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Quiet Strength

Summary: This carries warnings. It's going to be three series containing a trio, bondage, domination and submission. It's Daniel as you don't normally see him. There's nothing extreme, it's not my way to write that as you know, but as the various series progress, it gets heavier. It's different from anything else I've ever written.
Grovelling thanks to my dear friends, Joy, Catspaw, Wadjet and Danvers for betas, opinions, ideas and general hand-holding. And the nerve to finally post it. It would not be here without you guys.

Jack was wondering how he had let himself get talked into this. Daniel had somehow persuaded him to 'supervise' some new marine recruits off-world. He needed to give them a quick lesson in spotting things that the archaeologists and other scientists would need to know about. Sam was up to her eyeballs in some physics experiment or something that Jack really didn't want to know about, and Daniel's usual other 'victim', Teal'c, was visiting Rya'c. So Jack found himself there, just watching as Daniel 'did his thing'.

If he was honest with himself, though, Jack was enjoying the hell out of himself. They'd been at this favoured site for training for two days. A long-term dig was going on there, but the scope was so wide that it encompassed human settlement, Goa'uld activity, strange biological life-forms; the whole nine yards. So they took the new guys there and showed them the ropes - and what not to touch.

At first, the marines had been wary about taking commands from the civilian, but with Jack looming behind them, they'd kept quiet and done as Daniel said. That was day one. By day two, they'd started falling over themselves to do as he asked. Jack was quietly impressed by Daniel's gentle persuasion, watching with admiration as he demonstrated the differences between normal earth movements and those that had been artificially made. When one of the young men cried out that he'd found a post hole, Daniel warmly congratulated him, seemingly only just stopping short of hugging the man. The marine bristled with pride as Daniel praised him and his observation, the others looking a touch jealous of the attention he was getting. Jack nearly laughed out loud as Daniel pointed out an area and asked them to find and identify different things. They took off at top speed, desperate to be the one to find what he'd asked.

Jack went to the constant coffee supply at the nearby dig and poured two mugs, taking one over to Daniel.

"Hmm, thanks, Jack, I need this," Daniel sighed, giving Jack one of his warmest smiles.

Jack swallowed down a gasp as he realised that he was as thrilled at getting that look as the marine had been. Not only that, he found himself feeling a bit aroused.

"You're handling them well, Danny. You'd have made a great officer. You've got them eating out of your hand."

Daniel screwed his nose up in amusement.

"Sometimes," he said quietly, "it's not the loudest shout that's the one that gets heard."

Jack nodded in agreement. He cast his mind back to the many times that Daniel's soft voice had stopped him in his tracks.

"What have you got planned for when they get back?"

"I'll give them this evening off, then there's just a little bit more on early morning observation. I want them up before dawn. Sometimes the changes in light can highlight things that had once been hidden."

"So, early night?"

"Yes, Jack. Very early. I need us to be up about an hour before dawn."

Jack calculated the time in his mind. Fortunately, this planet's time, at least the stargate area, was almost concurrent with that in Cheyenne, so he set his watch to beep at 4 a.m. That should just about cover it.

A noise from one of the marines had Daniel up off his feet and stretching his long legs. Jack loved to watch Daniel run, he was so graceful in his movement that it was like watching poetry in motion. He followed on, not as quickly, but arriving soon after. He was surprised to find Daniel telling one of the guys off.

"It's broken," Daniel said in disappointment. His voice was still soft, but there was a much firmer edge to it.

There had been some pottery shards hidden as one of the 'to find' objects, and this young man's big foot had crushed them. Fortunately, they hadn't been important or particularly valuable. Just a few small shards that had already been identified. But that wasn't the point.

As Daniel told the guy off, emphasising how disappointed he was with him, Jack noticed that the man was nearly in tears. He also noticed just how much of a turn on it was. He nearly didn't notice Daniel turning to him.

"Jack? You with me?"

Jack shook himself. "Of course. Do go on," he replied in his most imperious tone.

Daniel rolled his eyes. "I was asking if you would please take the others back to camp and get dinner organised. I think I need to teach another lesson here."

Jack nearly stood back in amazement, and he was wondering just what sort of lesson Daniel was going to teach. He agreed, and shepherded the others away from the site. He got almost out of sight then turned and looked back and saw Daniel crouching down next to the also crouched marine. He was pointing out something in the grass. When the young man replied to him, Jack was stunned to see Daniel reaching out and stroking his cheek with the back of his fingers, smiling at him as he did. The man's face was a picture of happiness.

Over dinner, Daniel explained to the marines that he wanted them up early. Jack told them what time to set their alarms for. There was no need to watch, as the military team associated with the nearby dig was taking care of that. Without being asked, one of the men took all the dirty plates to the stream to wash them, earning himself a beaming smile from Daniel. As soon as he came back, Daniel ordered them all to bed.

"Go, sleep. We'll need to get as much sleep tonight as possible. There's a little walk in the dark tomorrow."

Without argument, the men took off, calling out their goodnights as they went.

In their own tent, Jack felt that Daniel was a little closer than normal. Their sleeping bags were touching. He turned himself around and came face-to-face with a wide awake and smiling Daniel, his head in his hand, propped up by his elbow.


"Shh, Jack," came the firm but gentle reply. "No more words."

With that, Daniel leaned closer and kissed him. Jack made to pull back, the shock of Daniel's action forcing him to do something. Anything. He didn't know what though.


Daniel shook his head and let out a sigh. He reached and undid Jack's sleeping bag zip, then opened it up and put his hand straight on Jack's groin.

"I thought I told you no more words, Jack. Do I have to gag you?"

Again, the almost whispered words, and again Jack felt himself reacting strongly. He was hard in moments. He shook his head.

"Good. Then stop pulling back, will you?"

Pushing his own sleeping bag off (which showed Jack that he was naked), Daniel slid over and lay on top of Jack. He stared into Jack's eyes for a moment, then leant in and kissed him hard. He broke off, panting softly, mouth open and lips red. He moved to Jack's ear.

"No noise at all, Jack. We can't make any noise," he whispered.

Jack nodded in agreement. This was the dumbest, stupidest, most dangerous thing he'd done in all his years in the service. He could be court-martialled, kicked out, lose his pension, the lot! And he had never been harder in his life.

