Phew. I give the kids the signal and then come out to greet him.

"'Bout time. Didn't think you were coming, big guy."

He looks at me, considers whether to grace that with a reply and then decides it's not worth it.

"Where are the others?"

"By the river. How's Bratac?"

"He is well, O'Neill. He is fully aware of our plans and he approves wholeheartedly. I showed him the address of this planet. He will only use it to contact us if need be. Nobody will get it from him."

"I know. That's okay. George said that Thor was in on this too. Makes you wonder exactly what's going on, doesn't it?"

"Do you believe that we are not in full possession of the facts, O'Neill?"

"I'm not sure, T. I trust George and I trust Jacob not to put Sam into a position which will get her killed. I don't trust the Tok'ra, however, and the Asgard have pissed me off on more that one occasion. Let's just say I'm reserving judgement. For now, we're thinking of building a cabin or three to live in and asking Jacob to make us some tunnels to store our stuff in. What do you think?"

"It is an idea of merit, O'Neill."

I am glad to be back with my team again. I fear that the next couple of weeks will be tedious, however it is necessary for the hue-and-cry to calm down on Earth. All SG teams will be on the lookout for us. Very few can be trusted to see the bigger picture and let us go without question. One of the things that Hammond gave me to take was a printed schedule of all of the teams' missions for the next month or so, so that we can avoid them. There is no guarantee that they will stick to this schedule, but it gives us something to work with. I give the list to O'Neill and he grunts as he looks at them.

"If there are any messages for us they'll be left at the SG-1 drop zones."

We have arrived back at the camp and the younger two of our team look at him.

"SG-1 will leave messages, missions and the like near the gate on their own missions. They're not going to be coming here because a) we may not be here and b) their missions are all timed, aren't they? They won't necessarily have the gap in their schedules to send things through. Not to mention that they may not be alone - they may have other teams with them. Besides, they were told to forget where they sent the FRED and the supplies. They'll have done that, I'm sure. Ferretti's good. Nobody'll have a clue that he's in on this. Just hope the others will keep the secret."

"Don't worry, Jack, I'm sure they will. We all chose them because we know them well. They're loyal to us."

"Yeah, well, we had to take a chance on some people I guess."

"So," Daniel says with a smile on his face. "It's going to be like Mission Impossible."

I know the television programme of which he speaks. Messages left in strange places for missions so secret that the organisation did not even officially exist. He is right, it does sound like us. However...

"I do hope that our messages will not self-destruct, O'Neill. It would be most inconvenient."

He looks at me and bursts out laughing, the others joining in. It took them a long time to understand my humour. They are still not there - but they are getting close.

"Good one, T. One thing, I know you guys haven't been told this yet, our new designation. It's MIA."

We all understand this meaning - we have been designated that before on more than one occasion.

"Well, that sucks," says Daniel. "I think we should make it stand for something else. What do you think?"

"I think that I am in agreement, Daniel Jackson. After all, we all know where we are."

He raises his mug of coffee to me in salute and grins.

"How about Murky Intelligence Academy?" asks O'Neill.

"Male Indecorum Abounds," giggles Samantha.

"Messy Insurrections Association," laughs Daniel.

I do believe that they are feeling a bit silly.

"Maverick Incursion - team A," I suggest.

"I like that," says O'Neill. The others acknowledge it too. So, that is who we now are.

"Now that is sorted out, we have something else to discuss," says O'Neill, and he tells me about their discussions about housing.

"I have no preference," I tell them. "If Samantha wishes to live on her own, I will respect her choice. If, however, she wishes to share a cabin with me, I would be delighted."

"Then we'll share, having our own bedrooms, what do you say?" she smiles.

"That will suit me well."

O'Neill and I leave the two youngsters to design the cabins and we go for a walk to survey our domain.

"So, Daniel," Sam says, and I know I'm in some sort of trouble. "Are you two usually that noisy at night?"


"Well, yeah, I guess we are. Me especially. Sorry about that. We'll try to keep the noise down."

"You managed it for long enough, I'm sure you'll cope."

"We never made out off-world, Sam, we always kept our relationship at home. No way were we going to put you two at risk. Well, except for our first time, that was off-world, but the planet was uninhabited, a bit like this one."

She looks up at me from over her laptop and raises her eyebrow in a 'go on, I want all the details' manner.

"Do you remember when we got back from Edora and then the sting operation?"

"I'll never forget it," she says defiantly.

