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Alphekka presents...


Jack Plays Away...?

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Jack Plays Away

'Ship— or No 'Ship?

I found this screen cap while looking for pictures for our Stargate S.G.-1 Season 11. It was just asking to be captioned. Begging, in fact. Who am I to say no?
Ya see, Jack just can't keep his eyes open when Sam gets started on the real love of her life - theoretical astrophysics. For him, the eyes have it. And the tongue...
Astrophysics v. linguistics? No contest.

'Ship... or no 'ship?

Soul mates


~ my personal favourite



Grateful thanks to Joy for the original image of Daniel.


Like the divine Oscar, I can resist everything except temptation ~ and this was just too tempting...

How innocent can he look?

At least you don't smell of bananas...!

Welcome home,
Daniel ~ from Alphekka
(and Jack... big grin.)

Babes in the Wood

'I'm an anthropologist, not a forester - and you're lost.' 'Oh yeah. Lost and drowning, Blue Eyes...'

Jack sees 'The Light'

Brothers in Arms

An Easter Egg
from Alph.

An Easter plot bunny...?

Now all we need is Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter... <BG>

Okay - "can't have one without the other" so here's Jack-rabbit to keep the Easter bunny company... {short description of image}

And here are

A Couple of Easter Eggs

A Couple of Easter Eggs

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