Again, more kisses, this time with touches over Jack's chest. Jack nearly yelled when he felt Daniel pinching one of his nipples. His cock jumped at the exquisite pain. He had to get off, and soon.

He put both his hands on Daniel's face and gently pushed him away, indicating with his eyes that he needed to come. Now if not sooner.

Daniel pulled Jack's shorts down, brutally dragging the elastic over Jack's erection, making it pull down and then spring back, hitting himself on the stomach, making him jump a little.

"I always thought you'd be a big guy," came a teasing whisper.

Jack wanted to reply, but suddenly knew that if he made a sound, Daniel wouldn't carry on. He screwed his face up when he felt a hand on his cock, thrust his hips into the tight fist that Daniel made. He barely managed to contain himself when he felt Daniel move down his body and place his face next to his prick. It took all of his self-control to not scream when he felt Daniel's tongue flicker over the head, licking up the copious stream of liquid that was leaking from it. He propped himself on his elbows and looked down, almost coming undone by the look of love and happiness on Daniel's face as he wrapped his lips over his teeth and slowly went down. Jack did what he could to hold himself in place as Daniel took more and more of him in. He watched in awe as he saw his head bobbing up and down, trying to disassociate himself from the feelings he was getting just so that he could keep watching.

Daniel still had his hand on him, but soon let go and swallowed more of Jack as he carried on. He knew that Jack would be coming soon, he could feel the difference in his balls. He wanted to deep-throat Jack, but knew he couldn't as his sinuses were playing up and he wouldn't be able to breathe. But he still wanted to make it good. Sliding a finger inside his mouth alongside Jack's cock, he bathed it in spit and pre-come, removed it, then pushed it inside Jack. Jack's reaction was to push down on him: just the reaction he'd hoped for.

That action was enough for Jack and he came. Daniel swallowed what he could, the rest spilling out of his mouth. He caught what he could in his hand. Jack nearly cried out when he saw Daniel stroking himself, lubricating his dick with Jack's come.

"Jack, condom now," came the quiet order. Without thinking, Jack reached into his personal medical kit and brought one out.

"Put it on me," Daniel whispered, still stroking himself slowly. Jack complied. "Sunblock," came the final order.

Jack knew that Daniel intended fucking him. It was something that he hadn't had done in a long time. He was an unrepentant alpha, he thought. Always on top. But he did as he was told, unable to turn Daniel down. Not being unwilling to do this surprised the hell out of Jack. But he wasn't unwilling. He wasn't sure if he was willing though, he just knew he had no option.

Daniel told him to lie face down and he did. Daniel told him to spread his legs - so he did. Whatever Daniel told him to do, he did it. He could have said no. He knew this. The second he said no, Daniel would stop. He had no doubt whatsoever. But he couldn't say it.

He was grateful to feel Daniel preparing him. It had been so long he knew he couldn't take it otherwise. He felt Daniel was being incredibly restrained as he pushed slowly inside him. He felt the hot breath from the small pants that Daniel breathed into his neck as he lay across Jack's back. Daniel wanted to push in hard, Jack knew it. But he also knew that he was being controlled and careful so as not to hurt or damage him. Eventually he was there, all the way.

"You okay?"

Jack nodded.

"Good to go?"

Another nod.

Something struck Jack. No matter how in charge Daniel was, he was always gentle, solicitous of Jack's wellbeing, kind. It was like he was a contradiction.

Soon, there was nothing contradictory about Daniel's movements. He was being totally selfish. He'd got Jack off, now he was getting himself off and nothing was going to stop him. He let out the quietest grunts as he pounded into Jack's body, muffling them in Jack's neck by planting his open mouth on the skin. The vibrations from the throaty noises went straight to Jack's groin and he was getting hard again.

He raised his hand and Daniel stopped immediately. Then he turned his head and whispered, "Get this bag from underneath me."

Daniel understood, Jack didn't want to have to explain a stain on his kit. He reached it and pulled it out from under Jack as Jack pushed them up, his hands on the grass, the muscles in his shoulders tightening. His bare shoulders were glistening with sweat and Daniel swooped in and licked the drops away.

He continued his movements, grinding in hard, pushing Jack back to the floor. He had his hand on Jack's dick and worked him as he thrust. The thought that he was finally fucking Jack pushed him over the edge. As he felt his climax building he sped up his strokes on Jack's cock. He stopped all restraint and pounded into his new lover, hitting his prostate on most of the thrusts. He felt Jack stiffen and spill, then he came hard and long.

They lay on the grass, panting as quietly as they could. Daniel pulled out of him and wrapped the condom in some tissue - to be disposed of discreetly in the morning.

He put his hand out to Jack and pulled the older man into his arms.

"Love you, Jack," he whispered, kissing his face softly.

"Love you, Daniel," came the reply.

"Shift down and put your head on my chest, Jack."

Jack did as he was told and found himself wrapped in Daniel's arms, and suddenly he felt more at peace, safer even, than he'd felt in a long, long time. He was asleep in moments.

Daniel set his own watch alarm to 3.30. He knew they'd have to be up first.

Jack awoke to the persistent bleep of a watch alarm. He was a bit disoriented at first, finding himself plastered to a naked Daniel. Then his sore backside reminded him of what had happened the night before. He pulled back and saw that Daniel was awake and staring at him.

"Sh, Jack. We've got half an hour before the others get up. I figured you'd want to be up first."

"Yeah. Thanks, Daniel. Um, we need to talk."


"You know, about last night."

"Don't you want this?"

"Yes. I want it, Daniel. But we can't do this again."

"Not off-world, no. If you hadn't been getting those hard-ons yesterday I'd never have done anything about it - off-world that is," Daniel replied with a grin. "But at home, Jack. No more hiding our feelings from each other. You love me, don't you?"

"Of course I do, but tha..."

"I love you," Daniel interrupted. "That's all there is to it, Jack. Trust me. Trust in me. I'll keep you safe, Jack. I'll never harm you or allow harm to come to you. If you love me, if you trust me, we'll be fine. Do you trust me?"

Jack stared hard at Daniel. Somehow, he had no doubt that Daniel meant what he said. And for the first time in a long time, he allowed himself to completely and utterly trust another human being.


Daniel smiled, pulled Jack back for a warm hug and then kissed his face. "Good man," he murmured. "Now, as you said, no more off-world sex; so, get dressed. I can't take looking at you like that and not want to have you."

