The Art of Frottage

Lesson 4


The rest of Jack and Daniel's Saturday was lazy.  They spent their time snuggling on the sofa, watching movies, snacking, and teasing each other with caresses that didn't amount to more than their first "lesson" in rubbing.  Later that evening, Jack had asked Daniel to come over to his house and spend the night with him there.  A change in scenery, so to speak.  But also because Jack had more snacks than Daniel did.

As they lay in bed holding each other after a wonderful exploration of each other's 'zones', Jack began to think about the past few days.  He had sensed that Daniel didn't want to have anal sex with him...just yet, though he had gone as far as letting Jack inside him.  Jack so wanted to feel Daniel inside him, but Daniel was in no hurry and seemed to be enjoying drawing out their exploration of each other.  So, Jack decided to wait Daniel out...and see what else he came up with in their "lesson" games.  Truthfully, Jack was in no hurry, either.  He found he liked these games.

. .

Late Sunday morning, the two of them sat at Jack's dining table having a rather late breakfast.  It was all Daniel's fault; their late breakfast.  He'd woken up around 4am, startled by a mild nightmare.  He'd gotten up and relieved himself, then washed cold water over his face.  When he crawled back into bed, he found Jack partially awake, and pulling him against him to go back to sleep.  Daniel had snuggled up against him, but instead of going to sleep, he took Jack's cock and held it with his own, stroking both in his hand.  When Jack was fully erect, Daniel used both hands and started to bring them off.  Jack kissed Daniel fiercely as Daniel brought them both to splendid orgasm.

Sitting at the table, Jack still felt the rough edge of their early morning sex.  He wanted Daniel again, and Daniel seemed to know without Jack having said a word or shown him in any way.  He was flirting and teasing through breakfast, and Jack was finding that rough edge sharpening to an alpha male thing.  If Daniel didn't behave himself, he'd find himself face down over the table.  Jack warned him and he had backed off...a little anyway.

Daniel was washing up the dishes when Jack moved up behind him and rubbed his half-hard cock, covered up in his jeans, against Daniel's ass.  Daniel stopped what he was doing as Jack bit down lightly on his neck.

"I want you," Jack whispered, unbuttoning Daniel's jeans and preparing to pull them down.  Daniel's heart was racing; he suddenly needed Jack to take him like this; suddenly, without any foreplay whatsoever - well, unless you counted his teasing...licking syrup off his fingers slowly, mouthing links of sausage as if he were giving miniature blow jobs.  It had gotten Jack all hot and bothered, and this was the result.  Daniel filed this information away for future usage.  He knew this would become an oft-used file.

Tilting his head back on Jack's shoulder, he revelled in the strong scent Jack was giving off.  It was powerful, heady, and very arousing.

Just as Jack was reaching back to grab the olive oil, the phone rang.  He let the recorder pick up, but Hammond's voice came over the speaker, waiting for Jack to pick up.  Cursing and wiping his hands on a towel, he moved over - mincing his wide steps away from his very hard erection - to pick up the phone.  Hammond wanted to discuss something with him at the base.  It shouldn't take more than half an hour.  Grumbling, Jack said he'd be there soon.  Daniel heard and groaned, leaning his forehead down on the sink's edge.

"Sorry.  Rotten timing, as always," Jack said, kissing the back of Daniel's head.  Growling without a coherent response, Daniel finished the dishes as Jack put on his shoes and socks.  Daniel had to concentrate on the dishes, and on his breathing, willing his arousal to go away.  Damn, but it was difficult.

"Be back soon," Jack said, giving him a swift kiss on the cheek.

"Uh, actually, Jack, I'm gonna go, too.  Thought I'd go find a new jacket to replace that windbreaker I have."

Jack grinned and nodded.  "Good idea.  That thing is three sizes too big for you."

Daniel snorted, not bothering to answer that.  'Cause it was true, anyway.

"Well, good thing you insisted on bringing your car over last night then, huh?  Just lock up, okay?"