"Me either. I was so in love with him, I was going out of my mind. Well, after going to Bedrosia, Jack got a bit more friendly; he was really upset watching me get tortured I think. We went to that planet, the uninhabited one next. It was a pretty boring mission, but Jack was being so nice to me it was driving me insane.

"I'd fallen for him right at the beginning, but I only came to love him so deeply that first year. I knew when he didn't want to leave me on Klorel's ship that I was completely gone on him. However, I was still in love with Shau're and I still believed I'd get her back, so I did nothing. But when I lost her, he pulled away from me. I know why now; he was in love with me and he didn't want to get too close, to give it away. But when he saw me getting hurt again, and after all the crap we'd recently gone through... well, let's just say he wasn't thinking straight."

She snorts a bit at that. "I'd say that was fairly obvious."

"Yes, that's true," I laugh back. "I was lying in the tent that night, and my hormones sort of took over. I lost control and jumped him. Begged him to just... eh hem, well, you know."

"And he did?"

"Oh yes, he did. Did he ever. I didn't even know if he knew what he was doing, but he really did. Blew my mind away."

That wasn't all he blew but there's such a thing as TMI.

"Was he surprised?"

"Oh yes, he had no idea about me. I had to pretend I was straight and it wasn't easy, Sam. Just hiding who I am and what I am, it was killing me. Jack didn't have the same pressures in some way. I said before, he's straighter than I am, he found it easier to stick to women. But for me, it was hard. Whenever I've been involved with a woman, they've been strong, feisty characters - masculine in some ways I guess. Nobody would treat Sarah or Shau're as if they were weak. I said I could have fallen for you so easily, it's for that reason. You're nobody's doormat."

"Darn tootin'," she hoots. "I give as good as I get."

"And that's what I like, what I look for in women. I prefer stronger men too, always have. Jack's never afraid to just be himself. We fight, physically sometimes. We've both got tempers that scare anyone around us."

"Tell me about it, I've seen you verbally laying into entire teams. It's been funny. Jan and I were absolutely helpless that day you were having a go at SG-6 for screwing up a survey you'd asked them to do. Big, strong, scared-of-nothing marines and they were shaking like leaves. And that was before you'd even built yourself up. Do you think that you and Jack will fight so much now?"

"Probably not - now that the need for secrecy has gone. It means a lot that you're okay with this, Sam. It means more than you could know."

She comes over to me and gives me a hug.

"Just don't forget me, honey. We still need to have time to ourselves, without the other guys."

"Absolutely. Not even Jack comes between us, babe, not a chance. Just a pity we won't have the films to watch and the popcorn to eat."

"We'll make our own entertainment, Daniel, you'll see if we don't."

I have no doubt we will.

"I turn my back and this is what you get up to, Samantha. What am I going to do with you?"

We both jump a mile. It's Jacob. Neither of us heard him approaching. Once our hearts have calmed down we giggle, I kiss her head and let her go.

"Dad! We hoped you'd come today. We need some things from the Tok'ra if we're going to live here. Hang on, we need to get the guys. Daniel? Could you find them?"

"Sure, I always seem to know where Jack is. Give me a minute," then I pick up my radio and call them. Sam groans. She'd forgotten about that I think.

I get the reply that they're on their way back and then go and put some more coffee on.

"How are you guys settling in?" Jacob asks.

"So far, so good, but we want to build permanent structures. We're going to need tools, Jacob. Trouble is, the trees here are real hardwood, and even with axes and saws it would take an age to cut them down. Do you have anything that will help?"

Jacob's head bows and Selmac comes up. We greet her and then she says,

"We have cutting tools, like your lasers. They should manage the wood easily. The power can be adjusted so that you can cut delicate work as well as large objects. Would you like some?"

"Please!" Sam's eyes have lit up like she's a kid at Christmas. Well, duh! It's a new toy, um, tool for her; of course she's happy.

"No taking it apart to see how it works, Sam," I scold and Jacob laughs. He told me before that she was always doing that as a kid. And no, I wasn't surprised.

"Could your engineers get us some crystals too?"

"Tunnelling crystals?"

"Yes, it'll take us a while to build the cabins, and we'll need somewhere to store our supplies. And Sam and I want studies, places to put our books as and when they come through. We'll need somewhere dry for that. The air out here is too humid, it would rot them straight away."

"I understand. This is important. You were needed for this job as much for your intelligence as your teamwork and expertise in the field. We will supply everything you need."