Jack snorted quietly but did as he was told. As he was getting dressed, he realised that something about Daniel's demeanour had changed. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

The rest of the training went well. The marines appreciated what Daniel meant about different lights when he took them to a spot they'd been to the previous afternoon.

"Watch," had been all he'd said. As the sun rose, they looked and saw that the ground looked completely different. At high noon with little or no shadow, the dig site had just looked like an open patch of earth. They'd wondered how the archaeologists had known where to look first. But now, the sun low and at just the right angle they saw it. There were subtle changes in the earth colour - changes in the colour of the grass too. For a few minutes, just as the sun was in the right place, they saw what looked like a blueprint to the settlement marked out in front of them. They were stunned, Daniel was amused, and Jack... he couldn't take his eyes off Daniel. All he could think was that he had got it bad.

That had been the last lesson for the recruits. From now on, they would know to let the right people know when they even thought they'd seen something worth reporting. And Daniel had more people in his band of loyal followers.

As they walked back to the gate, Daniel said, "My place, as soon as you can get off, Jack. We have things to discuss. Bring an overnight bag."

His tone of voice brooked no argument and so Jack agreed. He shook himself mentally, returned to 'colonel' mode and ordered the men about. They jumped to his words, did as they were told, but there were no smiles from them. Not that they would have been appropriate, but Jack felt that he was missing something.

Standing on Daniel's doorstep, he was in two minds as to whether to use his key or not. Something told him that knocking would be a better idea. So he knocked and waited. He was a surprised as hell to find Paul Davis opening it.

"Welcome," came the cry. "Come on in, come on in."

Jack numbly stumbled into the loft. Davis was treating the place as if it was his own.

"Ah, Jack. You came. Great. Put your bag in the bedroom then come to the kitchen, would you?"

Jack did as he was told and then made his way to Daniel's kitchen. He was greeted by a warm smile and an even warmer hug and kiss. He opened his mouth to say something but Daniel forestalled him.

"Jack. You know Paul. Paul knows you. He knows about you too. Don't worry. He's mine too." Then he swooped on Paul and gave him a kiss.

"Bbbboth of us?" Jack said, standing in surprise.

"Yes. I'll take care of you both, you know I will. I love you, Jack. I love Paul too. You said you loved me. Don't you?"

"Of course I do! But I wasn't expecting to... to... to..."

"Share? What's wrong with sharing, Jack? I love you both, and I'll make your life good, I promise. It's going to be more work for me, but I don't mind."


Paul sniggered.

"Dan, honey, haven't you told him?"

"Told him?"

"Yes. You know. About the rules and so on."

"That's why he's here, baby. Now. Sit down, both of you. Dinner's ready. We'll talk while we eat."

Jack sat with a bump. He was absolutely flabberghasted by the situation. What the fuck was going on?

As they ate, Daniel explained his 'rules' and the limits he imposed. Not once did his voice become louder than necessary. Always gentle, always loving, his words were as strong as steel.

"I do not allow any form of violence or humiliation in our lives, Jack. I will look after you. You will do as you are told. As long as you do, I will be gentle. I don't have any weapons or harnesses or anything here. I'm not into spanking, so no paddles, but if you misbehave too badly I may have to smack you with my hand. I'm certainly not into degradation either, so there's not going to be anything like licking my boots clean," he added with a smirk. "Just accept that I lead and you follow and things will be wonderful."

Paul was smiling quietly at this. As usual, Daniel's voice had been quiet but firm. For a few moments, Jack said nothing. Then Daniel looked at him and smiled. "You may speak freely, Jack."

That shook the colonel in Jack and he came out fighting.

"Why on earth do you think I even want this? I don't want to be ordered around! I certainly don't want to share. It was supposed to be exclusive, Daniel."

His voice was loud and harsh, earning himself a sad look from Daniel.

"You want it," Daniel replied quietly, "and you need it."

He took Jack's hand in his and held him firmly.

"I'm not going to order you around, Jack. I will only ask you to do things. You don't have to do anything at all. And we are exclusive. All three of us. I don't allow others to do what I'll let you do. That marine yesterday, the one I was telling off?"

Jack nodded as he recalled the event.

"He wanted me, you know. He was so sorry that he'd broken the shard that he offered to suck me off. I told him no. He was a bit upset, worried that I'd tell on him, but of course I promised I'd never let on. You won't say a word, I know, Jack."

Jack shook his head, of course he wouldn't.

"So, as you see. Even though I get offers, and I get lots of offers, I don't take. Paul always knew that when the time was right I'd want you too. This is your chance to leave, Jack. If you're not really interested in me, then you go before we take this further. If you still want me, those are my terms."

"Let me think," came the stunned reply.

They finished their meal almost in silence, then Daniel announced that he had to go to a shop.

"Stay here," he told them firmly. "Clear the dishes and behave yourselves."

With that, he left the men.

"Jack?" Paul was concerned about Jack's reaction to this and he was worried about him. "Come on, relax. It's going to be okay, I promise. Daniel's a wonderful guide."


With a sigh, he turned from the sink and wiped his hands with a dish cloth.

"C'mere," he said and took Jack's hand then pulled him close.

Jack allowed himself to be pulled and settled into Paul's hug.

"Daniel's a dom," Paul said, "but he's not like others, like the stereotypical image you see on TV or in magazines. He's persuasive, gentle, kind. It's his protective nature, I guess. All his life he's had people assuming he can't do things, like take care of himself, make his own decisions, that sort of thing. So, when he's really comfortable with someone, loves them as much as he loves us, he needs to protect. He's not a master, he doesn't want a slave. He's not a 'daddy-type' either, though that's closer to what he is."

"What is he?"

"It's difficult to explain," Paul sighed. "He's caring in the extreme. He'll cook for us, take us places, tell us what to do in his gentle way. He teaches, leads... it's why I call him my guide. I'm used to taking orders, Jack. Out there, you tell me to do something and I will. But I also have to weigh up my actions, deciding whether to follow your order, or maybe, to do the right thing and disobey. You know what I mean."

"I do. Sometimes you have to do that. I have to give the orders all day long and it's tiring. It's hard knowing if I'm doing the right thing all the time."

"See? You do get it then. Tell me this, Jack. Have you ever known Daniel deliberately do the wrong thing... something that would get people hurt on purpose?"