"Jaaaack." What he was thinking was, No shit, sherlock.  Jack snorted a laugh at him and left.


Putting on a white t-shirt, a fresh pair of jeans, the boots that Jack insisted he get, and leaving his coat at home, Daniel headed over to the Mall store he knew would likely have men's coats.  He'd gotten enough negative comments about the damn winter windbreaker, and even though he'd ignored them, the catalyst for this was his being with Jack.  He suddenly wanted to look good for him.  It wasn't really possible for him to look bad, as Jack would have told him if he'd known what Daniel had been thinking.

As he made his way down one of the walkways, he heard two familiar voices coming up behind him.  He smirked, stopped and turned around.

"Daniel!"  they both said in unison.  Sam and Janet.  "What're you doing here?" Sam asked.

"Coming to find a new coat."

"'Bout time," Janet added.

Daniel gave her squinty stare and she at least had the grace to look sorry.

"Where you going?" Sam asked as they walked with him in the direction he was going.  He indicated to the large department store ahead of them.  They wrinkled their noses.

"What?" he asked.

"Their coats and jackets suck, but they do have decent selections of jeans.  Cassie needs new ones, and so do I," Janet told him.

"Come with us, and we'll buy you lunch," Sam told him.  "Besides, Cassie'll drool when we tell her you helped picked out her jeans."

"Saaaam," he pretended to whine as he was dragged into the entrance of the store.  "I am not picking out her jeans."

"No, of course not," Janet said, frowning at him playfully, "but you'll be there, so it'll be half a truth."

"Baaad Janet," Daniel scolded.  He loved these two women to death, along with Cassie.  Fortunately, the picking out jeans didn't last too long, then the women escorted him to a smaller shop that had other clothes they were intent on buying.  Daniel looked around at the clothing, but felt uncomfortable as it was a women's store.  Suddenly he found himself in the lingerie section.  Giggles from the women had him turning 'round to glare at them.  Then, remembering he still owed them a little more payback for his humiliating classroom experience, he gave them both the evil eye.  They froze.

Daniel turned to look at the lingerie, found two striking camisoles, one dark purple, one deep ruby red.  He picked them off the rack and walked over to them.

Sam and Janet watched with wide eyes as Daniel swaggered over with two sexy pieces of clothing.  He held up the red one in front of Sam, then held it up in front of Janet.  He then held the purple one up in front of them, judging carefully.  He set the garments down on top of a round clothes island and went back to retrieve two more camisoles, one sapphire blue, the other an emerald green.  He held these up in front of them, turning the hangers down and propping them against their necks.  Sam and Janet didn't know what to do with themselves, and they just stood there as Daniel went about picking out lingerie for them.  When he was satisfied, he handed the red and purple to Janet, and gave the blue and green to Sam.  He gave them one of his engaging smiles.


Just as they were about to pick their jaws off the floor, Daniel's cell phone rang.  "Hold on," and he smiled at Sam, winked at Janet and turned away from them.  Both of them were now chewing on their bottom lips and blushing furiously.

"Hello," Daniel said with a laugh, walking to the front of the store.

"Daniel?  What's so funny?"

"Oh hey, Jack.  I'm at the mall, met Sam and Janet here, who tried to embarrass me in a woman's clothing store, but I turned the tables on them," and he actually gave a small giggle.  They were staring at him, then looking at the clothes he'd given them.  Unbeknownst to him, they held onto the camisoles, deciding he had good women's clothes anyway.  Now, if they could only get him to...

Daniel was listening to Jack, his face becoming serious.  "What?....  Oh, tomorrow....  Okay....  You coming with?....  Okay...."

Jack told Daniel about a dig site SG11 was on that needed Daniel's help tomorrow.  Seems they'd discovered similar Goa'uld fossils to the ones Daniel and the late Dr.  Rothman had found on P3X-888, Chaka's planet.  They needed Daniel to verify, even though they had archived work to use as reference.  They preferred his opinion, rather than making a guess.  They were skilled, capable people, but when it came to the Goa'uld, they tended to defer to Daniel's judgment.  If Daniel had realized that, he would have felt honored.  But as usual, when it came to his current academic status, he no longer paid much attention, since it gained him little reward.