"Thanks Selmac." It's Jack, they're back. "If you guys need somewhere to hide out, come here. It's not on the Abydos cartouche and it's locked out of the SGC computer. You'll be safe here. Well, as safe as anywhere."

That's unusual. Jack doesn't trust the Tok'ra further than he can throw them. Selmac's the only one he likes, even. He's up to something. Probably wants to keep an eye on the Tok'ra or some such thing.

We give Jacob a list of things that we want. Jack says he wants his fishing rod and that gets groans from us.

"How about lots of rope and a fishing net, Jack? We want to actually catch the things after all," I tease. Then I avoid the clip that he aims at me.

This is good. We're sitting around the fire, which is only small, a cooking fire, but somehow it's comforting, even on this hot day. There's coffee in our mugs and we're chatting away, talking about our plans for the island. Then Jacob sighs.

"I'll have to go soon. As George told you, it's best you lay low for a little while. I'll visit him in a couple of weeks. He'll give me the co-ordinates of SG-1's missions and their schedules. They'll try to stick to them as closely as they can. Sometimes you'll get your instructions from them. Other times you'll get them from me. If I can I'll come here. If I can't, for whatever reason, I'll go to the SG-1 drop site. When you get the schedule from me you should visit each planet as soon as you can after their visit. There'll either be instructions or not. If they're there, you'll have all the information you need to carry out your mission. You'll be on your own.

"The Tok'ra will know that you're about. We're the only ones outside of Thor and those in on the secret at the SGC who will know it for sure. You will be kept a secret. It's one thing the Tok'ra are very good at, keeping secrets that is." We don't dare look at each other when he says that. "We will not drop you in it, I promise. Whatever happens, you have to know that you can't be captured and questioned. We can't take any chances on the Goa'uld finding anything out."

We nod, not saying anything. I never thought I would end up basically a spy when I was doing my PhDs. I wonder what my parents would think?

"I'll send the tools through as soon as I can. Maybe one of the engineers too. You're right, the sooner you get your stores underground the better. I'll also supply you with other tech. You'll not have MALPs anymore so you'll need our version, you know the little visual communication devices. It will give you the confidence to go through the gate knowing what's on the other side. We'll give you ordinary communicators too. The less human tech you have on you the better. Stick to Goa'uld technology from now on."

On that sour note, he leaves.

We've been here a week now. The Tok'ra engineer came and supplied us with tunnels, rooms and the like. We've got the tech, the tools and everything and when we're not devastating the local rainforest, as Daniel says, we're familiarising ourselves with the tech. We're not making much impact on the jungle, no matter how much Daniel teases us. We're picking trees as carefully as we can. There are thousands here, the amount we're taking isn't making a dent. I played with the FRED and converted it into a tractor for us to pull the trunks.

The laser cutter is wonderful. By turning it up full we can slice through a thick trunk of wood, which is as hard as lignum vitae, in seconds. We don't waste any either, turning the bits and branches into wooden pegs and so on. As Jack said, we can't use nails, they'll rust, but the wood is perfect for the job. We don't have time to weather it or dry it out, so we're hoping that being so hard it won't warp too much at a later date. If it does, we'll have to fix it.

Jack's in his element, as is Daniel surprisingly. But then, he's used to camping out, living rough as it were. We had such a nerve back in the beginning, treating him as if he knew nothing about survival techniques, when in fact he knew as much if not more than Jack and me put together. He managed to shut us up pretty quickly once.

We were trying to get a fire lit in very damp conditions. While we were futzing around with firelighters that didn't want to light, he sat to one side, fiddled with a couple of twigs, some moss and a piece of paper he had in his jacket and had a fire lit before we knew what he was up to. He's never let on how he did that either, just said he'd spent months in the Amazonian rainforest. Teal'c fell about laughing at the sight - well, his eyebrow raised and his mouth twitched; full-blown hysteria for the big guy.

I don't know how many times I've underestimated Daniel. All of us have done that on so many occasions. And so rarely does he complain about it. We should know better really. Guess we do now.

They're squabbling again, but now it's fun to watch. For such a long time my heart was breaking as I watched them fighting, real venom in their words and body language. But this last week has been a scream.

"They are at it again, Samantha," Teal'c says as he comes to sit next to me. He and I have been spending a lot of time together. I'm glad. We both acknowledge now that the guys are meant for each other. Teal'c and I need company too. And he's a special guy.

"Oh yeah, wonder how Daniel's going to stop him this time?"