"Never! It's not his way."

"Then trust him, Jack. Let him lead you, let him guide you. Let him make the decisions for you. Since I've been with him I've become more relaxed and happy at work. Just knowing that when I get a weekend off like now, I'll be able to come here, and I'll be safe. Not only that, I won't have to decide a damned thing. Believe me, Jack, I feel ten years younger."

"What does Daniel get out of this?"

"It gives him more confidence to deal with others. You know he was saying about the marines? Well, you don't think that he'd be able to tell them what to do in the way he does if I wasn't happily submitting to him, do you?"

"I get it. I'm just not sure about this threesome thing."

"Fair enough," Paul replied. "But you'll have to trust him. He has something in mind, I'm sure of it. I trust him. I love him, Jack. If he'd brought anyone else home, I'd have gone. But he's always told me he'd bring you home one day. And that he loves us both."

Jack started to accept what Paul was saying. He was still nervous about it, but something told him that he'd have to do this, that he'd regret it if he didn't.

They talked as they continued with the clearing up.

"So, what does he do if you disobey him?" Jack asked.

"I wouldn't know. I never have done. I'd be so upset if I saw that I'd hurt him at all, that I always do as he says."

"Wow. He'd be a pretty amazing father," came the chuckled reply.

"He never wanted any kids. He'd be horrified by it. Oh, um, long story, you'll have to talk to him about it," Paul added at Jack's questioning look.

"What if he does anything you don't want him to?"

"Tell him. He doesn't want to hurt you, Jack. If he touches you somewhere and you'd rather he stopped, tell him. If he asks you to do something and you don't want to do it - tell him. But, always tell him why you don't want to do it. If it's just a temporary thing like you're too tired or something, then he'll shelve it till you're not tired. But if it's something you don't like, he won't bring it up again. He has no wish to make you feel bad, Jack."

"He's really not like all those doms I've, er, heard about," Jack muttered. "There was, um, this guy I knew back at the Academy, he was a real submissive. Not in public, there he was a hard man, a real alpha. But his boyfriend was this guy twice his age, into the leathers and harnesses and the whole shooting match. They were nuts about each other, together for years. I... I couldn't do that, it's not me. I'm really not into being tied up."

"Tell Daniel as soon as he comes back. He's not into the heavy stuff, but he ties me up. I love it. It's only light, in fun. We have safe words, things to stop it if it gets too much."

"Why do you like it?" Jack was really curious. He'd been tied up too many times in a prison situation to think that he could get turned on by it.

"Imagine you're naked, on your back and on the bed," Paul started as he put the now dried plates away. Jack grunted in reply. "Your hands are above your head." He turned around and saw that Jack had nothing in his hands. He steered him to a bare patch of wall and backed him up against it. Then he raised Jack's hands above his head and held them both in one of his. Then he kicked Jack's legs apart and locked his own over them, resting his entire body along Jack's. "Your feet are tied to the different sides of the foot of the bed. This is it, Jack. You're completely exposed and there for your lover to do with as he will. Then imagine Daniel coming in and crawling all over you, kissing you, sucking you. He's teasing, maybe even taunting a little. You really want to get off. You want to touch him, pin him to the bed, fuck him. But you can't. You also know that if you were free, there'd be a part of you that would hold back so you wouldn't hurt him. You're tied up, though, so you can't hurt him, can you? So you can feel everything. You allow yourself the freedom to want, to experience, to reach out with your senses and take everything that's offered. Think about it. When you're getting blown, even if you're invited to fuck a guy's face, do you ever really go for it?"

"I'd be too afraid of choking him," Jack admitted in a whisper. His own protective nature always imposed constraints on his behaviour. He knew that he had the ability to kill with his hands - and the strength to kill accidentally. The idea of even hurting Daniel physically was too much for him.

"But if you're restrained, he can pull back. You can't force him into anything. So you can go for it. Understand?"

"Yes," again the whisper. Jack had become hard as Paul lay against him, he tipped his head down and Paul reached for the kiss.

"That's good, Jack. Daniel will probably want us to 'get on' you know. I think, from my perspective, that this would be a good thing. What do you think?"

"I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong, Paul. I've noticed you, I think you're gorgeous - always have done. But I'm crazy about Daniel."

"So am I, Jack. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun, as long as he wants that. Think about it this way. If Daniel asked you to make love to me, would you?"

"Would it make him happy?"

"He wouldn't ask if it didn't, I'm sure of it."

Jack smirked back. "Then I think that I could manage it. What about you?"

"Oh, I think," said Paul, dragging his finger down Jack's chest, "that I could just about get it up for you."

He didn't let Jack answer that, but kissed him instead. They held the kiss for some time and didn't hear the key turn in the door. They jumped apart, though, when they heard an impatient cough.

"I thought I told you two to behave," Daniel sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"

Paul moved quickly to his side and took the carrier bags from him, taking them without a word to the kitchen.

"Daniel, I'm sorry," Jack started, but he saw that Daniel's eyes were dancing.

"I hope you're going to be kissing me like that, you two," he said.

"Oh, I think that can be arranged," came Jack's cheeky reply.

Daniel shook his head and tutted. "I can see I'm going to have my hands full with you, Jack. Just teaching you how to behave is going to be hard work."

"Sorry," he whispered, looking very sheepish. He looked at the floor, not able to look Daniel in the eye for some reason. He felt a finger on his chin, tilting his head back up. Then he felt the unmistakable touch of Daniel's lips on his. He took that as tacit permission to kiss him back, so he did. He put all the feeling that he'd wanted to put into their first kiss off-world. When they broke for air, Daniel was panting, his eyes blackened with pure, unadulterated lust.

"Paul," he croaked. "Bed. Now. You too, Jack."

He steeled himself, knowing that his plan would go all to hell if he let himself go.

He locked up the loft, opened the bag of things he'd just bought and took out some of the products, then headed to his bedroom. He was pleased to see that they were both sitting at the foot of the bed, still dressed, but not touching each other.

He put his things down on the side table and then went out to the living room. He poured three large whiskies and then headed back in there. Handing one to each man, he said, "Drink them, as quick as you can." He wanted the heat of the liquor to warm them, and the effect to go straight to their groins. As they drank he removed his shirt. They both gulped as they watched him. He knocked back his own drink and then waited till they'd finished theirs.