"So, you find a coat yet?"

"Um, not yet.  The evil twins here waylaid me, so I have to go find a store some...where..." and he trailed off, barely listening to Jack's reply as his eyes focused on the store across the walkway.  A leather store.  With an interested expression tinged with a wicked gleam in his eyes, he walked across, spying the black leather jackets of varying cuts and designs.  Anything with too much silver on it he ignored.  He didn't own a motorcycle.  He didn't want to look as if he did.  However, he found other jacket-coats similar to Sam's leather jacket.

"Daniel?   You there?"

"Hmm?  Oh, sorry, Jack.  I got distracted.  Found a jacket store across from where we are."

"No geeky shit, Daniel."



Daniel then snorted.  "Don't worry.  The girls won't let me out of the mall with something geeky."

"Knew there was a reason to keep them around."

"Beeee niiiice," Daniel scolded as he pulled out a jacket that he liked the cut of.

. .

Across the way, Sam and Janet had spotted Daniel moving over to the leather store.  They both smirked.

"So, who's been giving Daniel lessons in taste?"

Sam snorted this time.  "The Colonel, probably."

"Colonel O'Neill?" Janet asked.

Sam nodded.  "They've been spending a lot of time together lately.  They've finally gotten their friendship back on track."

"About goddamn time," Janet said seriously.  They both nodded and sighed with relief.  It had been a very hard year, but things should be much better now.

"Let's pay for this stuff and go help him choose a really, really cool jacket." They both grinned and headed for the checkout counter.

. .

"So, what're your plans for later?" Jack asked him.

"Um, being with you."

Jack grinned from ear to ear.  "Cool.  I have steaks, potatoes for baking.  Want me to put them on?"

"The potatoes?"


"Well, they won't fit you.  Why did you want to put them on?"

Silence...then a snicker or two on the other end of the line.  "Daniel...." Jack said with obvious sufferance.

Trying not to laugh, Daniel bites both lips shut.  "Hmmmm?"

"I'll shove one up your ass if you like?"

Daniel burst out laughing just then, causing Sam and Janet to look over at him, as well as a few passers-by.  He doubled over to try and calm himself, his phone still glued to his ear.  Jack chuckled on the other end, waiting for Daniel to get over it.  Clearing his throat and collecting himself, Daniel stood up and puts his free hand over his eyes, wiping them.

"Fuckin' prick!" he said softly, making Jack laugh heartily on the other end.  Jack pulled himself together and sighed, though Daniel could tell he was smiling.  "Baking will take a while since I won't use the microwave, so...."

"Okay, go ahead.  Can't guarantee I'll be there in an hour, though."

Jack grumbled, making Daniel laugh.  "Come on, Jack.  We haven't been..." and his voice trailed off as he saw Janet and Sam heading this way.  He cleared his throat.  "Ooops.  Gotta change the subject.  Here comes Heckyll and Jekyll."


"Exactly.  Listen, I'll be over in a little while, 'kay?"


Daniel hung up and looked over at them giving them a look of exaggerated long-suffering patience, then rolled his eyes.  Their silent question was answered.  He was talking to Jack.

"What's the Colonel up to?"

Daniel told them about SG11, and that the team would likely be joining them tomorrow, instead of just him.  They nodded, but preferred to look around the shop instead, eyeing what Daniel was looking at.  Sam picked out a jacket.  So did Janet.  Then they converged on him.  Holding out the jackets, he tried each one on.  It was decided that Sam's choice looked better, and Janet agreed.  Smiling at them, he took the jacket off and nodded, handing it to Sam to hold for him as he looked around some more.  He found another pair of sunglasses, and was currently browsing the vests, though he had no intention of buying any.

Janet, however, found something else.  Leather trousers.  She nodded to Sam to come over and they both looked over at Daniel, eyed him up and down, then nodded to each other.  They converged on him again, with a few pairs each of dark brown and black.