"I do believe he will kiss him again. That usually stops O'Neill in his tracks."

"Yep, you're right. Look at him go!"

"They are predictable."

"They're happy, Teal'c. I'm glad."

"As am I. They deserve this happiness. Tell me Samantha, what of you? Are you happy?"

I look up at him, take his hand in mine and squeeze it.

"Yeah, the company's great. What else do I need?"

"What else indeed?" he replies with a small smile.

He turns his head and looks at the boys - "O'Neill, put him down or I will be forced to separate you!" he calls.

"WHAT? HE STARTED IT!" Jack complains. My baby bro is smiling innocently and shaking his head as they walk back to us, hand-in-hand. It's so cute.

They were anything but cute the other day. We were in the forest getting firewood. Teal'c was hunting in a different area and the three of us split up to try to find the right sort of stuff for burning. Anyway, my arms were full so I turned to go back. I couldn't contact them on my communicator because my hands were so full I'd have dropped the lot if I tried to get it out. I just thought I'd call them when I got back.

Then I heard a groaning noise; it sounded like Jack was hurt, so I headed towards it. He wasn't hurt. He was, however, leaning back against a tree, his hands tied behind it and Daniel was on his knees in front of him giving him a blow job to end all blow jobs by the way it looked. Jack's head was thrashing back and forth, Daniel's hands were roaming up and down and one disappeared. Then I heard Jack cry out and I realised where his fingers had gone. I scooted before they finished. Much as I wanted to drop everything - quite literally. Sheesh, they were so hot. Who knew I was such a mutt? I didn't, that's for sure.

Back to the here and now or I'll have to go and cool off. That's fun too. Jack's insisting that we build a pool and divert some of the river to run through it. We live near the estuary, it's a possibility, I guess, a slow trickle of fresh water through it would stop it going stagnant. Guess I'm going to get more opportunities to see hot and sweaty men. Sounds like fun!

"So, kids, is everything going to plan?" Jack asks as he takes a drink of water.

"Oh yes, we're getting there. Having the tunnels to cool off in is a big help," I say.

"Oh yes, I can't wait to work in there. They got everything up and running so quickly for us," Daniel adds.

"They are only small tunnels," Teal'c puts in.

I hand the guys something to eat and we discuss what we're going to do this afternoon. We're building their cabin first. They were gentlemen enough to say that we should have ours first, but we turned them down. I for one won't mind sleeping in the tunnels in peace while they're up in their cabin. Neither will Teal'c. They're insatiable. I know they're trying to keep it quiet, but those tunnels act like echo chambers. Hearing Daniel begging Jack to fuck him, while a very hot thing to hear, isn't really the way I want to spend my nights. It just underlines how quiet my own nights are.

They were moaning last night. Teal'c yelled at them to be quiet. This morning they couldn't look at us. I guess they'll be doing a lot more wood collecting on their own till their cabin is built.

We've got the frame built. The tools are helping us split the logs quickly and cleanly, so it's going up a lot faster than I thought it would. We're not building upstairs or anything, we have more than enough land here to build out and it's easier than building up. So, we only have to get walls and a roof up. One of the joys of building it like this is the walls inside won't be load-bearing so we can literally move them around when we want to.

We won't have kitchens, but we do have bathrooms. I designed a basic shower system, pull a cord and open a valve and it lets water over a plate which we'll drill little holes in. All I have to do now is work out how to heat up the water. Still, we've only been here a week. The Tok'ra gave us crystals for water pipes as we asked and we've developed a waste disposal system too, so inside toilets! YAY! That's way better than the outside latrines we're currently using while we're up top. The Tok'ra life-support system comes with all of this as standard, we just need them in the cabins too.

So, back to work and one of my greatest pleasures. Watching my boys, all three of them, working up a sweat, wearing nothing but cut-offs, and looking to die for. Pity I have to do the same, eh?

I watch my honey as he hammers in a wooden peg. He's sweating and red-faced. Woof. Just as he looks when we're coming down off that just-fucked-high that we love so much. Talking of just-fucked...

"Daniel? Shall we go get some firewood? It'll be time for dinner soon."

We get knowing looks off Teal'c and Sam, but what the hell. I nearly died of embarrassment last night when Teal'c yelled at us to stop moaning. We were being quiet at the time. I hope to God he didn't hear Daniel crawling all over me the other night and pleading with me to fuck him. I'll bet he did. So, I'm gonna nail my honey now, in private. I've hidden a blanket and some lube near the edge of the jungle. There's no snakes here, just bugs and a few small mammals, so it's pretty safe.