"Undress," he said. Then he changed his mind. "Undress each other."

They stood up and complied, Jack shaking a little.

"Jack, are you nervous?" he asked with obvious concern.

"A bit. I'm okay. I've never done this, never been on show."

"It's only for me, baby. Don't think I'm going to use you and abuse you. Nobody else will ever come here, I promise. I've locked the door, chained and bolted it. I've done the same thing to the balcony. All the windows are completely shut and locked. You're safe here. We're eight stories up so no one can look in through the window. The curtains are shut anyway. There are no cameras, no hidden video feeds or audio devices. There's Paul, you and me. I love you and Paul cares deeply for you. So don't be afraid, baby. Just relax."

Jack calmed a bit, then Daniel urged them to kiss as they had done before. So they did, kissing each other and undressing each other at the same time. It was all Daniel could do to not strip and jerk off. When they were finally naked, he called them to stop. Panting, they stopped, but still held onto each other as they turned to look at Daniel. He smiled warmly at them and walked up to them.

"You two are so beautiful," he whispered. "So fucking beautiful. Love you both, you know. So much. I'm going to take good care of you tonight. But first, I need to get these clothes off. Paul, be a dear and do my shoes, would you? Jack shouldn't go on his knees. Jack, would you do the rest, please?"

Jack found that he couldn't turn Daniel down, though he wasn't likely to turn down the chance to remove his jeans and boxers anyway. Paul happily dropped to his knees and took care of Daniel's shoes and socks. Jack stood behind Daniel and undid him by wrapping his arms around his waist and feeling his way through the job, interspersing his movements with a trail of kisses from Daniel's ear and all the way down his neck and shoulder.

"Jack!" he gasped. "That wasn't what I asked you to do, was it?"

"It was, but not necessarily the way you wanted me to do it," chuckled Jack in reply.

"You are incorrigible," the good-humoured scold came back. "Get on the bed and lie there until I tell you otherwise. And don't you dare touch yourself."

Jack did as he was told, still exuding a slight air of defiance. So, Daniel thought, he'd have to teach him a little lesson.

"Paul, you've been so good. What would you like to do?"

"Tie me up?"

"Hmm, what a wonderful thought. And when I've tied you up, what should I do with you?"

"Fuck me."

Daniel sniggered. "You," he said, kissing him softly, "are predictable. But I love you anyway... and I love your ass. So, my baby gets what my baby wants. Lie down."

Paul nearly dived onto the bed.

"On your stomach, Paul."

That got a low, hungry moan in reply.

"Put your hands above your head."

More moans and compliance. Then, after cuffing him to the bedstead, Daniel ordered him onto his knees.

"Do you want me to warm you up? Or shall I just go straight for the main event?"

"Do it," came the gasp.

Daniel grabbed the lube and quickly covered himself, placing himself in position and then slid in in one shot, Paul raising himself up onto his knees to meet Daniel pushing towards him. Jack groaned as he watched the two men. Just watching the handcuffed Paul frantically thrashing his head as Daniel gave him what he wanted. Sometimes, Paul wanted it fast and furious, and Daniel was happy to comply. Jack realised that he wanted this too, wanted Daniel to be himself, let loose and just take him; take away his thinking, his ability to command, his need to make decisions. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted this strange relationship. It wasn't as if he was completely new to being submissive after all.

Jack was brought out of his reverie by Daniel's strong voice.

"Jack. Get under Paul and suck him."

He did as he was told, suddenly wanting that as much as Paul wanted it. Paul was getting more and more desperate, and the feel of Daniel slamming into him and Jack sucking him sent him howling over the edge. That in turn forced Daniel to come and he let out a loud primal grunt as he did.

Jack moved quickly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he did. Then Paul collapsed onto the bed. Daniel remained on his knees for a moment, before lying down in-between both men. Jack wanted to know how he'd be getting off, but decided that not asking would get him there sooner.

"Are you going to untie him?" he did ask though, concerned that Paul was lying face down and still cuffed.

"Not yet. He likes this," Daniel replied before leaning over and kissing Paul's face gently. "You do, don't you baby?" he crooned.

"Yes, Daniel," came the sleepy reply. "Don't undo me yet, please."

"Do you want to be fucked again?"

"Soon. Let me rest, huh?"

"Of course. You've been very good today Paul. You'll get what you want." Then he turned to Jack. "However, you haven't been very good, have you? But as it's your first day I'll make allowances. On one condition."

"Name it."

"Tell me about the last guy to dominate you."

Jack's mouth opened wide. He was about to say something when Daniel grinned. "Hmm, let's see. You were young, still in training or at your first posting. Not a drill sergeant that's for sure. Maybe a captain? He was quietly spoken, possibly thought of as weak by some. But you always did as you were asked. Tell me, did he fuck you?"

Jack started to laugh. Then he asked, "May I kiss you?"

"Please do."

So he did, softly, just playing his lips over Daniel's. Then he pulled back.

"He was a major, actually. And yes, it was at my first posting, and yes, he fucked me. Some of the officers were complete bastards, but he was a great guy. Always got what he wanted done and with the minimum of fuss. He didn't get much trouble, but as you said, he was quietly spoken. I never once heard him raise his voice. One day, I'd been sent to him as I'd fucked something up. I was feeling pretty rotten about the whole thing, it wasn't deliberate, just a mistake. I admitted it, apologised and promised to try harder. He looked so disappointed in me that it hurt. When I saw that young marine's face, when you were telling him off, I realised that I must have looked like that. Anyway, he was a slightly more in-your-face dom, but not over-the-top. Like you, but more an overt master. He ordered me to my knees and got me to suck him off. Didn't ask if I wanted this or not, just took it for granted that I'd do it. I wanted it all right. I was so happy to be allowed to make up for my mistake, to make him pleased with me. So I gave him the best I'd ever done. He was pleased and told me that he'd keep me. I nearly flew back to my room.

"Our relationship went on for a long time. As soon as we were behind closed doors, he'd become my boss, telling me what to do. I'd love to do it for him, whatever he asked. I let him do everything to me. I wanted it. He never shouted at me, not once. And that was such a change from the others. When I left that post I was gutted. I wanted to stay with him. Was almost tempted to leave the Air Force for him, live in secret so he could stay there."

"Did you love him?"