"Leather pants?  Isn't that kind of clichéd?"

"Honestly, Daniel.  If they were, they wouldn't be sold all the time.  Now, march into the dressing room and try these on."

They ushered him in there and after a few disappointing rounds of modelling, they waited on the last pair of black leather he was trying on.  When he emerged, their eyes went wide.

"Put on your boots," Janet asked him.  So he did and came back out.  Sam then slipped the jacket on him, and she and Janet stepped back to admire their handiwork...and the view.  Janet then took off his glasses and handed him the sunglasses.  He put them on.  They stared.  And stared.

"Saaam?  Jaaan?" he scolded, then looked at them over the top of his glasses.  Their expressions changed from admiration to, well, lust.

"Phwoarrrr!!!"  came from Janet.

"Whoooa, momma," came from Sam.

Daniel's eyebrows raised significantly.  They cleared their throats.

"You look...goooood," they said.

Daniel snorted in disbelief, his cheeks pinking slightly.  "Guys, I'm not the Adonis you seem to think I am."

The young woman working at the checkout counter snorted.  Daniel turned to look at her and she blushed.  He then turned his attention back to Sam and Janet, who both nodded vigorously.

"Yes, you are," Janet corrected him.  Daniel shook his head and headed for the dressing room.

"Don't take those off!"  they said together.  He turned to stare warily at them.


"We don't know when we'll get to see you in them again, so do us a reeeeally big favor and wear them home."

Daniel hated encouraging them, but he loved them, so he put up with it.  After putting his jeans in the store bag, and removing the tags from his new clothes and sunglasses, they left....with very smug looks on their faces.

. .

Sitting at a coffee house café for lunch, they each had a small salad...and a big coffee-laden dessert, filled with chocolate mousse, ice cream, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, and, of course, strong coffee.  Periodically people (women and men) would pass and give Daniel a stare.  Though Jan and Sam were definitely worth giving the once over, the leather Daniel wore, along with his ultra white t-shirt, accentuated his assets.  Sam and Janet didn't mind that they weren't getting most of the looks.  They were admiring the fact that they were sitting with an Adonis.  The looks Daniel got only proved their point and they got a bit more smug by the end of lunch.

Lunch finally over, they headed to the parking lot.

"So, where else you going today, Daniel?" Sam asked as he escorted them to Janet's car, which they both found so endearing.

"Meeting Jack over at his house.  Steak and all that."

Sam and Janet exchanged looks, but Daniel missed them as he helped put their bags in the car.  They smiled at him with innocent looks when he looked up at them.

"What?" He knew something was up.

"Nothing," Sam said.  "We just wanted to thank you for the camisoles." She grinned then, very cheekily too.  Daniel's mouth dropped open.

"You bought those?"

They nodded.  "You have good taste, Daniel.  You need to use it on your own clothes," Janet teased.

"Minx," he teased back, though he was flattered.  He gave them a kiss on the cheek, then sauntered off to his own car.

Watching him walk away, they grinned at each other and got in.  Janet started the car and backed out of the space.

"The Colonel is going to eat him alive," Janet commented.

"Oh yeah," Sam agreed, and they both giggled devilishly as they drove off.

They had no idea how right they were.

. .

Lesson Four : Learning your materials.


Daniel was going to go home and change, but decided not to.  Jack would probably be good for a macho guy's point of view about what the ladies had chosen for him.  If Jack thought they looked stupid, they were going back...except for the jacket.  Daniel really liked the jacket.

He pulled into Jack's driveway, then grabbed the bag containing his jeans (just in case), then headed to the door and knocked.

"Come on in," he heard Jack call out.  Daniel shook his head, grinning sarcastically, and opened the door.

"You know, Colonel, you really don't know who the hell's gonna be on the other side of the door." He laid his bag on the couch and went toward the kitchen.  He could smell the baked potato in the oven, so they must be done.  He also smelled mesquite and charcoal, so Jack was obviously planning on using the outdoor grill.