"You don't really want to get wood, do you?"

"Oh yeah, I do. Just not yet, that's all."

"Oh! Well, what do you want to do then?" He's trying to sound innocent, as if he has no idea what I want. He knows.

"I'm gonna make love to you, babe."

"Okay. Where?"

"Over here. C'mon."

"I'm coming."

"Not yet, but you soon will be."

He shoots me a filthy look, with smouldering eyes belying his pretend distaste of what I said. I take him to the blanket and then we head to this small clearing where he got me the other day. I was so surprised when he carried out what he'd promised in the truck on the way to Cheyenne. And more turned on than I had ever been in my life when I saw him with some rope and heard him order me to the tree.

We're here. My turn to do the ordering.

"Strip, Daniel." That shouldn't take long, he's only wearing his cut-offs.

They hit the deck and interest in me rises. And in him. He watches as I peel mine off and growls when he sees how hard I already am.

"God Jack, want you now," he demands.

"All in good time. On your back, Daniel," I tell him and he hits the deck. I lean over and kiss him gently. We're going to take our time on this one. This last week has been a series of fast and furious sessions. I want to make love, not fuck. His tongue pushes into my mouth, mine battles quietly with his. He rolls me to one side and we start touching each other, stroking and loving, finding all the hot spots that make us gasp.

"God, love you, Jack, so much," he moans into my mouth.

"Hmm, same here, Daniel. Love ya more than anything."

We've been here for ages and we're both getting desperate now. He scrambles for the lube and coats my fingers with it, urging me to push inside him. I do, moving my fingers around till I find what I'm looking for. The yell that comes from him tells me I've found it.

"Jack, please, I couldn't be more ready."

I wriggle onto my back. This is one of my favourite positions and he knows it. I get a feral grin from him as he straddles my waist and then moves back till we're in position. I feel him ready and in the right place and then he pushes down as I push up and he howls with pleasure. Me too, truth be told.

In all my years I never, ever met anyone as hot as him. I've fucked, been fucked, sucked and been sucked. But when I hooked up with Daniel, sex became like a religious freaking experience. How could having a guy's dick up your ass be spiritual? Yeesh. But it's not just any guy's - it's Daniel's and it's what he does with it. He knows so much, knows how to drive me wild, how to make me fucking cry when I come, how to fuck me in so many ways that I think he's committed the whole Gay Kama Sutra to memory and he's determined to try everything out with me. Did I say I was complainin'?

He's close now, his head is back, his movements harder and faster. I'm working him at the same time, wanting him to spill over me.

"Come on, Daniel, come for me baby, come for me."

With a final yell he shoots and he scores, covering my chest as he does. It pushes me and I come, crying his name as his contractions milk me. He collapses on my chest, I'm holding him tight, rocking him gently back and forth as we calm down, our final tremors dying out.

"Love you," he whispers.

"Love you too, Daniel."

"Hmm, I know. Do me a favour will ya?"


"Don't call me baby."

It's an old joke that has me chuckling and I hold him closer to me. I need a nap.

I almost feel sorry for O'Neill and Daniel, but not completely. They have found love, and found each other, and that is good. It is understandable that they are making the most of being 'out' as O'Neill puts it. I do hope that they will not hold hands on missions though.

They have arrived back at the camp, wet from a swim I think, carrying the firewood they promised. They have not neglected their duties, that is for certain.

"O'Neill, you have returned. I was considering coming to look for you."

"Why? Did you need me?"

"No, but you were a long time. I was concerned that you may have become lost."

"No problems, Teal'c, we had our communicators."

He glares at me. He knows that we know what they were doing. I enjoy this teasing that Samantha has put me up to. It makes them most uncomfortable. Especially O'Neill. Very little embarrasses Daniel, apparently, though we have tried to find something that does. We will succeed one day, no doubt.

"I am looking forward to our first mission," I tell him as we eat our meals, having had the requisite fishing and chicken jokes.

"Yeah, me too, it would be good to get out there and find out what's going on in the galaxy," O'Neill replies.

"Me three," Samantha adds with a giggle.

"I'm so not saying it," Daniel laughs back. "But it will be good to be out and doing. No matter how much fun this week has been. One more week of this though and then we go back to getting shot at."

The others agree with his assessment. Then he adds, "I wonder what our first mission will be?"

I also wonder. I just hope it's not too impossible.