"I thought I did. But no, now I don't think I did. I loved, no I love Sara. I love you. I was infatuated with him. There's a big difference."

"At the time there wasn't," Daniel contradicted. "And when you transferred, you were what, disgusted with yourself for acting like that? It brought out the alpha male in you, made you become the dominant one in whatever relationship you were in, whether it was personal or professional. I'm betting that even as a lieutenant you were a leader."

Jack sniggered. "You know me too well."

"Don't think that being like this with me will be degrading, Jack. Just as it wasn't really with your major. He cared deeply for you, you know. He knew the risks of getting caught. Just having you in his life was enough to get him into serious trouble, probably make him lose his career and pension. If he hadn't cared about you, he wouldn't have done it."

Again, Daniel swept the rug from under Jack's feet. He was beginning to understand himself more and more as the evening went on. Then Daniel turned and kissed Paul's forehead. He'd been listening quietly to this exchange, understanding it all too well. "You good for another go, baby?"

"Hmm, oh yeah."

"It will have to be Jack. I'm not ready. Is that okay?"

"Oh I think I can live with that," Paul smirked.

"Danny?" Jack was stunned.

"You heard. Get over here and fuck Paul. You know you want to."

Jack's erection had dropped a bit while they were talking, but just the quiet words were enough to get him up again. Daniel directed the show and lay back and watched.

"Kiss him first, Jack. This time he needs more loving."

Paul was still on his stomach and lying flat. Jack started at his neck, kissing him softly over his shoulders, suckling gently on the pulse points and then kissing his way across his back.

"Nice, Jack," Daniel praised. "Now, lick down his spine."

Again, Jack followed the instructions, really enjoying the fact that he didn't have to think and could just feel his way through this. He trailed his tongue all the way down, flicking his eyes over to Daniel every so often. He groaned when he saw Daniel stroking himself slowly, building himself back up to hardness. When he got down to Paul's backside, Daniel told him to rim him. That got a growl of approval from both men. Jack thrust Paul's cheeks apart and plunged his tongue inside, nearly coming when he realised that he was tasting not just Paul but Daniel too. Daniel grinned when he saw Jack's reaction.

"You like?" he asked.

"I love."

"Maybe later I'll let you go down on me. Or maybe I'll fuck you again. I haven't decided yet."

Jack continued to tongue fuck Paul, grinning as he heard the younger man curse and love him at the same time. Soon Paul was begging to just be fucked, so Daniel gave his permission. Jack straightened up his back and gingerly knelt.

"Lie down on him, Jack. Don't hurt your knees. Spread your legs Paul and let him in. Hold him down, Jack. He loves that."

Daniel was right. If Paul had seemed frantic before, it was nothing compared to the way he reacted to Jack's total body covering him. He was open for Jack, but Daniel grabbed the lube and smeared it over Jack's cock before guiding him into position.

"Push." He gave the order and Jack slid home in one stroke. As Jack pumped his hips, Paul thrust upwards to meet him. The more he was held down, the more abandoned and wild he became. Daniel moved behind Jack, nudging Paul's legs as far apart as they would go before holding them down. This sent him into a frenzy.

Daniel meanwhile was becoming more and more enamoured of Jack's ass. He decided that he'd have it again, and as soon as Paul had come, whether Jack had or not. He reached for the lube, then he covered himself and his finger. Then, without warning, he pushed Jack's legs apart and started to finger fuck Jack as he pounded into Paul. Jack yelled with surprise, but didn't tell Daniel to stop.

He held his finger in position, allowing Jack's own movements to dictate how deep he went. Then he hooked it and found what he was looking for. He stroked Jack's prostate, making him howl. Paul was so turned on by that noise that he came hard, pumping what seemed like half his body fluids out. That was Daniel's cue. He nudged Jack's legs apart and removed his finger. Then he lined himself up and pushed inside without ceremony.

Jack still hadn't come, but that sensation was too much for him. Before he knew where he was, he was coming and being fucked. He went to pull out of Paul but Daniel told him to stay. He took some of his weight off the smaller man so he could breathe and then just concentrated on what Daniel was doing. And it felt so fucking good.

"Oh yes, Danny, so good. So good. Gimme more, babe. More. You can do it. C'mon, I can take it."

Daniel took him at his word and fucked harder and faster than he'd ever done in his life. Time and again he hit the small gland. He ordered Paul to squeeze his ass together, and he did, clamping down on Jack's softened dick. The dual sensations caused him to get semi-hard again.

"You like this?" panted Daniel.

"God, yeah!"

"Good. I'm gonna fuck you so good, my baby."

It was all too much. Jack came again, a dry short climax. The contractions of his ass milked the come from Daniel, spurt after spurt shooting inside his new lover. Finally, it was all over and he was able to pull back, kneeling on shaking legs. He pulled Jack out of and off Paul and rolled him gently to the side. Then he undid the handcuffs and rubbed Paul's shoulders, planting kisses on the aching muscles.

"I love you two, so much," he murmured, before flopping in-between them and on his back. Then he got them both to rest their heads on his chest, before wrapping his arms around them.

"Let's have a little nap, then we can bathe. Okay?"

Muffled 'hmms' of agreement came his way.

"How did you get a bath this big into this bathroom, Daniel?"

Jack was amazed by the sheer size of it. All three of them fitted into the square, deep bath, with a ledge halfway up to sit on.

"It wasn't easy, but it was just small enough to squeeze in. I had to get the guys to scrape out a little of the plaster to get the edges in. But it's worth it."

Daniel was enjoying himself. Both Jack and Paul were sponging him down, kissing him and when prompted, washing and kissing each other.

"Can I ask some questions, Daniel?"

"Haven't you been?" came the gentle teasing.

"Well, yeah. But this is more, well, about us."

"Of course you may. What do you want to know?"

"What's going to happen, when Paul's back in DC I mean? Do we go back to being just good friends or what?"

"Oh no, Jack. You're my lover now. I couldn't stop that. Of course, when we're at work, we'll have to pretend. But off duty, whether it's here or at your house, you are mine. And whenever Paul can come here, we'll give him the warmest of welcomes, won't we?"

He leaned closer to Paul and kissed him deeply.

"I miss you so much when you're away, baby," he murmured against Paul's mouth.

"Miss you too, Daniel. I hate being away from you."