"Ha ha, very funny, Daniel.  Hand me my beer, would'ja?  And get one for yourself while you're at it, then come out here and show me your new jacket," he called out from the backyard deck.  Daniel turned and saw the beer on the counter, open but barely touched.  He grabbed it and looked in the fridge for another.  He was getting used to Jack's imported stuff now, though he still preferred hard liquor or wine.  Grabbing a bottle, he pried it off with the opener which had been left on the counter, then sauntered outside, preparing to brave Jack's reaction.

He was still wearing his sunglasses, and good thing too, because the deck was bright with sun.  Jack's back was to him as he was busy lighting more charcoal.

"Here," Daniel said, bending over slightly to hold out the beer.  Jack turned a little, grabbed the beer without looking at Daniel, then swore as the charcoal didn't light properly.  Daniel smiled, took a sip from the beer, and waited while Jack carried on with his obvious preoccupation.

"Stupid charcoal bag got a little water on it so some of the brickets are damp on the outside.  It's what I get for not making sure they were put back where they belong."

Jack was mumbling as he talked, making Daniel grin.  He really didn't mind that Jack was busy.  Jack was bent over, giving him a good view.  He wore a white tee, and the jeans he wore were Daniel's favorite (a fact temporarily kept from Jack, but somehow he might just know anyway).  They were a very soft multi-washed light blue that hugged Jack perfectly without being overly tight.  They made his legs look very long, too, but most of all, they accented his ass sooooo well.  Daniel stared appreciatively, then realized he couldn't see any lines whatsoever, which meant Jack was commando under them.  The thought sparked Daniel's dick to greater life, though the leather had already started the process; it made him feel sensuous.  He continued to admire Jack's backside, then noticed something else.  Jack was barefoot.  His dick began to stir even more.  Maybe they could have a little appetizer or three before their early dinner.

He smiled as he admired his target, musing over what had happened early that day.  He had wanted Jack so bad this morning; needed to feel himself buried inside of him.  But he'd made himself wait.  He was getting off on the slow burn they'd been creating each day, and then having been interrupted earlier only heightened the effect.  He wanted to walk up to Jack and rub up against him, knowing the leather would make it amazingly different.  But Jack was busy, and there was no way in hell he was getting between Jack and that grill.  Uh huh.  No way.

Time to talk about ordinary stuff, he guessed.  "By the way, Jack, I saw all that beef in the fridge.  You go out a kill a steer or something?"

Jack snorted a laugh.  "Damn near...but, no.  Found a huge loin at the market.  Prime.  Yum."

Daniel laughed.  "You get so worked up over beef."

Jack was still working on the charcoal, but some of the bricketts were now lighting at least.  "Oh, not just beef, Daniel.  I get worked up over you fairly easily." From his position, Daniel noticed one side of Jack's smug grin, and he smiled in response.  He growled audibly to let Jack know what he thought about that, which made Jack grin even more.  Jack finally stood up, waited, and let out a breath.

"Finally," and he took a long swig from his beer.  "Now, let me see what you bo--" he started to say as he turned around to look at Daniel, who had walked over to the edge of the deck and was looking out over the lawn.

Daniel blinked.  Was that a whimper that came out of Jack's throat?

No, no way.  My hearing must be going.

Jack got a good, good look at Daniel's ass, encased in black leather.

My God!   Black leather?!!   Hnnng.

Daniel looked at Jack as Jack's jaw dropped to the deck, so he held out his arms and turned slowly around.  The sound of his boots on the wooden deck just intensified the effect Jack was taking in.


"Jack?" He thought Jack's reaction was positive, but he couldn't be sure yet.  Jack him.  "Jaaack.  Don't I look okay?" He walked toward him, then turned to the door, turning to give Jack a better look at his ass.

"Fuuuck me," Jack whispered in a curse, finally finding his speech center.

Daniel blinked a few times, not sure how to take that.  "Is that good or bad?"

All Jack could think of was getting his mouth on Daniel's leather-encased cock.  To taste that erection through the leather...and to...oh God...have Daniel make love to him wearing those...whoa, momma.  He stared at all of Daniel's clothes, now, finally taking his eyes off Daniel's legs, ass, and groin.  His new jacket was waist-level short, like Sam's, but it was cut narrow at the waist and just accentuated Daniel's broad shoulders and narrow waist, making the person looking go automatically to his ass.  Janet and Sam had to have known that when they helped him pick it out.  He just knew they helped because Daniel had no fashion sense, except when it came to suits.  Now that Daniel had money, he had the opportunity to buy decent suits; very nice suits, if Jack was honest.  Jack took another long look at the pants, breathing carefully.  Those girls also had to be responsible for the pants.  There's no way in hell Daniel would have bought those by himself.  The leather pants looked great on him, though.  They weren't too tight, and they fit very, very well.  They seemed to hug his groin, and Jack could see the outline of his dick, realizing that Daniel was aroused.  By the pants?  Or by him?  Had to be the pants.

Jack raised the beer bottle to his lips and sipped, not taking his eyes off Daniel's body.

"You look very good, Daniel," he said huskily.

Finally, Daniel was able to relax...or so he thought.  Jack circled him, then placed a hand on his chest and began to back him up inside the house.

"Jack?" Daniel asked, his heart beginning to race as his alpha male Jack came to life.

"Get inside, Daniel.  Dinner can wait," he ordered in a low, seductive tone.  Daniel backed into the house and Jack shut and locked the kitchen doors, not once taking his eyes off of him.  Daniel sensed that Jack wanted him to play this game of chase, or keep-away, or whatever it was called.  Hard-to-get?  Not bloody likely.

"But what if I'm hungry?" he said, trying-but-not-trying to deflect Jack's intentions.  He was feeling very warm now.

Jack smiled wickedly at him.  "You've never worn leather before, Daniel.  Is this what you meant by learning your materials?" He stealthily walked toward him and Daniel found himself backed up against the wall leading down the hallway to the bedroom.

His breathing was becoming shorter even as he tried to think up an answer.  He couldn't concentrate very well right now.  "Um, uh, yeah, leather is...uh, leather is a good material to use for the lesson," and as he thought about it, he realized how many erotic things could be done with leather and the fact that he just so happened to buy a pair of leather pants...and the image of Jack's mouth on him through the pants made him fully erect.

"Good.  I'm going to like this lesson," Jack growled softly.  His eyes raked over Daniel's body possessively and his lips grazed the side of his face.

"Holy shit," Daniel whispered, amazed at how turned on he was getting by Jack's reaction.  Jack smiled softly as he took in the darkening blue of Daniel's eyes, then slid his hands inside the jacket and slipped it over Daniel's shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.  His hands next pulled the t-shirt up and over his head and let that drop to the floor.  Suddenly, Jack kneeled, grasping behind one of Daniel's knees and removed his boot and sock, then repeated with the other.  He stood up slowly, brushing himself against Daniel's body.  Daniel inhaled sharply.

"Jack?  Is the oven on warm?"

Jack paused, growled as he looked at the hollow of Daniel's throat, then stepped away and went to the kitchen.  Daniel's eyes naturally followed his ass.  If he was the one wearing the leather, shouldn't alpha Daniel come out to play, too?  Daniel let out a shaky breath of arousal and followed Jack to the kitchen.  Jack was turning down the oven as he walked up behind him and placed his hands on his ass.  Jack jumped and spun around.

"Jesus, Daniel!  You're as quiet as a cat."

Daniel rubbed himself up against Jack and slid his hands possessively over Jack's ass.  "Jack, have I ever told you that these jeans are my favorite?"

Jack cleared his throat.  "Um, no." His own breath was just as shaky with want and he wanted Daniel inside him right now.  "Daniel..." he whispered.

"Yes, Jack..." Daniel whispered, giving the same back to Jack as he slid his lips along the side of Jack's face.  "Does this mean you like my new pants?"