Jack watched them kiss tenderly and found himself enjoying it, but he still had other questions. He wanted to interrupt but felt that Daniel wouldn't be too pleased if he did. And pleasing Daniel mattered to him now. In the end, he waited patiently for them to stop. Daniel turned and smiled at him.

"You're learning," he said, rewarding Jack with a kiss. When he broke it, he asked, "Do you have any more questions?"

"Sure. Um, at work. I'm the CO of the team and..."

"And as such you will continue to do your job, Jack. Out there in the field it is your job to protect me. Am I right?"

"You are."

"And you do it well. You lead and I follow, as we always have done. I trust you to do your job, to take care of me, to do the right thing when we're there. I know you'll always do your best. You are the best, Jack. I believe in you and your ability to make the decisions, do the tactical thinking and keep us all safe. But, when we come home, let me take the pressure from you, please. Let me take care of you. Let me do the tactical thinking and keep you safe."

"Okay. I think I can do that. Another question. Are you a resolute top? I mean, you've fucked me twice, you've fucked Paul. Do you like to bottom or not?"

"I prefer to be top," Daniel said thoughtfully, "but there are times when I will demand that you fuck me, Jack. Maybe you and Paul, one after the other. Sometimes," he drawled the word, trailing a finger down Jack's face, "I'm insatiable. I want to get fucked and fucked and fucked. Then you had better be fit, Jack."

Jack let out a low moan.

"I'm forty-six, Daniel. You'll be lucky to get twice in one night out of me."

"We'll see, baby," came the teasing tone.

"Why do you call me that? I'm older than you!"

"You're mine, Jack. For me to look after. So you're my baby, as is Paul. Don't you go calling me it."

"What can I call you?"

"Daniel," came the smirked reply. "But if you're feeling particularly sappy, I'll let you call me Danny. Only you can do that. Just as Paul can call me Dan from time to time. Don't you call me that. It's his."

"I wouldn't anyway. You'll always be Danny to me. Or Spa..."

"AHT! Don't you dare! No more dumb nicknames, Jack. Either at home or at work."

"Not Plan..."

"NO! Especially not that. Stop the teasing Jack," he growled.

"Okay, sorry. Does this really mean I'll have to stop it at work too?"

"I'd prefer it," Daniel replied. "However, I suppose you cannot change your interaction with me there or it may alert the people there that something has changed between us. Just try not to make them too awful, please. Anyway. Enough talking."

"Enough talking? Right, who are you and what have you done with my Daniel?"

Daniel shot Jack a filthy look, then he smirked as he looked at Paul.

"I do believe that Jack needs to be taught some manners, don't you, Paul?"

"Oh yes," Paul's laugh was quite wicked as he replied.

"Teacher's pet," Jack shot back.

"Paul. Would you be a dear and get me a towel?"

Paul got out of the bath without a word and fetched a large towel, holding it out for Daniel to step into. Jack was getting seriously turned on by the naked form of Daniel as he elegantly and gracefully stood, stepping out and into the waiting towel.

"Thank you Paul. You may get one for yourself."

Then he turned and studied Jack's face.

"What am I going to do with you, Jack?" he asked.

"That's rhetorical, right?" came the retort.

"You're smart. Get out of the bath, Jack, and pull out the plug as you go."

Jack complied, still exuding an air of defiance. Daniel knew that he'd do as he was told, but he wondered just how bad Jack would get in the meantime.

He allowed Jack to dry himself in the bathroom, but made him leave his towel behind and walk out of there naked.

"I can see I'm going to have to discipline you, aren't I?" Daniel said. He shooed Jack into the bedroom and made him stand in the middle of the floor. Then he got out a long strand of thin rope.

"Pick a word, Jack."

"A word?"

"Yes. Any word. Make it something that has nothing to do with us, something that will come to mind if you're feeling afraid. If things get too much for you, you say it and I will stop whatever I am doing, no matter what."

"Safe word, yes, of course." Jack nodded in understanding. "Cubs."


"Yeah, well, they need the support."

Daniel sniggered, said, "Cubs it is then," and then stepped close to him and told Jack to hold his hands out in front of him.

"Um, Danny?" Jack sounded a little nervous. "I'm not sure about this."

"What is your problem?"

"You're going to tie me up?"

"Well, that is why I've got the rope out, yes. How else am I going to punish you?"

"Spank me?"

Daniel let out a little snort. "You'd enjoy that, I think. So, no. Besides, I told you, I'm not into corporal punishment." He reached up to Jack's face and stroked it gently with the rope. Jack felt that it was soft, smooth, like the most delicate silk. He remembered how his major had tied him up on occasions, times that he'd driven from his memory, overridden by the unspeakable horrors that he had seen and had done to him in prison. The good times, the best memories were trying to surface. Jack alternately fought them and encouraged them. He let out a low, basic growl.

"Be quiet. You will not speak until I tell you to, understand?" Daniel's voice was hard, even if the volume was low.

Jack nodded.

"Do you trust me, Jack?" This time his voice was gentle and loving, his eyes begging Jack to trust him.

Another nod.

"Good man. Take what I give you now, and I'll reward you later." Now his voice was warm and full of pride.

Jack saw that one end of the rope had a loop in it, and watched carefully as Daniel wound the other end over his crossed wrists. He wanted to tell Daniel to stop, knowing that he could, no matter what Daniel had said about keeping quiet. But he also found himself getting harder and harder in anticipation. His earlier memories kept returning, fighting with the bad. They hadn't won yet, though.

Paul fetched a small stool for Daniel and then Jack watched as he stood on it. He looked up and saw for the first time a large clip hook hanging from the ceiling. He swallowed hard when he realised that he was going to be attached to it. His breathing shallowed, his heart rate quickened... he wanted to yell out his safe word, run away, do something. But he couldn't move. This man of action was forced into inaction by his subconscious mind - and his tactical mind didn't like that one bit.

"Jack? Don't be afraid." Daniel leaned closer to Jack and captured his lips with his own. "I'm not going to hurt you. You have to trust me, Jack. This is what our entire relationship is going to be built on. Trust. I know you. I know you could kill me easily if you so chose. There are going to be times when I'm tied up like this for you. I'll feel as you do; helpless, exposed, maybe a little afraid. But I trust you, Jack. I trust you will take care of me, the way you do in the field. I know you'll never allow harm to come to me. You must know that I would never allow harm to come to you. You may speak."