Jack growled loudly.


Jack had bent down quickly and threw Daniel over his shoulder.  Daniel was heavy, but he was motivated.  He marched quickly to the bedroom.


Jack put Daniel down on the bed and crawled up over him.  "My knees are fine," he whispered and kissed Daniel deeply, passionately, sliding his hands over his body.  He wrapped a leg around one of Daniel's and rubbed their crotches together, moaning into Daniel's mouth.  Daniel's hands caressed Jack's strong back and proceeded to pull his shirt out of his jeans and up his back.  Jack released the kiss as Daniel pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor.  Daniel then pulled him into a fierce kiss, tasting, rubbing, feeling everywhere his hands could reach.

"I want to taste you," Jack moaned into his mouth, then pulled away from the kiss and nibbled his way down Daniel's chest and abdomen.  Daniel gasped and moaned in return, winding his fingers through Jack's soft hair, helping to guide him where he, too, wanted him to go.  He felt a warmth over his cock, through the leather, as Jack mouthed his erection.  Shivers rippled through him as Jack's mouth molded over him, wetting the fresh leather and turning it somehow darker.

Jack tasted, suckled along his erection, relishing the feel.  He moaned against the leather as his hands caressed, roughly, along Daniel's hips, sliding underneath to cup and massage his firm buttocks.  Daniel moaned with him, spreading his legs.  His head moved back and forth, his eyes closed, needing this exquisite pleasure Jack gave him.  His crotch felt suddenly cold as Jack moved away, pulling his hands out from underneath him.  Daniel opened his eyes to see what was happening and watched as Jack stood up and removed his jeans.  Daniel was right.  No boxers or briefs.  Jack had gone commando.

Depositing the jeans on the floor where he stepped out of them, Jack lay over Daniel's spread legs, his hands sliding up his thighs.  Jack rubbed his thumbs sensuously along his inner thighs, then began to rub firmly under his balls, moving up toward his cock.

Daniel's fingers convulsively opened and closed over the bed's comforter, white-knuckling each time he made a fist.  Jack's hands were giving him overwhelming pleasure, resulting in an unbelievably erotic experience.  He closed his eyes tightly as he felt Jack's fingers rub circles around his balls and over the base of his shaft.  He gasped repeatedly as Jack moved his fingers up the shaft, rubbing slowly up, then down, then back up to open the button and slide down the zipper.  Not wanting to wait, Jack wantonly placed his mouth over the head of his cock and Daniel cried out in shocked pleasure.

"Jack!  Oh my God!  Oh my God!"  His hips involuntarily reached upward, thrusting in small movements as he felt Jack kiss, suckle and then swallow the head of his cock.  He couldn't take it anymore, knowing he could come any moment, and pulled himself away.  "Jack, stop!  Stop!"  He grasped at his shoulders, pulling Jack up to him, consuming his mouth in a deep, penetrative kiss, sucking his tongue into his mouth and biting gently down.  Jack moaned deeply into his throat, entwining his arms around him.

"I want to feel you inside me, Daniel," he murmured in his mouth.

"Jack," Daniel breathed back, kissing him feverishly and turning Jack onto his back.  "Jack," he repeated, kissing his face, his neck, under his ear.  "Do you want me?" he whispered urgently.

"Yes, I want you," Jack whispered back.

"How do you want me to fuck you, Jack?" he whispered the question as he nibbled behind his ear.

"Leave your pants on, Daniel," Jack gasped as his hands ran over the hard muscles of his back.  "Fuck me hard and fast."

"Not at first, Jack," and he pulled away and looked at him tenderly.  "Not your first time with me.  Later, but not right now.  I want to make love to you, Jack, and I can...even with these on."

Jack pulled him down and kissed him hard, loving Daniel even more for being tender in a moment he knew damn well Daniel wanted to be rough.

"Then suck me, Daniel," he breathed against his lip.  "Suck me hard.  No hesitation, no foreplay.  Suck me hard." His fingers combed tightly through Daniel's hair, telling Daniel that he meant what he said.  He wanted it rough.  Right now.

Daniel moved down his body, giving Jack the roughness he craved.  He nipped and pulled at his nipples, tonguing harshly, pushing his fingers into his flesh, molding the muscles to his hands.  He worked his way down his body, sculpting and tasting his hot and sweat-soaked skin.  Daniel reached out and leaned over to the bedstand, found the lube and returned to Jack.  Spreading his legs, he lubed two fingers, then without warning, he deep-throated Jack, causing the man to cry out.

"Daniel!   That's it, babe!   Suck me!"

Daniel did, fast, hard, then gently pushed two fingers inside, twisting, scissoring, opening him up.  Jack's moans transformed into gasps and loud cries as Daniel's mouth and fingers worked him expertly.

"Oh God, Daniel!   Make me come, babe!   Make me come!"

Daniel pulled Jack's dick out of his mouth then sucked hard and fast over the end of his cock.  His fingers found his prostate as he did, the tips rubbing judiciously.

"Fuck me!"  Jack cried out and came hard down Daniel's throat.  Before he had a chance to recover, Daniel turned him onto his side, then pushed his leather pants just over his hips.  Jack felt a slick, heated fullness entering him.  It burned only for a moment as Daniel lay behind him and slowly pushed his cock all the way inside.  He then stopped, waiting for Jack's muscles to get accustomed to him.  His hands caressed Jack as he waited, tweaking nipples, rubbing against his abdomen.  His lips hungrily nibbled along the back of his neck and shoulder, his breath exhaling chuffs of air against Jack's dampened skin, sending shivers through him.

Jack was so tight, so hot.  It was almost too much.  Almost.  The moment he began moving again, he moved slowly, carefully, making sure he wouldn't come right away.  He knew this wouldn't last more than a few minutes, though.  Being inside Jack was a fantasy come true, and being in leather, doubled it.  It was a highly erotic turn on and there was no way he could hold back his orgasm.

"You feel so good, Jack.  So good," he gasped out in a whisper, barely able to find his voice.

Jack began to move his hips, pushing back, urging Daniel to thrust faster.  He couldn't find his own voice yet, but he knew how to communicate with his lover without words.  A hand reached and pulled Daniel's top leg between his thighs, clamping down and immobilizing him, feeling the leather rub up against his balls.

Daniel kept up his slow pace, increasing it only a little bit.  The pleasure was unimaginable, and he heard a soft mewling escaping his own throat as he felt his orgasm nearing.  He started to thrust faster, feeling the urge overtaking him.

"I can't hold back any longer, Jack," he cried out in a whisper.

"Yes, Daniel, fuck me, come in me," he urged, loving the feel of Daniel moving inside him.  "Fuck me," he whispered as he tilted his head back onto Daniel's shoulder.  Daniel thrust faster, adjusted his angle by pushing Jack's hip forward and Jack felt the pushing against his sweet spot and lost it.

"Daniel!  Oh my fucking God!"  he cried out, clutching the comforter in a fist, riding out the smaller, yet somehow more intense, orgasm.  The muscles of his rectum grabbed at Daniel's cock and that was enough to pull Daniel with him.

"Oh fuck, Jack!"  he screamed, thrusting in short, fast strokes.  He wrapped his arm around Jack's waist, pulling him against him as he and his lover rode out the last of the waves of pleasure.  After a while, his hips finally stilled their movements and the both of them lay there recovering from the intense experience.

Daniel found his voice.  "I love you, Jack," he whispered, kissing the back of Jack's neck.

Jack smiled, hugging Daniel's arm to his chest.  Daniel finally said it.

Some while later, Daniel got up and removed his pants, then crawled back onto the bed and pulled the comforter over both of them.

"So, Daniel?"

"Yeah?" Daniel asked as Jack spooned up behind him.

"What's the next lesson?"

Daniel laughed softly.  "Well, I was thinking..."

Uh oh.

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