"I know it," Jack gasped.

"Why are you so afraid?"

"Iraq. I was held like this when..."

"Do you want me to take you down?" Daniel's interruption was quick and Jack fully realised that he meant what he said, that he wouldn't hurt him or allow harm to come to him.

"I'm not sure," he answered honestly.

What he couldn't believe now though was that he was as hard as he had been in the tent. He didn't get it, how could he be so turned on? The rope was attached, and Jack found his hands being held up, but at least his feet were firmly on the ground. He had a couple of inches of rope to play with. Obviously, this rope was designed for the smaller Paul. He could stand. That made a difference, giving him another feeling of security. He decided to say nothing for the moment, allowing the scene to play itself out.

While he was stuck there, Daniel took Paul by the hand and led him to the bed. Jack then knew just what his punishment would be.

Daniel sat on the side of the bed, facing Jack. He opened his towel and Jack got a good look at his erection.

"Paul, if you would be so kind," Daniel murmured.

Paul dropped to his knees and swooped, taking Daniel as quickly as he could. Jack was stunned by Daniel's calm demeanour, the way he gently stroked Paul's hair as he sucked him. Daniel made little noise and his face gave little away. All of a sudden he shivered and tapped Paul on the shoulder.

"Thank you," he whispered. "Come here."

Then he lay back on the bed.

Jack saw that he hadn't come yet, and he wondered just what Daniel had in mind. He saw him reach for a coloured bottle of lube.

"Hmm, cinnamon, my favourite," Paul grinned.

"I know, I thought you'd deserved it," Daniel answered with a warm smile.

They lay side by side for a while, kissing and touching each other. Jack thought he could come just by looking at them, he'd never seen anything hotter in his life. Then, when Daniel got on his hands and knees, he revised his theory.

Paul covered his fingertips in the flavoured lube and teased Daniel's anus with it. Gently stroking, he kissed, licked and bit gently up Daniel's thighs, lower back and butt cheeks. For the first time, Jack saw Daniel really reacting to sex. He groaned loudly, thrust his ass backwards towards Paul, then demanded that he move on. Paul responded by moving his tongue up and to the twitching hole. Daniel nearly howled when he felt Paul's tongue push inside him. Jack really nearly did come on the spot. Daniel opened his legs as wide as they would go, dropped his hands onto the bed and buried his head into the pillow. He called and moaned, begging Paul to take him further. Finally, he couldn't take any more and demanded that Paul fuck him.

Jack's hips twitched as he saw Paul lube himself up and line up, ready to enter his lover. Daniel's head turned and he looked at Jack, grinning as he saw just how hard and wet Jack was. His dick was dripping with pre-come.

"Do it, Paul. Fuck me," came the order.

Jack wanted to cry out loud as he saw Paul rocking his hips, entering him forcefully. He didn't wait for the word from Daniel, just thrust his dick hard and fast, splitting Daniel wide open and pushing in as deep as he could go. Daniel's head shot backwards and he let out an animalistic yell. Paul didn't stop, just went as hard and as fast as he could go, enjoying the freedom that Daniel gave him. Jack was enjoying the view, but wanted to be there instead. He pulled on his bindings and realised that he was well and truly stuck.

He mused about his predicament and it dawned on him that he really did have to behave with Daniel. He may not be punished as he would be by other doms, he wouldn't be spanked or whipped, but Daniel's punishment was just as cruel, if not worse.

He was brought out of his reverie by the sound of Paul coming. He fixed his eyes on Daniel and realised that Daniel was still hard.

"Paul, get him down."

Shaking, Paul stood and got on the stool as quickly as he could. He unclipped Jack and holding the rope, led him to Daniel who was now lying on his side.

"Thanks, baby, lie down behind me."

Daniel took the rope and pulled Jack to lie down next to him.

"Do you get it now, Jack?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, Daniel." Jack's voice was just as quiet. "I'll behave, I promise."

"Good man."

He undid the rope and then leaned in to kiss Jack. He was pleased when Jack willingly opened to him and let him plunder his mouth. He kissed him hard and passionately, then broke away from him.

"On your back," he told him. Jack complied. Then he found Paul crawling between his legs. He opened them for him and then gasped. Daniel kissed him again and grabbed his dick. At the same time, Paul took the head of his cock in his mouth. He was simultaneously being sucked and jerked off whilst Daniel was laying a kiss that could melt glass on him. He tried to hold off, but the sensations were too much for him. He was already turned on beyond belief and now all he wanted was to get off. Paul pressed a dry finger inside him to the knuckle and that pushed him over the edge. He came harder than he could have ever imagined.

He wasn't really with it, but felt himself being manhandled to sit up, propped up on a few pillows.

"Open your mouth, Jack," Daniel's order came. He did as he was told and then felt the head of Daniel's cock at his lips.

He let out a low moan, the vibration tickling Daniel.

"Hmm, I like that," came the amused tone. Then Daniel pushed further in. He rested his hands on the back of the bedstead and with a control level that amazed the hell out of Jack, he started to carefully thrust. Jack determined to make this as good as he could. He angled his head, wrapped his lips over his teeth, and set to work. He sucked and licked and took more and more of Daniel with every movement. He knew that Daniel didn't want to hurt him, but he also knew he could take whatever Daniel could give him. He lifted his hands and started to caress Daniel's ass. Then, when he didn't get told off for touching, he pulled at him, inviting Daniel to do what he wanted. He looked up through his eyelashes and saw Daniel staring down at him, a look of intense love aimed his way. He was overwhelmed by that look and redoubled his effort. Before Daniel knew it, Jack had swallowed, taking him down his throat. The swallowing action did it for him and he spilled hot and hard.

He pulled back as quickly as he could so as not to choke him and collapsed back into Paul's waiting arms.

"Damn, Jack, you are good at that," he sighed in admiration. "I'm definitely going to keep you."

"Thank you," Jack replied. Daniel was surprised. He'd expected a flippant reply. He rewarded Jack with a loving smile and stroke of the cheek.

"Love you," he mouthed.

"Love you too," came the murmured reply.

Daniel lay down, got the men to lay further down with their heads on his chest, tipped his head up and kissed them both on the tops of their heads.

"Love you both so much," he said quietly but clearly. "Get some sleep now. Tomorrow, we'll have some fun."